‘My Five Wives’ Father Brady Williams Is Broke, Files for Bankruptcy

my five wives
“Can I borrow a dollar….or $400,000?”

To all the fans that watch this show and continuously ask themselves “How does this guy afford all those kids?!”…well, we finally have an answer.

He doesn’t.

TMZ broke the story this morning that Brady Williams, the patriarch of the family featured on TLC’s polygamy reality show My Five Wives, has filed for bankruptcy, claiming that he has less than four dollars in his savings account– and 30 people to take care of.

Anyway, TMZ reports that Brady, who has five wives and 24 children, has about $402,000 in debt to his name.

According to his official bio that was released by the network when ‘My Five Wives’ first premiered, Brady currently works as a project manager at his brother’s construction company and is pursuing a degree in philosophy at his local university. (Oh good, that “Philosophy” degree should pay off big time!)

While Brady is somewhat lacking in the “career” department, several of his wives do work. His first (and only legal) wife Paulie works as a dental hygienist. His second wife, Robyn doesn’t work but instead makes homemade crafts for her family. (Let’s star hawking those popsicle stick houses to the public!) His third wife, Rosemary, quit her job at the family construction business so that she could go back to school. Fourth wife Nonie still works at the construction company doing administrative work, and fifth wife Rhonda works as a medical assistant.

Raise your hand if you're broke!
Raise your hand if you’re broke!

So that’s six adults, and only three (well, three-and-a-half if you count Brady) are pulling in a paycheck. It’s no surprise that the family went broke.

On the documents obtained by TMZ, only wife Paulie is listed, as she is the only “legal” wife. (The other four are “spiritual” wives.)

Luckily, TLC has just ordered a few more episodes of ‘My Five Wives’, which means that the family will at least get a paycheck from that.

TLC’s other polygamous reality star family, The Browns from Sister Wives are no stranger to debt (and bankruptcy) themselves. As The Ashley reported last year, all of the Brown family parents (except for Robyn) have filed for bankruptcy at some point in their lives, with Christine‘s filing taking place while the family was filming the show! You can read all about that here.

The Ashley reached out to TLC for a comment on the Williams family’s situation, but a publicity coordinator for the network tells her that “TLC has no comment on this.”

The lesson to be learned here, kids, is that if you’re going to have dozens of children, make sure you have a job to support them!

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  1. Nothing wrong with him having 5 wives. He just needs a better mode of income. They seem to be a happy family and he seems to be a kind man. If the women don’t love him let them decide which way they’ll go. Why knock him unless you have been in his shoes. People need to mind their own business and keep their nose out of others lives unless they want to help.

  2. Unbelievable how 5 women fight for the attention of this arrogant man. All this worshipping makes him act like a dork. 24 kids and counting.. Bizar.

  3. If looking around and realizing that your “husband” has 4 other “wives” doesn’t get you to “smarten up and get with it”, why would a little thing like group bankruptcy?

  4. Help for women and children living in polygamous situations where they are undergoing, or witnessing, sexual, physical, or emotional abuse:
    HOPE Organization
    Your life is worth it! You are worth the safety, love, and respect you deserve!
    Blessings and thoughts for you!

  5. Don’t forget about wife Nonie, who is trying to get pregnant with another mouth to feed. Or wife Rhonda who wants to adopt another child. These people need a reality check. Hopefully, this bankruptcy will make them smarten up and get with it.

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