New ‘Married At First Sight’ Spin-off to Exclude Divorcing Couple Monet & Vaughn

couples monet and vaughn
“We’ll be back…well, some of us!”

Married at First Sight proved to be a smash hit for the FYI Network, and now the young station has decided to cash in on the show’s unexpectedly good ratings. The show’s finale, which aired last month, saw two of the three couples paired by experts decide to stay married despite having tied the knot without knowing their spouse at all. Last week, FYI Network announced that the two successful couples– Jamie Otis and Doug Hehner and Cortney Hendrix and Jason Carrion–will be getting their own spin-off series that will focus on their first year of marriage!

The spin-off, which will be called Married at First Sight: The First Year, has most likely already started production (being that Jason and Cortney were in Cortney’s home state of North Carolina this weekend enjoying a wedding shower put on by Cortney’s family, which was surely a Kodak moment). According to the New York Post, the spin-off will show viewers what happens in the period between the couples’ six-month anniversaries (which would have been in September 2014) until their one-year anniversaries in March 2015. Eight one-hour episodes will be created from the footage, and are set to air next year.

“It was a natural fit to follow-up with the two married couples post-experiment,” Gena McCarthy of FYI recently told Deadline. “Viewers will now see them as they embark on one of the most challenging times in married couples’ lives: the first year.”

Cortney and Jason, as well as Jamie and Doug, have already had a lot of things happen since they stopped filming their initial series. (Click here to get the answers to some of your ‘Married at First Sight’ questions.) Cortney’s family has finally accepted her marriage to Jason, and Jamie and Doug just moved into their first house together yesterday. They have revealed that they are hoping to start a family soon, although Jamie confirmed on Twitter over the weekend that she is not yet pregnant.

The third couple from the original series–Vaughn Copeland and Monet Belle–will not be on the spin-off since they chose to get a divorce at the end of the season. Vaughn seems none too happy with the network’s decision to exclude him and Monet from the spin-off, and let his feelings be known in a post to his Facebook page on the day that the spin-off show was announced.

“Nothing against the other couple but if you’d like to see more of Monet and myself it’s time to speak up and let them know; but that’s none of my business,” he wrote, along with a link to a story about the show.

His soon-to-be ex-wife, Monet, was a little more understanding about being excluded from the new show. On Twitter, she told fans that she and Vaughn would not be featured because, “the spin off is because they stayed married,” before adding that she has known for a while about the spin-off show.

“I’m friends with the other couples and I think it’s awesome to continue their journey,” she tweeted. “What’s next for me is to get divorced and start dating. Any spin-off I’m in would be following that kind of journey.”

The Ashley is very excited about the upcoming series, and plans to cover it here on The Roundup, so stay tuned! Also, the network is currently casting Season 2, so we will soon have a whole new batch of couples to watch get married at first sight!

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  1. Actually,now that I’m done with the marathon, I think they both contributed to the poor outcome. It was really difficult to watch. I wish they could they have had more fortitude and better communication.

  2. I am watching the show again. I had missed the first several episodes. Thank goodness they’re not showing Monet and Vaughn for the follow-up because I think Monet is an intolerant person and she was very difficult to watch. Her expectations were completely unrealistic and yet she attacked Vaughn for his expectations.
    if I were her I would be thoroughly embarrassed that people saw her behave the way that she behaved on the show.

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