EXCLUSIVE: Friend of Kail Lowry Tells Real Story of “Racist Text” on Tonight’s ‘Teen Mom 2’

Meeeeeoooow! Catfight!

Teen Mom 2 star Kail Lowry has been under fire with fans since a preview of tonight’s season finale aired, showing a text that Kail sent to her son Isaac’s father, Jo, regarding a haircut he wanted to give Isaac. In the preview, Kail is seen texting Jo that she didn’t want Isaac’s hair cut a certain way because, “Little white boys don’t get their hair cut like that…He’s too young for that. He’s half white. I don’t like his hair cut like that. Please don’t do it.”

Obviously Isaac is both Puerto Rican and white, but fans commented that Kail’s text was racist and out of line. The ‘Teen Mom 2’ star took to her Twitter earlier this week to defend herself, tweeting, ““Bahahahahahaha ok, I’m not racist. Gotta make good TV somehow!”

Fans accused Kail of trying to lay the blame on MTV for her words, but according to Kail’s friend, Toni Ziegler, who was with Kail when the texts with Jo were exchanged, fans aren’t quite getting the full story of what went down.

“Kail does regret saying that because she wants Isaac to embrace both of his cultures but it didn’t go down quite how it’s being shown,” Toni told The Ashley exclusively. “She was wrong to say it, for sure, but she was upset that Jo tries to change Isaac’s life and look so much whenever he goes over there. Plus, a lot of the time Jo just does it because he knows it makes Kail mad. He likes to push her buttons.”

In fact, Jo and Kail resolved the haircutting issue off-camera, but when MTV caught wind of the situation, they jumped at the chance to make that “good TV,” says Toni.

“Jo wanted to make Kail look bad on-camera, he actually told her that’s what he wanted to do by telling MTV,” she said.

The show’s producers were so desparate to get the drama on-camera, they actually rented Jo a car so that he could drive to Delaware and get Kail to talk about the haircut on camera.

“They totally pressured Jo into doing that,” says Toni. “There’s no way he would have done it on his own. And, they wouldn’t tell Kail what it was Jo wanted to discuss when he came over. She knew something was up.”

On tonight’s episode, Kail is seen getting upset and yelling, “I already told you!” at Jo. She does this because the situation had already been solved a month prior and she didn’t understand why they were bringing it up again, says Toni, who added that things are very tense between Kail and Jo at this point.

“She’s taking a lot of crap from viewers who don’t know how things really happened,” Toni added.

You can see it all go down on tonight’s season finale of ‘Teen Mom 2.’

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  1. She’s his mom she has the right to say that, and bloke Farrah, kail wasn’t bring racist

  2. Just because she didn’t want her son to have a thug haircut in preschool does not make Kail a racist. Shame on Jo for trying to make his toddler look like a gang banger!

  3. i don’t know how much i believe this but an old camera man was commenting there was so many times he wanted to call CPS on Leah talking about how dirty she is and said she leaves dog shit and bloody tampons out in the open for like weeks/months. and he said when she would be feeding the two twin girls that she would spill a bunch of cheese puffs on the nasty carpet and the girls would crawl around and suck up the cheese puffs using just the mouths.. what the fuck

      1. omg that is incredibly sick/ disturbing and only makes me want corey & miranda to win the custody battle more than i already did even before i read about that.
        and your blog is hilarious and i love Babs too hahaha

  4. heres the thing….this show is about young moms. maybe she is right, maybe she is wrong. the difference is her story and parenting is on tv, edited, for everyone to view and judge. I guess you can say the rude comments come along with what she signed up for, but i have to say no parent out there is perfect. she will find her way and figure out what works best for her and her family. its a live and learn kind of world….cut the girl some slack. Kail, you arent perfect…..but news flash, no mom is.

  5. I have never commented before, but this upset me so much I had to say something. Firstly, for years we have watched Jail be bossy, abusive, spoiled and just a plan bitch. Even trying to guilt joe into cutting his six weeks short so Isaac can attend their family vacation. Well when you planned you knew it was his time. But she expected joe to just give in becausr shes just that delusional and selfish. Now the haircut comment was very racist. You cannot take it any other way. Just because you are married to a Hispanic does not mean you want to raise your child in the culture. She would prefer for people to view both her children as white. Which is why the topic of haircuts and wardrobe are important to her. Angry her husband Javi married a women that abuses him and is clearly unstable. So his opinion is like one of a battered spouse.in other words he just dont want to get his ass whooped after. Kail is racist and she should be held accountable for her words and actions. We have given her pass after pass on her behavior. Someone needs to pull her head out the clouds. A haircut and tongue out shoes is not conducive to one race. And no matter the haircut your son will always be Hispanic. And fyi Kail he looks more Hispanic than white. So go somewhere and cry snd figure out snother way to make him look more white..damn fool..that is all.

    1. I’m hispanic and did not find this comment racist. Where I live is full of thugs/gangbangers who are also hispanic with this haircut. I completely get what she was trying to say however she said it wrong. Second she didn’t get to pick the dates for the vacation because she earned it through sales. I think it was ridiculous for Joe to want Isaac to spend one day of bbq with him rather than a week in the Bahama. Im sure he ccould of postponed his bbq and made up the week with an extension to his six weeks.

      1. So a haircut makes someone a thug? And apparently she didn’t go to the Bahamas on that particular trip, she went to another state

    2. Exactly. I didn’t know that certain hairstyles were reserved for certain races. I also didn’t know that only Hispanics could be thugs. There are no Caucasian thugs? Interesting.

  6. Okay. She was right. Little white boys dont get their hair cut like that. You dont see little black boysvgetting their hair cut like little white boys. Why is it a big deal that she said that? Just because she has prefrences on the way she wants her kids to look, why does that make her racist?

  7. Really? It was not racist. Just because she doesnt want her son to dress like a thug does not mean she is racist. Why do people keep holding on to the race card? Just let it go. Damn. Im white. Proud to be white. If your black, Hispanic, whateverand your proud to be who and what you are then you sshouldn’t care about comments that are about color or race. Its stupid and immautre. Why does everyone care about how she parents her children? Do you buy their clothes? Do you buy their food? Take care of them when they are sick? No! She is a good mom. So just shut the fuck up.

  8. It’s literally a haircut. It’s not permanent so I would most definitely say she was out of line. Not to mention Javi has had Issac’s haircut in the same way. Since when are there race specific haircuts? Hair grows back. She’s definitely not rascist though. Her comment was but she isnt

  9. I personally feel her comment was racist, and that’s no mistake and every single one of us knows it. She meant what she said and now she’s pissy because it was broadcasted on television. I don’t know what part of ‘he’s half white’ and ‘little white boy don’t do this or wear that’ sounds acceptable to any of you?

    She knows damn sure well her child is half Puerto Rican… it’s not like he turned Puerto Rican overnight – not to mention haircuts aren’t ethnic-specific. Since when where there are no black, white, Hispanic, Asian, etc. haircuts? I don’t know about any of you, but I’ve never heard anybody say, “Yeah, I went to the barber shop yesterday and got a white haircut!”

    I don’t know her personally and won’t go as far as to say she’s a racist, but she did make a very racist statement in regard to her son’s haircut and clothing. She commented on his being white and nothing else… she obviously wants him to appear and perceived as just that: a little white boy. I truly do hope she embraces both cultures and isn’t raising him just white.

      1. This girl is CRAZY for real I never cared for her, and her husband is just as crazy because he stays with her crazy behind. He looks really retarded when she goes all bi-polar on him.

    1. Get a fucking grip
      It’s her Sondheim has every right to say what she did, and she was not bring Racist ( she could have worded it better though)

  10. I’m pretty sick o these girls constantly complaining about the hack job editing MTV likes to do to create drama. If they feel they’re being misrepresented so bad, here’s an idea…STOP DOING THE F&@$€%G SHOW!!! Every year it’s the same girls complaining, it’s bs I know but no one is forcing you to film this crap. Get off your asses and get a real job then you won’t have to defend yourself on twitter. Ugh why do I watch this crap?

    1. They are always quick to pull the editing card, unless it makes their child’s father look bad. Then it’s just reality, no editing involved at all.
      MTV “staging” conversations or reenactments of events that already occurred is not new, many of the cast have let on that is how it works and they don’t like it. Not sure why Kail thought allowing Toni to tell this story would make Jo look bad and let her off the hook. It just shows us how much MTV loves to exploit each and every one of them for $$..and the girls from the show don’t seem to mind come pay day.

  11. It wasn’t a racist action but it was out of line even if he was trying to push her buttons. They both need to learn how to deal with each other and coparent for Isaac’s sake. Me and my boyfriend are from different race he’s white and I’m Mexican. Our son we compromise on things if I want a certain haircut he’ll get it but to a certain extent like my boyfriend doesn’t want him having designs and we both meet in the middle.

  12. I don’t think it was racist, simply ignorant. As far as Kailyn’s side of the story, well i’m pretty sure the truth is somewhere in the middle of all that mess. Saying that Jo does certain things just to piss you off is a bit extreme tho. I think he just doesn’t But I hardly think he was trying to find the haircut that will piss her off the most, he probably just picked one he liked and thinked fu*k Kailyn and her beat up husband

  13. I have met Kail. I have read Kail’s book. The girl is as sweet as can be BUT this does not change my opinion on how she comes off as really hostile and bossy on the show.

    Her saying “Little white boys don’t get hair cuts like that” isn’t really a racist thing. As you guys can see Kail has dated multiple Latino guys. She’s surrounded by mostly hispanic/mixed race friends (atleast from the looks of it)She is not racist guys.

    She’s just unlucky enough to be broadcast to the whole world, and every little mistake she makes is going to be blown out of proportion. I feel bad for the girl, I don’t think it was right for her to say what she said but I can tell you guys she is not racist.

      1. Trust me she isn’t racist though. Being racist is someone saying that one race is better than another, and nowhere here do we see her expressing that. Also not claiming I know her 100% either, because only god knows. But for everyone to jump on the “racism” wagon so presumptuously just happens too often.

        Just my thoughts though.

        1. Talking about him being a little white boy when she knows he’s half white and half Puerto Rican and saying thing like little white boys don’t dress like that sounds a lot like little white boys are too good to dress like that, because they’re better than Puerto Rican boys.

          1. If she was racist, why would she have sex with joe? Both of her kids are mixed racist people do not have mixed children.

          2. Lindsay z, racist people have mixed children all the time, even from way back in slavery days. That comment was ignorant and Kailyn is a spoiled brat. Yes she does love her sons very much and she seems like a very caring mother, but she only likes things to be her way.

  14. So just because she said it a month ago, doesn’t make it ok. She still said it. It came across very racist. Her friend tony isn’t any better. If Jo wants to educate his son in half of heritage, back off Kailyn. He has a right to that. She’s such a bitter woman…

  15. I think it Was racist! Shes so damn bossy and rude. Grow up its HAIR! Cant stand her. And then javi is on twitter saying “we just got issacs haircut ” blah! Cant stand him either! Hes kails puppet. Hope she learns to keep her mouth shut after this.

    1. right. i seen how javi got issacs hair cut on instagram and i dont see kail yelling at him about it. kail needs to remember that jo is his father too and he can cut/ and dress him any style he likes

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