‘Couples Therapy’ Sneak Peek: Everybody Hates Nikki Ferrell

Oh, guuuuuurl!
Oh, guuuuuurl!

Nikki Ferrell doesn’t appear to be making any new friends during her stay at the Couples Therapy home! Nikki, who also had trouble getting along with the other girls during her time on The Bachelor, is proving to be unpopular among her fellow houseguests. In this week’s episode, her level of bitchiness reaches an all-time high, when, while talking to Evil Dick and Deena Cortese, she explodes at them for daring to suggest that she appreciate the fame she’s been given.

“Nikki is, ugh, like, so annoying,” Deena tells the camera after her encounter with Nikki. “The more you’re bitchy, especially in this house, the more people really start to hate you.”

When Deena tried to make Nikki appreciate the opportunity her fame has given her to get intensive (and free!) therapy, Nikki jumps on the defensive, claiming that she’s not comfortable having people watch her and Juan Pablo Galavis get therapy.

Um…good thing you didn’t go on a televised show about therapy. Oh…wait….

Nikki cusses out Deena, and later admits that she “can be bitchy sometimes.” (Tear out the front page!)

Watch the full clip below, and tune into the next episode of ‘Couples Therapy’ tonight!

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