‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Leah Calvert Angry with Ex Corey Simms Over Tabloid Story

Things are amiss down in the hollers of West Virginia...
Things are amiss down in the hollers of West Virginia…

By Holly Rasmussen

It looks like everyone’s favorite Mary-Kay-slinging teen mom and her ex-husband are at it again! Teen Mom 2 stars Leah Calvert and Corey Simms are back to battling it out over custody over their twin girls.

If you watched this season of ‘Teen Mom 2’, you saw Corey and Leah fight over custody of the “girlses,” as Leah calls them. Although it appeared that the exes may have called a truce, they’re once again at odds, this time over an article that recently appeared in In Touch Weekly recently. Leah claims Corey exposed their secrets to the media to make her look bad.

During many parking lot drop-offs, we saw Leah yell at Corey over the “IN-surance” and Ali’s wheelchair as he mumbled something unintelligible about wanting more time with them. Corey and his wife Miranda argued that the “girlses” would have a more stable lifestyle with them and his lawyer, Rusty Webb, agrees.

“Corey believes he’s in a position to provide more stability and consistency to the children than what they’re receiving now,” Rusty Webb told In Touch.  After reading the article, Leah undoubtedly threw down her spray tan gun and Cheeto puffs in a fit of rage and took to her Twitter to clear up the matter.

“Everything that was said in the @intouchweekly article was false,” Leah tweeted on Saturday, letting fans know that she and Corey have not called a truce and that the custody battle is still ongoing.

Leah scolded Corey (via social media) for putting their custody battle on social media…

“It’s not ok to put legal situations out on social media at such a time like this,” she tweeted. “Even Rusty Webb (Coreys Lawyer) is not looking at what is best for two little girls and looking at the fame he can gain from this or by ‘winning the case’ …Every human that was included in the article should be ashamed of themselves and the hurt they have caused to others by such accusations. What’s to come will not justify this but will hopefully prevent it from happening to others. #SoSad #unbelievablySelfish #smh.”

Leah has made some questionable choices in her life—the Robbie debacle and the ‘Long Island Medium’ hair come to mind—it’s hard not to agree with her on this one. However, The Ashley can confirm that Corey was not the driving force behind this story, and that it would have been published with or without his lawyers’ quotes.

Leah has also expressed concern that Corey could use the fact that she briefly took anti-anxiety medication against her in court. She said in the Teen Mom Reunion Special that she only took the medication for “about a week,” but she was caught on camera nodding off and slurring her words after taking the pills. She said she stopped taking them because of how they affected her, although The Ashley’s ‘Teen Mom 2’ sources all tell her that was not the case, and that Leah took the pills much longer than a week.

Only time will tell if these two will be able to work it out and do what’s best for the “girlses.” Hopefully the MTV camera crew is there to catch every bacon-slapped moment on film.

Corey and Miranda have yet to respond on their social media accounts to Leah’s tweets.

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  1. I start to like Leah less and less each episode. She is so annoying. All she does is complain. I get she has a lot going on but geez ease up a little. It’s hilarious to me that she talks about airing dirty laundry on social media yet she is doing the exact same thing by responding!! She’s just turning into a sack of crazy

  2. Seriously girls???? Since when have you became godlike and perfect? Has she made mistakes??? WE all have!!! ya’ll are the pathetic ones!! Look in your own closet she if it’s empty… Leah I think it’s a good mom and does the best she can. We don’t see everything from their lives. We see what MTV wants us to see.

  3. Funny, the hashtags she used are exactly what I use when watching her “parent”. Like when she and her mother ate a good, nutritious spaghetti dinner and she made the girls eat Lunchables. Or when she sat her youngest at the table on a damn overturned pot (holy crap, dangerous!) instead of spending a fraction of her hair’n’nail money on a damn booster seat. #SoSad #unbelievablySelfish #smh

  4. The girl is an idiot, she needs to go to speech classes. I think the gutless would be better with corrie considering she would have more time to cheat on her husbands. Can’t stand her and her ugly lesbian haircut ,very ugly girl !

    1. I don’t normally respond to these but you have compelled me to do so. First of all, she’s from the damn country. That’s how they talk. Secondly how are you going to bash her intelligence when you can’t even spell the name Cory which is mentioned several times in the post. Who are the gutless? Do you mean the girls? Put your money where your mouth is or do everyone a favor, read your post and spell check before you start spouting off about how dumb Leah or anyone else is for that matter,because in return you are the one looks dumb.

      1. “You can’t even spell the name CORY” CORY! Ok i’m done, please look at what you write before you get all smart ass with someone. It’s Corey not Cory, jesus christ.

  5. ‘I am so irritated that someone keeps airing my dirty laundry out in public.. God it’s so immature! How can I relaitate and prove I’m right? I know! By posting a response on my social media platforms! That’ll show them how much I hate airing my dirty laundry in public’ – Leah’s thought process…. SMH

    1. Or, “Quick! Let me post a dramatic and vague statement to keep some attention on me!!” The Facebook status about how it’s sad you have to be court ordered to support your kids, yeah, that was airing some dirty laundry huh Leah?

  6. She is a good mom leave her alone . You just want them now bc your married. Taking them girls and fighting over them is just hurting the girls not you too.stop. Not every mom is the best so stop

  7. I love Leah as a mom! She has anxiety meds prescribed to her by her doctor, takes them and now she is a bad mom? Really??? Get a life people! Most married woman with kids in this decade are on some form of anxiety meds! Doesn’t make them and unfit or selfish mom. I also like Corey and Miranda but have to say imo he is selfish and no one can remember he bought a truck over getting them a decent place to live??? Nobody knows what is right for their kids over the mother! I believe Corey and Miranda for (obvious reason of her own) don’t want the trouble of paying the child support payments and maybe if they start planning a family of their own as Jeremy and Leah has done, things would settle down for all! I don’t believe Leah ever harms them sweet Angels and only has their best chance for them and that’s what a mom is supposed to be! Keep going Leah! These gossip sites mean nothing and long as while u have custody, girls taking care of and continue to be your top priority, a judge would be dumb to take them from you! U have stepped up, handle all ally’s illnesses, I have a special need son and I would dare anyone to try n take my kids from me! They aren’t gonna get away with it. U have caused no heartache for all three of your girls! Corey was one who didn’t want to step up at first u moved on and and done what any caring loving mom would do! Kudos to you Leah! I am proud of u! Corey can’t even handle the insurance fight over the wheelchair! He needs to come to terms with the disease and give his heart and sole to them babies and make sure no everyone at insurance company would never forget who he is from fight hE should b putting up for his daughters well being! Keep your head up and stand strong sweetheart! You’re a fantastic mom and the girls live a happy life! They are in long run the important ones here 🙂

    1. Actually, Corey and Miranda can provide a more stable environment, as he claims. At least there would be two parents in the girls’ lives on a regular basis. Instead they are living with a single mom (and yes, she is a single mom given that her husband is not ever home because of work) who needs to be medicated to deal with her everyday life. Not saying that she is a bad mom, but I am saying that there is nothing wrong with having 50/50 custody with Corey, seeing that he is also a good parent who also loves those girls to death.

  8. I wish he would expose her secrets to mags, you know, like she used to have Amy LaDawn do for her not that long ago. Karma, Percocet Princess*!!!!
    *credit goes to the crazy funnies@TMJ 😉

  9. Leah is a joke. Every single time she says “fill’ instead of “FEEL” I want to punch the TV. And Leah uses the word “feel” ALOT…so when its constantly mispronounced, it makes for a fun drinking game. Leah should give more time to Corey. I don’t think he needs primary custody, but more time is in order. Corey is a good Dad, and Leah needs time to breath. According to the Teen Mom Dr. Drew special, Jeremy is rarely at home. Give Corey a few more days and focus on Addy. Leah is so amped up all the time, like emotion overload. In the Dr. Drew special she didnt say she got off the anti-depressants in just that week. She said that higher dose she was on, lasted just that week. Shes on a lower dose now. Also, lets address that elephant in the room. Leah started taking pain killers after Addy was born and has illegally obtained and abused them. Corey knows this and is gracious enough to keep that out of court. If things get dirty, he has that card to play. Bottom line…Leah needs to get a hold on her self, emotionally and physically. Get some psychological counseling, get some financial counseling, get clean from the painkillers, and chop off that ugly Kate Gosselin haircut!

    1. She DOES use the word “feel” a lot… as in, “I fill overwhelmed, so the girls are at my mom’s/cousin’s/Cory’s parents’ house.” Maybe if she didn’t have as much custody she could get her life in better shape.

    2. YES! Though, to be fair we don’t know if he’s keeping that out of court–but he’s at least keeping it out of the media. I respect him for keeping it out of the media, but if she’s addicted to painkillers and illegally (or legally, depending on how addicted she is) obtaining them then he should use that in court no if ands or buts.

  10. WOW!! Class act, I think its funny that she bashing this “person” about spreading rumors but yet shes digging her own grave by responding on twitter! Girl I’m telling you the best thing for you to do is get off social media because you are not helping your case. Also you want to talk about being unbelievably selfish but look at you! You were just claiming you thought it was best for the girlses to stay with you because that’s all you know, being a stay at home mom. I get that if you lost time it would be hard because of course it would, you go to being with them 24/7 and then all of sudden your times cut in half but that’s exactly it! It’s half. Thinking that the girls should not be with their father part time is selfish & not to mention stupid! You got a good baby daddy who actually cares. ALSO you have another kid you know, its not like if you did have time taken away that you’d be all alone and not have anything to do.

    Get off social media, possibly the pills and have a serious thought about whats best for the girlses, not you.

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