Sister of ‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Leah Calvert Goes On Radio Program to Talk About Sister’s Alleged Cheating

"I got you, sis!"
“I got you, sis!”

The plot continues to thicken with the story of Teen Mom 2 star Leah Calvert allegedly cheating on her husband Jeremy Calvert. The story, which blew up on Friday morning when Jeremy took to Twitter to publicly accuse his wife of cheating on him with Robbie Kidd, the same “man” she hooked up with just days before her wedding to Corey Simms.

Leah’s family has been quick to defend Leah and deny Jeremy’s claims, but yesterday, things heated up even further when Leah’s sister, Victoria Messer, went on a blog talk radio show on Sunday to give the “real” story about what went down with Leah and Robbie.

Victoria explained Leah’s side of the story, and confirmed many of the things The Ashley revealed in her first story, including that Robbie is living with Leah’s brother, Isaac Messer, and that Robby’s family reached out to Leah to get her to “help” him.

“Robby got himself into some trouble, he was goin’ through a lot of stuff,” Victoria said on-air. “His family reached out to my sister. Just as a friend, nothing more. She did talk to him a couple of times but it wasn’t anything as what people are portraying it to be. She was just trying to be a friend and help him to where he could get back up again. He needed someone to be there. He didn’t have anybody else.”

Victoria also brought up the rumor that Leah’s brother, Isaac Messer, what living with Robbie. (The Ashley broke some big news about Isaac yesterday! Click here to read that!)

“He needed somewhere to stay so he could see his baby, he has a little girl. My brother and him have always been friends, even before my sister and him were ever even a thing, many years ago. So my brother let him stay with him and my brother had allowed him to drive my sister’s car one time. My brother at the time was using my sister’s extra car. Well, I guess people had seen him and people started rumors and stuff started to blow up.”

Eventually, Victoria says, the rumors got back to Jeremy.

“People were telling him the worst, so what did he think? He automatically thought the worst.”

Victoria said that after her and Leah’s uncle passed away from cancer a few weeks ago, the whole Messer gang headed over to the funeral. Robbie was asked to go to the funeral because he is part of the Messer clan, officially, because his sister is married to Leah’s cousin. (I hear the banjos starting to play as I type this…)

“Everybody ended up staying the night,” Victoria said, but was quick to deny that any sexy time happened in the post-funeral gathering.

“Just to make this clear, no sexual intentions have happened between my sister and Robbie,” Victoria said. (I’m not sure she knows what the word ‘intentions’ means…)

“I know that because my sister would have told me. She would have told me! When I asked her about she looked at me, she started crying and said “I love my husband and I don’t know how to get him to understand that!”

leah cheating
“I tried to tell Jeremy that he can’t believe everything he hears at the gas station!”

Jeremy found out about all of this at the gas station (as you do) when someone told him that Robbie’s been driving Leah’s car.

“His buddy told him that rumor is that she’s been having sex with him…what did he automatically think? It’s only natural!” Victoria said.

Victoria admitted that it probably wasn’t smart for Leah to interact with Robbie at all, given her past with him.

“Yes I understand they have a past, especially with everything that happened with Leah and Corey,” Victoria said. “That’s nothing new; everyone already knows what happened there. But the difference is that Corey wasn’t showing my sister affection…mentally, physically, sexually, he wasn’t there. At the time, Robbie was there for her. But with her and Jeremy’s situation, Jeremy takes care of his family. Yes he works away from home a lot, but the situation between her and Corey and her and Jeremy are totally different.”

Victoria claimed that Jeremy works six days a week, and only comes home on Saturday night. (That leaves a lot of time for Leah’s hillbilly romps with ex-boyfriends!)

“He’s upset, you know, even though nothing happened,” Victoria said of Jeremy. “I talked to Jeremy last night and he told me, ‘I love Leah and I love the kids. I did post stuff on Twitter but I was upset.’”

She claims Jeremy regrets putting the stuff on Twitter.

“Just because it happened once does not mean it happened again,” Victoria said of her sister’s extramarital romps. “She would never.”

Victoria said that Jeremy and Leah have been talking on and off since everything went down on Friday.

“They’re trying to work it out, just like any other married couple,” she said. “I think [counseling] would be good for them…they’ve got so much on their plate and he’s gone.”

While Victoria says that Jeremy and Leah are working on their relationship, The Ashley’s very good source tells her there’s “no way he is staying with her” and that he still plans to file for divorce. The source says that Leah and her sister are telling a very nice story, but that it’s not the truth. Jeremy is planning on leaving West Virginia in the next week or so just to get away from all of the drama and take a vacation.

“They’ve had a little bit of trouble between the two of them,” Victoria said, addressing her Facebook post in which she said Jeremy wanted out of his marriage to Leah. “You just know when someone wants out of something, you can tell by the way they act. I am not saying he doesn’t love her or love the kids. You can just tell by the way someone acts, I may be wrong.  I can just tell. He would act weird, he didn’t want to come home. That’s how it came off to me, but if that’s not how he felt…but I’m pretty good about reading people.”

teen mom 2
“Girl, don’t make me slap you with bacon!”

Victoria used her appearance on the radio show to rag on Miranda Simms, the new wife of Leah’s ex, Corey.

“She seems nice, don’t get me wrong,” Victoria said. “I’ve talked to her here and there, but to be honest, I don’t know if I like her or not. That’s just how I feel. I know that’s a little blunt but I just don’t know if I like her. I’m not going to go into details, but there have been things that have been told [to me] by my nieces, so I don’t know if I like her. I think she’s nice when she’s in front of people but I don’t know what happens behind closed doors. I think she wears the pants in the relationship.”

The best part of this interview? Victoria tells the hosts that Jeremy’s family, as well as her own family, needs to stay out of the drama and let Leah and Jeremy deal with their problems on their own. She does this while she’s on an Internet radio show talking about their problems! Isn’t it ironic…don’t ya think?

The Ashley will continue to bring y’all updates on this hot mess!

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40 Responses

  1. Leah yo go through alot I seen the show through out my last marriage that was wrong of Jeremy doing that wether or not it happened and with the twins it’s hard u deserve way better.

  2. How about everybody just stay out of it nobody knows the truth but Leah and if she did she will have to suffer the consequences that’s what’s wrong with the world today everybody thinks they know everything about someone who you don’t know personally passing judgement is all your doing their problems are their problems not everyone else’s I mean damn don’t anybody have a life of their own anymore?!!

    1. LOL. Even though I wasn’t too fond of Jeremy in this past season no one deserves to find out that your wife is cheating on you through a deer cam and at the gas station. That is so unfair

  3. I think the ashleys just need to mind their own & stay outta everybody business.. They werent there so they have no idea wat happened… Their whole column is fake & they gotta hide behind a computer to start stuff.. Cyberbullies is what they are… Getta life & leave everyone else alone…

  4. First off, you rock Ashley with your info, thank you so much for updating us so quickly. Let’s say this latest issue never happened, there is no way these two would have stayed married. They will be divorced. I don’t hate anyone I don’t know, I am very concerned for these 3 young children, who I think have been used by BOTH parents as pawns. That is what is the most sad to me, please Leah break the cycle and get some real help not Dr. Drew or Dr. Jenn help but real help away from the cameras, those little girls depend on you, make the changes NOW you have no time left.

  5. I really hope she is given a drug test. I hope the judge will do what’s best for the girls, but so many judges give the kids to the mom by default and make the dads cough up most of their paychecks, without regulating whether that money is spent on the kids or if its spent on expensive cars, makeup, hair cuts, nails, and drugs (I doubt the anti-anxiety is all she was taking.)

    She IS an unfit mother from what we’ve seen, and she has zero respect for the men in her life. I hope Corey gets 100 percent full custody.

    Her sister is a real piece of work too. I don’t believe a thing she says.

  6. I still cannot believe that CPS or highway patrol isn’t alerted to all of these people driving cars with children and adults not in seatbelts. If they crashed what would MTV do?. Or reading text messages while driving. Are there no laws in WV? They look like real roads to me but maybe that is just my confusion…..

  7. Marriage generally includes communication. Regardless whether this rumor is true or not, she made a HUGE mistake by simply not telling him. And didn’t leah say they were already in counseling? Was that a lie?

  8. If she did really cheat & when they get a divorce & he tells the court that she cheated he will get custody of his daughter because she cheated… I do hope they fix things don’t get me wrong. Because every marriage should fix there problems before splitting up. It’s just if she cheated then that would be wrong because Jeremy is a hard worker & works for his family. I would love for teen mom 2 to keep coming on to see how things go? I would rather teen mom 2 come on then teen mom. It’s going to be different with Farrah but oh well I never liked her anyways! I don’t think Amber should be on the show but at least she’s staying clean.

    1. Let’s be real here. The courts don’t take a child away from the mother because she cheated… The only way a child is taken, is if the mom is clearly on drugs, or child is in danger. Leah is a piece of shit mom and doesn’t even deserve custody, but I highly doubt a judge would stick Addy with Jeremy over Leah. He works 6 days a week. Unless he has hard evidence of drug use, it won’t happen. That is the court system for you.

  9. “…but was quick to deny that any sexy time happened in the post-funeral gathering.”
    The very fact that this was a non-sarcastic and necessary point of clarification sums up the situation nicely.

  10. I hope Jeremy and Cory both get custody. She is a mess and she is only just starting to come apart. It’s going to get worse before it gets better. She can’t handle the stress of having those girls. I’m glad there is a person appointed through the court right now to be evaluating what is best for the girls. They need someone on their side looking out for them. All leah knows how to do is look out for herself. I used to really like her. Lately she is the worst one on the show. Money hungry selfish B###h

  11. dont believe everything internet or others say…. talk to ur wife first… my sister is going this too but she really is getting a divorce so it isnt really cheating so dont believe what ur friends family or internet tells you. go to the person first. i believe leah didnt

  12. Can’t we just leave hear poor girls alone? I get they are on tv but it’s their business let’s let them handle it. I think that’s why Victoria was trying to tell us.
    I agree with her too Miranda just seems sketchy …

  13. She’s a clearly a famewhore, and Leah’s mouthpeice since she can’t speak because of MTV. If things were so innocent with Robbie, why did Leah not TELL Jeremy? Clearly they live in a small town. If Robbie is going to her family’s funerals and driving around in her car, shouldn’t she pass that one by her husband?

    Do you see how she’s already framing it so that when they do get a divorce, and Leah admits to cheating, it’ll be Jeremy’s fault? “He’s only home Saturday nights.” Leah knew that going into her marriage. She’s disgusting.

  14. I officially can’t stand Victoria. Why don’t you stay the hell out of your sister’s business and let her and her husband work out their own issues?! And why is she even commenting on Corey’s wife?! If she barely knows Miranda, why is she even talking smack about her?! Is this family crazy? They just want to start up drama everywhere with everyone that has to do with Leah! I don’t think that really has Ali and Aleeah’s best interests at heart. Just sayin’!

    1. I’ve noticed that the Simms family has been quiet since this whole thing exploded, and even since Victoria openly bad mouthed Miranda. They have so much more class than the Messer clan. I didn’t watch/listen to the show, so I’m not sure if Victoria was asked about Miranda or not–IF she was, then she should have declined to comment on it. Miranda has nothing to do with this situation.

  15. Im SOOOO sure when robbie was needing someone to help him with his problems…Leah was the “Only ” person he could turn to?!!!! Yeah right! You Do Not help your exboyfriend out when your a Married woman. Period

  16. This story is almost as good as the one that was spun when Leah cheated on Corey. Almost.
    I imagine the things the girlses tell about Miranda involve discipline and structure, words that are obviously foreign to the entire Messer clan, making her mean/ a bitch. I’m not buying any of this.

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