Robbie Kidd Speaks Out About His Alleged Affair with ‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Leah Calvert

“Did I sleep with Leah again? At this point I can’t even remember!”

Robbie Kidd, the man in the middle of the Leah Calvert cheating scandal, has finally spoken out! After Leah’s husband Jeremy Calvert broke the news on his Twitter account on Friday morning that he had caught his wife cheating with Robbie, things exploded. Leah has not publicly denied the claim that she cheated on Jeremy with Robbie (except for one tweet in response to a fan that was asking), and Robbie has stayed totally silent on the entire story…until now.

Radar Online has obtained the first statement from Robbie in regard to the cheating scandal.

“Nothing has happened between Leah and I,” Robbie told the site. “I am currently dealing with my own family issues.”

As The Ashley told you over the weekend, Robbie is actually part of Leah’s family, as his sister is married to Leah’s cousin. He recently became a father for the first time; however he and his baby-momma are no longer together. Robbie told Radar that he had no idea where the rumors started.

"I know I slept with someone...was it Robbie or Jeremy?! Ding dang-it I can't remember!"
“I know I slept with someone…was it Robbie or Jeremy?! Ding dang-it I can’t remember!”

“Hard to tell around here,” he added.

Well…the “rumors” (which The Ashley still maintains are, indeed, true) started because Robbie attended an out-of-town funeral with Leah and her family, and the whole gang ended up staying over in the same house. That’s where the sexy time allegedly happened.

Robbie has also been living with Leah’s brother, Isaac (who, as The Ashley exclusively revealed on Saturday, is going through his own mess of problems at the moment). Robbie has been driving Leah’s “extra car” around town, which surely got the rumor mill swirling down in The WV.

(Again, this was all confirmed by Leah’s sister, Victoria Messer, who called into an Internet Radio Show on Sunday to talk about her sister’s scandal. Click here to read that whole hot mess of an interview.)

Stay tuned, y’all! This story just keeps getting better….

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  1. Leah’s focus on sex being her main form of “affection” makes me think she has severe daddy issues (obviously) or something worse in her past. Her thinking is so off kilter and she seems to think everyone else is the problem. It’s sad she doesn’t realize just because a guy is sleeping with you doesn’t mean he loves you or even likes you. I hope she has a come to Jesus moment soon before any more lives are ruined.

  2. Whether they had sex or not, Leah should never of had any contact with him. I mean, did she really think Jeremy would not be suspicious when he found out she had been hanging out with her ex boyfriend and the guy she cheated on Corey TWICE with?! How stupid can you get? I don’t care what issues Robbie is going through. I’m sure there are other people he could of reached out to if he needed help. What a bunch of bullshit. Leah, you brought this on yourself.

  3. All I can picture is Corey laughing that he got out of that train wreck.

    Lets be honest, Corey went above and beyond for Leah time and time again. If this isn`t true and Leah was simply comforting a friend, etc. why wouldn`t she have talked it over with her husband, especially if communication is an issue they are working on in therapy.

  4. Hes freakin UGLY!! I thought leah went for Tall dark and handsome….this guy is the Opposite! Go Leah! You Fruit Loop!

  5. Robbie is taking a page right out of Mama Dawns play book, deny deny deny. You might end up looking pretty stupid but MTV will pay for your cheeseburger and fries at the classiest fast food joint in WV when you admit it on camera. Victoria Messer might not sound like the brightest bulb in the box but at least she let us all know, while sounding like an illiterate Bill Clinton, that Leah hasn’t had sexual intentions with Robbie. I do think Leah and her family know that Jeremy knows a lot about her parenting, her prescription pill use and her stability so of course they need to discredit him.

  6. The only thing that seems strange about this is last time Robbie could not wait to get this new out to the public. He sold the story to a magazine long before there was any other evidence of it. No one seemed to believe him until the divorce. If it is true this time, it just seems out of character for Robbie to keep his mouth shut.

    1. unless he is waiting for MTV to make him an offer. He may have heard Leah, Corey or other people making more money when it was a believable story, rather than just saying ok yea it happened. If this gets ugly and Leah keeps denying he could cash in! A quick ten minute MTV interview could keep gas in that extra car for a few months lol

      1. Or Leah threatened to have him kicked out of her brothers place (a place SHE probably pays for), and to no longer be able to use her ‘extra’ car.

        Last time she got caught, he had nothing to lose.

        1. leah’s brother lives with robbie so she probably pays her bothers rent. he probably pays the his share of rent/bills there. why would leah pay for robbies appartment when she has 3 kids to worry about?? robbie still has nothing to lose

          1. Yeah but he’s got all to win tho. Not only does he gets cash from the tabloids for selling the story but he can get cash from the whole messer clan by saying what they want. It’s a doucle win for him really. Thats’s my view of it anyway.

          2. Robbie just got out of jail for drugs. What job, would hire him. What landlord would rent to him.

            Leah ‘loaned’ her ‘extra’ car to her brother, bought her sister a brand new car, so why wouldn’t she spend Jeremy’s money on paying rent for them too?

            Too bad that ride’s about to end, and the ALL will have to go out and get jobs.

  7. Of course he is going to deny it. She probably begged him to keep his trap shut, or she will lose her kids. I hope Jeremy isn’t that stupid to believe their story. The sister said the reason Leah cheated with Robbie was because she wasn’t getting enough affection from Corey (blame the victim), and then in the same sentence says Jeremy works 6 days a week. Which was why she nagged him 24/7 to quit his job..because she can’t control herself and her neediness for sex

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