REPORT— Corey Simms Playing a Part in Leah & Jeremy Calvert’s ‘Teen Mom 2’ Divorce Drama

"We're getting a two-for-one deal!"
“We’re getting a two-for-one deal!”

Before we begin, The Ashley would like to make it clear that she has heard the following information from at least three different sources; however, she would still like you to file this under “well-backed speculation” until more details become available.

Anyway, it’s been over a week since Teen Mom 2 star Jeremy Calvert called out his wife, Leah, on Twitter for alledgedly cheating on him with her ex-boyfriend, Robbie Kidd. Since then, The Ashley has kept y’all posted on all the HeeHaw-esque hijinks of Leah, Robbie and Jeremy. (In case you need a refresher, though, click here, here and here.)

The Ashley has spoken to with several people with ties to the Calvert clan, all of whom have painted the same story: Jeremy is over it and is filing (or has already filed) for divorce from Leah. What’s more, Leah’s ex-husband, Corey Simms, is involved in the drama, despite the fact that he has remained completely quiet online about his ex-wife’s hot-mess-of-a-marriage.

Leah has been strangely silent over the last week on social media, despite the fact that in the past she has used her Twitter and Facebook accounts to deny and clear up rumors that have been posted about her. (Her silence is rather deafening in this case, no?)

On Monday, however, she broke her Twitter hiatus to post a tweet that proclaimed her love for Jeremy and make fans aware that they are still together and everything is just rosy. While most fans didn’t buy Leah’s “happy family” tweet, it was Jeremy’s lack of response that was even more telling.

The Ashley has confirmed that Jeremy has not yet filed for divorce in his county, nor the surrounding counties as of Monday morning.

"Corey Tyler! How could you?"
“Corey Tyler! How could you?”

Both sources tell The Ashley that it was actually Corey who called Jeremy to inform him of what his wife was allegedly doing with Robbie Kidd. Jeremy had already heard the rumors around town and Corey confirmed them. Of course, Corey knows firsthand how it feels to hear around town that Leah was cheating on him with Robbie, since, as we ‘Teen Mom 2’ fans got to watch a few seasons ago, that’s exactly what happened to Corey.

Although Jeremy and Corey appear to be at odds during recent episodes of ‘Teen Mom 2,’ a show production source has told The Ashley multiple times that both Corey and Jeremy are easygoing guys who generally get along. Leah, however, is the root of all of the drama, the source said.

In fact, Jeremy and Corey have bonded over Leah’s recent alleged betrayal of Jeremy. One source tells The Ashley that Jeremy is actually using the same lawyer as Corey! (As y’all know, Corey is in the middle of a custody battle with Leah over their twin girls. The next hearing for that is scheduled for December.)

“Jeremy and Corey have met up and both really want to make sure the twins and Addy stay in each other’s lives, regardless of what happens in the custody hearing,” the source said.

Jeremy will  soon face his own custody battle with Leah over Addy.

“If minor children are involved in the divorce, you and the other parent must attempt to agree on a Joint Proposed Parenting Plan, unless your or your children’s safety and well-being would be put at risk,” according to the West Virginia Petitioner’s Divorce Packet.

It’s not known where Jeremy is staying at this point. It’s unlikely that he’s staying at his parents’ house, due to the fact that the modular home he had been sharing with Leah and the girls is actually on Jeremy’s parents’ property! While Leah and Jeremy did, in fact, move into an apartment in Charleston, West Virginia, as viewers saw on the show, their stay there was short-lived. MTV did not make it known that the family then moved to a place on the Calverts’ property. (MTV, of course, paid for them to break their lease at the apartment complex, the source says.)

Leah’s sister, Victoria, confirmed that Jeremy, Leah and the girls have been staying on the Calvert’s property during her strange radio show call-in interview last week. In fact, Victoria mentioned that fateful night in which Jeremy’s dad ran out in his underwear and screamed at Leah after he claimed to have seen Robbie sneaking into Leah’s house via the deercam. (Again, The Ashley couldn’t make up this level of a HeeHaw soap opera if she tried!)

Victoria claimed that Jeremy’s dad thought he saw Robbie sneak in, but it was actually Leah’s brother, Isaac Messer.

“Me and my sister and my brother were all helping my mother move,” Victoria said on the radio show. “When we came back and it was about 1 o’clock in the morning…Leah lives near [Jeremy’s] mom and dad. We pulled in and my brother had to stop for gas so he came in a little later than we did. Well, Jeremy’s dad got upset and he ran outside on his porch in his underwear. Well, my brother got freaked out and went to the side door and I let him in the side door. Then [Jeremy’s dad] tried to say that it was Robbie sneaking in to the side door of the house and that he seen him on the deer cam.”

One thing Victoria failed to mention is that Robbie is actually roommates with Leah’s brother, Isaac, so he very well could have been at the house that night assisting. Either way, Robbie’s name just didn’t drop out of nowhere; Leah had been spending a lot of time with him lately. This was also confirmed by Victoria during her radio interview.

As The Ashley told you in previous posts, one very good Calvert source claims that Leah did, indeed, admit the alleged affair to her husband after she was questioned by him.

Anyway, The Ashley will keep you updated on any news!

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40 Responses

  1. I think its funny that some posters here are saying they dont like Corey’s wife -that she seems shifty or something, when she seems to be the only person in this clusterfark who seems to have an ounce of common sense and dignity.

  2. There is a part of me that feels a little sorry for her in that she is as dumb as a box of rocks, a real moron and totally unequipped to deal with the hand she has been dealt (or should I say the hand she dealt herself?). The other part of me is just totally disgusted with her. The latter part of me pretty much wins the self-arguement though.

  3. juicy stuff, thank you Ashley, you are the best when it comes to this stuff! So when she posted that on Twitter about seeing Jeremy it was just BS? I think so, but it’s crazy that she would write that if it’s a total lie. It should be interesting!

  4. I am not really a Leah fan but I also don’t understand where all this Jeremy-love is coming from. He always seemed a bit spaced out and not that great. And what kind of marriage can you have if one of the spouses are only home one day a week? Divorce was just a matter of time. Corey always seemed like a nice guy so I really really hope he isn’taking up stuff to help with his custody case. Honestly, I’m not sure if he’s smart enough to come up with that idea lol. So there probably is SOMETHING going on between Leah and Robbie (even if it’s just talking right now). I say good riddance to Jeremy though. He was never meant to be a family man.

    1. Well, that’s how I grew up, except that it was months at a time. Although he would then be home for weeks to months between jobs, which made a big difference. And military families handle deployments.
      But I agree, he always seemed ‘removed’ from what was going on around him. They never really seemed to have any chemistry between them, but I think the same thing about Kail and Javi, so take that as you will.

    2. No doubt he was not meant to be a family man. He allegedly still goes to strip clubs when he’s away from work. Even if he was just watching the strippers and not getting a dance or anything, if Leah didn’t like it it’s wrong of him. His work schedule is crazy too, once a week you see your spouse, thats shitty. I knew it wouldn’t work cause Leah seems like a needy wife and Jeremy being gone all the time just wouldn’t end well. Damn never thought it’d be this juicy though!

    3. It could just be bc of the don’t know what he’s like behind closed doors maybe he is different..I do think, however, he makes sure his family is well taken care of . He does work hard

  5. If Corey really did call Jeremy, I dont blame him since Leah threw him under the bus on national television claiming he cheated on Miranda a week before their wedding. Same thing she did to him.

    I just dont see Corey confessing to her and saying he Cheated on his wife a week before their wedding unless he was cheating with Leah.

  6. If Leah is going to keep going back to Robbie, she needs to stop trying to be with anyone else considering she’s hurting so many people in her path. including her children since they may be split up due to the infidelity, lack of stability, and abusing pills.

    1. I don’t think she loves Robbie. I think she sees him as a source of comfort whenever she is having problems in her relationships or isn’t getting the attention she wants or needs from her partner. Robbie was her first boyfriend and I think she has feelings for him because of that. It’s no excuse to cheat but I do kind of understand why she was this strange attachment to him.

  7. They need to put that deer cam footage online for everyone to see!!

    I’m sure we would be able to tell if it was Robbie or not.

    1. I just don’t understand how it keeps getting to that point.. Usually there’s a lot of build up between talking and sleeping together.. At some point before it got to the point of removing clothing, wouldn’t she have thought “I’m married, this is wrong” ??

      1. If she didn’t think hmm I’m engaged when the light caught her diamond Corey gave her when she was getting d from Robbie the first time, do ya really think she would stop and think I’m married, this is wrong?

    2. And it’s always with this loser dude, Robbie! Corey and Jeremy are good guys that provide for their families and are good fathers. It looks like Leah just takes total advantage of them. It’s sad.

      1. Agree Robbie is a loser. I also think Corey was the best she could have ever done. I don’t consider Jeremy a good husband or father. He is totally absent, goes to strip clubs, is demeaning to his wife, and pretty much a total loser.

        People get pissed when this is said but a good father is a present father. It’s the most basic requirement. I don’t care how much money you make, if you want to have a family you need to make career choices to be around your family. Being home one day a week, or 6 months of the year, or whatever is crazy and he should have gotten a degree and explored other career options before having kids if it was important to him. It’s why me and my husband went to school for so long and settled down before getting pregnant – we want to actually know our kids and no career is worth giving that up to a man who is a truly good father.

        1. Um. Not defending Jeremy. But military families often have a father (or mother) on deployment for 6, 8, 12, 18 months. They have chosen careers they do not allow them to always present as you say. That does not make them bad parents. To add, I don’t think you can say Jeremy is a bad father because his job is far away. I think the strip clubs is a more valid argument.

        2. A degree? Half the people with a degree work at Applebee’s.. He supports his family financially..some jobs aren’t 9-5 and Leah knew his line of work going into it

  8. I don’t know if Leah cheated or not… None of us really know for sure. I do find it interesting that Cory was the one who told Jeremy though. Especially considering that Cory will greatly benefit from Leah having a cheating, drug scandal and divorce.

    I’m not saying it isn’t true.. just interesting timing.

    Just thought it was noteworthy.

    1. I agree! I wouldn’t doubt that all of this was started by Corey himself! He had no grounds for full custody and this makes it pretty easy! I’ve been on the medication Leah was on and I was the exact same way, which is why I stopped it. And to be more specific, I think all of this was started by Miranda. She looks sweet and innocent but I just don’t trust her. Corey changed a lot when be married her. All could be my conspiracy theory!

      1. Lmao its called getting his balls back. Corey has a back bone now and Im proud of him. He is no longer being manipulated by Leah and on top of that he has an ededucated, supportive wife standing behind him.

        As far as custody, and saying he has no grounds. HA! You dont know what evidence Corey has up his sleeve, on Leah. Corey is always quiet and keeps shit to himself. Dont underestimate us quiet ones. We are very observant. We know a lot of stuff you guys think we dont know. We just dont say much until its needed.

      2. He has plenty of grounds for taking custody if Leah is a drug addled mess who is hanging out with her meth head ex BF. And unfortunately all signs point to that being the case here.

      3. When someone is going through a divorce or is in a custody battle and rumors start going around about them, I am always skeptical. Because Cory is the one who told Jeremy about an affair, that makes me very skeptical. Like I said before, I don’t know if the rumors are true or not, but it is very convenient for Cory. If you factor in the rumors about the supposed drug use, it makes it even better for him.

        1. And it’s a rumor that Corey told Jeremy, there’s no black and white proof saying yes he is the one who told Jeremy. And if Jeremy’s dad caught Robbie on a deercam, then it was Jeremy’s dad, NOT Corey who would have broken the news to him first.

        2. I see what you are saying but the entire family is in on this. You have Jeremy and Leah living on Jeremy’s family’s lot and Jeremy’s father catching Robbie on the premises.

          Then you have Leah’s family denying it..basically it’s 3 families against eachother:

          You have Leah and Jeremy

          Leah’s mom, dad and sister

          Jeremy’s mom, dad and cousin…

          No one in this family is getting along…

          To top it off you have drug rumors that Jeremy’s family is cooberating with because they want to get CPS involved…

          so All signs point to Leah…yes – you are right it could all be rumors but the entire family is involved this time….smells fishy if you ask me..

      4. A cheating ex wife is not grounds for custody. My husband’s ex cheated numerous times (some of these men were even abusive to the children), had NO job, no car, no license, no income, no bank account, nothing, and she still has residential custody of the children. You basically have to be proven to be completely incompetent (ie not knowing what to feed children or sending them to school ridiculously dirty/malnourished) or proven to use drugs in front of the kids to lose custody.
        With that being said, Corey was whipped by Leah into submission (because she would always use the girls against him) and his new wife told him to grow some balls and a spine! Good for her and for him. Hopefully they can provide some normalcy for the girls.

  9. 22 years old and she will have two divorces under her belt and two baby daddy’s. Leah, you are in for a hell ride, baby.

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