‘Kendra On Top’ Episodes 6 & 7 Recap: Husband Bashin’ & Trophy Smashin’

It's nice that the camera crew just happened to be there for this big fight...
It’s nice that the camera crew just happened to be there for this big fight…

By Holly Rasmussen

We’re back for another two episodes of the trainwreck that is Kendra on Top. As you know from previous episodes, Kendra is in the middle of sorting out the details of her husband Hank’s alleged affair. This episode opens up with Kendra waiting on Hank to return from his trip to Austin. Hank comes in the door and Kendra is waiting to pounce and is ready for a fight. Kendra is angry that Hank told their mutual friend, Kyle, what happened involving his affair and has not told her anything.

Kendra confronts Hank and says, “Did you cheat on me? Was it worth? Was it worth it going out and f*cking a transsexual?” Hank says he did “not do the allegations against me.” (OK, but…did you “do” the transsexual? That’s the question!)

"Are you still hung up over that whole sex-with-a-transsexual thing? Geez..."
“Are you still hung up over that whole sex-with-a-transsexual thing? Geez…”

Kendra then asks Hank where these rumors came from if nothing happened. He just oddly keeps repeating that the allegations are not true. It all has a very Bill Clinton, “I did not have sexual relations with that woman” vibe.

Kendra tells him no one believes him and their kids are going to grow up knowing their daddy cheated on their eight-months-pregnant mommy with a transsexual. Hank tries to calm her down but she keeps telling him he has a fetish and their life together is over. She also keeps calling him a hypocrite, but I’m not sure she knows what that word actually means because it doesn’t really seem to apply here.

Not the trophy! NOT.THE.TROPHY!!!
Not the trophy! NOT.THE.TROPHY!!!

The fighting all comes to a head when she throws a “best husband and dad” trophy and cuts her hand. Seriously? SERIOUSLY?! Well, to be fair, I’m sure she would have thrown one of Hank’s sports trophies, if he had any from the last decade or so…

Of course, Kendra decides to take herself to urgent care for the cut, which allows them to cue up the dramatic music. The cut honestly doesn’t look that bad, but hey- they have to keep up the ratings!

Will she live!?! The suspense is killing us...
Will she live!?! The suspense is killing us…

As Kendra lies on her deathbed, gushing blood (or so they’d like you to believe), viewers can’t help but wonder where the hell Kendra’s newborn baby is during all of this. It appears she just left the baby at home so hopefully there is a nanny or something on staff that we didn’t see watching over her. But, to be fair, the baby’s a few months old now, so she can probably just take care of herself…

Kendra goes home and calls her mother, Party Patti, for support. Patti arrives to score some screen time and bash Hank. How can Kendra and little Hank have such good hair when Patti’s hair looks like the straw hair of a scarecrow? Kendra’s biological father must be running around out there somewhere with gorgeous thick locks, because Kendra sure as hell didn’t get her fab hair from Patti.

Anyway, Patti says she thinks Hank should have “come out with a statement.” What? Who talks like that? You need to give your wife a statement? Why don’t they just have a conversation like a normal couple?

Patti says it’s sad but she’s glad because she knew it would take something like this to bring her and Kendra back together. Well that’s nice, Patti! I’m glad your daughter’s marriage crumbling is working out in your favor.

The episode ends with Kendra saying she’s afraid her life is going to end up being like her mom’s. That is scary, Kendra.


The next episode starts a couple of days later and Hank still has not returned to the family home. Kendra goes to therapy to discuss the drama. Kendra says had everything she ever wanted and that she completely trusted Hank, but now that trust is destroyed. Apparently she and Hank only speak via text now and he ignores most of them.

Kendra tells her therapist that when she tries to ask Hank nicely about what happened, he doesn’t answer the texts. It then escalates to her texting things like, “Tell me what happened mother f*cker or I’ll kill you!” Well, that’s one way to get someone to open up to you.

After therapy, Kendra goes to lunch with her friend Jessica and Jessica’s husband Kyle. Remember, on last week’s episode it was revealed that Hank has told Kyle what happened regarding the alleged affair. Kendra asks Kyle what Hank told him, but Kyle just beats around the bush. He tells Kendra she needs to talk to Hank herself and that there’s “two sides to every story.” She should beat Kyle with the trophy until he tells her what Hank said. Now that would get some good ratings!

"Waiter! Check please!"
“Waiter! Check please!”

Kendra returns home, puts her kids to bed and then calls Hank to apologize for the mean texts. On the phone, Kendra and Hank agree that he will enter therapy as well. He also tells her he’s looking at apartments nearby. The episode ends with Kendra saying she wants to believe that her marriage isn’t over, but she’s not ready to forgive and let Hank move back in with her.

On the preview for next week, Kendra goes to meet with both Hugh Hefner and her biological father. That should be interesting! Maybe we can finally find out where her good hair genes come from.

Also is it creepy to anyone else that Kendra has most likely called both of these men “Daddy” at some point or another? Just sayin…

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7 Responses

  1. I swore from the beginning that everything has been staged for ratings..but why do that to your kids! paint their dad as a cheater?? its disgusting! I know Hank hasnt had a real job in years but dammmmmmmmm

  2. This story is FAKER THAN KENDRAS T*TS!!! Cant watch it anymore! I feel bad for there kids who will have to relive this Disgusting fake storyline one day!

  3. The more I watch this, the more I am convinced that it has to be staged. I mean all Hank keeps saying is that this isn’t true, but he never says what the truth is – eventually I think it came out that he was helping a friend move or something. I fully believe he isn’t revealing it simply for the ratings and to drag the season on.

    The trophy scene was a joke – even the doctor was like WTF is this. That nanny is going to have a career for life if Kendra handles a cut like this!

    I also think filming therapy defeats the point. It’s suppose to be confidential and a safe zone. Knowing that what you say ends up on camera is not a safe zone!!

    Lets bring Holly and Bridget back and make this show interesting.

  4. Yes, please cover 90 day fiance and the recaps from last season they just played. It would be super fun to guess whos really in and will make it as a couple!

  5. I cannot watch this show anymore. It’s like watching two toddlers (with potty mouths and a love for transvestite hookers ) hide secrets from each other! But the Ashley does need to cover 90 day fiancé! A young relatively attractive guy from the middle east with an much older, less fit, mother of like 4 teenagers who paid for his flight and is letting him live with her for free! I can’t!

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