Grandma of ‘Teen Mom’ Leah Calvert Posts Strange Facebook Rant About Leah’s Cheating Scandal

"Even I don't understand what she's tryin' to say, y'all!"
“Even I don’t understand what she’s tryin’ to say, y’all!”

By Holly Rasmussen

There’s more drama up in the mountains of West Virginia, y’all, and this time, it’s from Teen Mom 2 star Leah Calvert’s grandmama! Leah’s granny, Sandy Kay, is the latest Messer family member to speak out about the Robbie/ Leah/ Jeremy cheating scandal.

Sandy, who we’ve seen several times on ‘Teen Mom 2,’ watching the “girlses,” took to Facebook today to give her granddaughter some advice. (Apparently in the Messer/Calvert family, you don’t call or text your family member when you want to tell them something; you simply jump-start that dial-up connection and post whatever it is you want to say on social media!)

Leah's GrandmaWe’ve done our best to decipher Sandy’s rant. In her post, it appears that Sandy is warning Leah not to speak about her marital troubles with anyone, not even family (lest they blast your problems on Facebook). Maybe we should give the Messer family a lesson in irony. Grandma Sandy is telling Leah not to talk about her problems with family and to trust no one because they will all sell her out…while she’s blabbing about it on Facebook!

Ding, dang I just…can’t….

Last week, Leah’s sister, Victoria Messer, went on a radio show and said everyone needed to stay out of Leah’s business…while she was blabbing about Leah’s business on the radio show.

Grandma Sandy is also very paranoid about people wanting to take Leah’s kids. She states twice in the rant that “they’re after Leah’s kids.” Sandy did not, however, state who it was exactly that was “after” the “girlses” and what it was exactly that they wanted to do to them. It was all very strange…

Leah's Grandma 2Sandy seems to think Leah and Jeremy will work their problems out and denies that Leah is on drugs. But from where we’re sitting, it doesn’t look good for the couple. Jeremy no longer follows Leah on social media and he has changed his Facebook status to “divorced.”

We’ll leave you with what is most definitely the best line from Sandy’s rant.

“I wonder if they have a night cam to see if you’re having sex with Jeremy,” Sandy wrote jokingly. (We hope it was a joke, anyway!)

The deer cam legend lives on, y’all!

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  1. Every one of you needs to shut the hell up! Leah and Jeremy’s lives are THEIR business not ours if they are having problems they will work them out and if not then that’s their business talking crap about them only adds fuel to the fire and none of us knows them personally anyway so we don’t know the truth only they do! Get over it and yourselves because you are not perfect! He who is without sin shall cast the first stone!

  2. The Ashley,

    Any news on Leah and Jeremy??? Are they still together? Her twitter is saying they are…please update us…we are all dying to know…

  3. Everyone needs to stop judging her and the family….as far as the grammer, its called online slang and typos u idiots….like everyone on here has never made mistakes and never vented things on social media…does that mean we want the whole world to know…of course not..just because they r famous doesnt mean they signed up for this

    1. Any educated person knows how incredibly Important the English language is. Communicating is a basic part of life. In school, you don’t just write whatever you want – you’d fail. You write, check spelling and check grammar. The most important skills one can have is writing, reading and listening. And let’s back up a bit – Leah has trashed numerous people and companies on social media. So now karma has come full circle to bite her in the behind. So I will say it again – get rid of social media. Us normal adults communicate rationally in person or on the phone – plastering your laundry on the internet is trashy. Truly shows this entire family’s class.

      1. To be fair, Leah and co. can’t even speak proper English, do you really expect them to have a Facebook post that makes ANY sense?

      2. Sam, you talk about getting rid of social media? Is this not social media that you’re on right now? I had very strict parents as a child who would correct my grammar often. But I still make mistakes. Especially if I’m upset and typing fast. I did not know that Facebook had a spell check button. Maybe you could tell me how to get to that. And phone auto correct messes up more things that it fixes. Could you imagine someone coming to you when you were 16 and asked you to be on tv? Offer you 75,000.00 dollars a year? I would have jumped on that. But like leah, and so many other mtv “stars” I wouldn’t have expected for it to follow me around for the next 5 years. And I damn sure wouldn’t have expected to be put on blast for every little mistake I made. The way that girl gets treated is unbelievable. All you want to act so damn perfect. “Let the person with no sins cast the first stone”

  4. Please Danielle.. Everybody’s a critic right? Do you really think MTV goes out of their way to film all the moments parents are reading to their children? Yeah, um because THAT would make for great TV… Also, it takes two to ruin a relationship. It’s never only one person’s fault. I’m not excusing her behavior but there is always more to every story. The Leah bashing is getting a little tired, don’t you think?

  5. Wtf is she doing :/. I used to love Leah but as time goes on I dislike her more & more. Season 5b has just started here (UK) & I think she’s been totally different the whole of season 5. The way she speaks to the girls & I don’t think I’ve ever seen her sit & read books or play games with any of the girls. That kind of interaction is most important if you ask me. She does have a lot to cope with & she is young but she needs to grow the f*ck up! All this cheating & drugs stuff has appalled me. She cries about how all she wants is a real family for her kids but twice she’s been the one to ruin that. She’s needing her head tested! Ali especially needs a lot more support & stability than Leah has given her, I think the twins would be better staying with their dad & having contact with Leah. God knows what will happen with adalyn, don’t imagine Jeremy could work his job & be a single parent. It’s just a huge mess & Leah has nobody to blame but herself. Its a shame really. I just hope somehow its all sorted for the girls.

  6. I think Leah keeps making stupid decisions b/c the apple didnt fall far from the tree! I hurt for Leah, she has a LOT on her plate and clearly doesnt know how to handle the stress. I know she loves those babies but right now she needs to sober up, clean up and get those who think they are helping to zip it!
    Its amazing what a different side we see on the show then what is read on this site. If things are this bad for Leah and shes painted so well by MTV then Janelle mess be a SUPER hot mess!

  7. “They want your kids!” Ya damn right the dads want the kids, they want their kids to learn some kind of ‘book learnin’ so they have a fighting chance in life. Good Lord that family is a hot mess and stupid!

      1. No wonder Corey was so upset about Ali missing therapy and school, those girls need all the schooling they can get with Leah around talking like she’s Juan Pablo! They need to send Leah to pre-k English to get a grasp on a basic vocabulary!

  8. All of you are full of yourselves. This is ridiculous, Leah is a normal person & her personal issues should be left alone! & it’s very shallow to make fun of her family, a lot is happening and we don’t need “yalls” opinions on anything.

    1. “A lot is happening….” hmmm…what does that mean? Is that an admission that these rumors aren’t rumors, the are actually true? Sure sounds like it..

  9. Has anybody thought that maybe corey started the whole rumor then told jeremy bc ge wants the twins and he will do absolutely anything to get them. Idk them and u cant believe everything u read online but nobody really knows them and their entire life wat they do or say, but yet everybodys got their own opinion

    1. I would if Jeremy’s family and Leah’s family weren’t involved. Jeremy’s father SAW Robbie on a Deer Cam….if you do some research you will see:

      1. Leah’s family is against Jeremy’s family.
      2. Jeremy’s family is against Leah and her family..

      now I’d love to know how a marriage is going to last if 3 families are feuding?

    2. Well Cory didn’t run to the media when he found out leah cheated on him did he? This is ridiculous. Cory isn’t trying to get soul custody of the girls, he just wants more time with them so they can learn structure

  10. W.T.F..These people are insane! Am I the only one convinced that Corey needs custody now?! Leah and her family are obviously illiterate trash that never better themselves. Those little girls at least deserve a shot at life…and a caregiver with a basic understanding of the English language.

    1. Umm excuse me Jill this is one of the “illiterate trash” family members & we do not appreciate your comments. You don’t know the facts, you’d never say that to our faces would you? Stop hiding behind the computer & mature a little bit. None of this involves you it doesn’t hurt you in anyway…. So keep your filthy mouth out of it.

      1. That’s funny “Family” if they insist on putting their filthy laundry on social media then maybe they should know basic English!

        1. Don’t they trash anyone in public service on social media that doesn’t bow down and treat them like they’re the Queen of England? Yeah, thought so.

      2. Hi dawn! Ya know maybe you should get off the computer and go rescue your grandkids from that trash you call a daughter

  11. If that family wants privacy so bad then maybe they should stop using SOCIAL MEDIA to talk about their problems! Just throwing that idea out there.

  12. English is my second language, and this facebook status hurt to read. This physically hurt to read. I think I need therapy now.

  13. Granny can use some more education her grammar is horrible.. And does granny not realize Leah has put herself in this position? She signs her contract each year..but she didn’t want her life aired out she shouldn’t have filmed it!

    1. This. This a thousand times. Guess what “Family” if you think the public needs to stay out of their business then Leah needs to not broadcast it on television and social media! Keep your private business private and we would have nothing to talk about!

  14. The whole family must have went to the same “skool”. I grew up in a rural area, and there is no reason for a group of people to that damn dumb.

  15. What the hell did I just read? I’m assuming grandma dropped out of school in 1st grade, if not I feel for the students in the WV school system. Their tax money is obviously not used for education.

    Also what kind of family blast their personal business all over the Internet? These people have no morals or self respect as evident by miss granny’s slutty pill addicted grand daughter.

    1. It reminds me of that entry task in elementary school where you’d have to correct everything that was wrong with the sentence on the board. I’m fighting the urge to print this out, bust out a red pencil and get down to circling the apostrophes I add and neatly crossing out the wrong word (‘there’) and writing in the correct one above (‘they’re’).

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