‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Jeremy Calvert Says His Relationship with Wife Leah Calvert is “Complicated”

"We're a complicated mess, y'all!"
“We’re a complicated mess, y’all!”

The Jeremy and Leah Calvert relationship saga continues, y’all!

For weeks, Teen Mom 2 star Jeremy Calvert has made it quite clear that he is done with his wife, Leah. After accusing her of cheating on him with Robbie Kidd (her ex-boyfriend and frequent diddle partner during her marriage to Corey Simms).

Jeremy called Leah a bunch of names, unfollowed her on all social media and basically ignored her online proclamations of love and devotion toward him. According to all of The Ashley‘s source, Jeremy was done with Leah and was preparing to divorce her.

Until yesterday, that is…

Yesterday Jeremy, who had previously changed his Facebook status to “divorced,” took to Facebook to declare that he is currently “in a complicated relationship.” He also refollowed his wife on Twitter. In turn, Leah refollowed Jeremy on Twitter.

It’s a strange turn of events, for sure. It is not yet known what caused Jeremy to have a change of heart toward his wife; however last night her alleged “mistress” Robbie went on a blog radio program to discuss what happened between him and Leah. Robbie still maintains that he did not hook up with Leah  (at least, not since she and Jeremy have been married). To see what else Robbie had to say, click here!

Anyway, The Ashley will update this when she has more info. As of now, however, Leah and Jeremy still haven’t signed on for ‘Teen Mom 2’ Season 6!

UPDATE: Leah, too, has changed her Facebook status from “Married” to “It’s Complicated.”

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  1. No one has proof she cheated. What if she didn’t even do it! Jeremy is just paranoid and crazy. Do you remember when he said Corey was wearing his pants. I usually see cheater so suspect of the other spouse when they are cheating themselves. I wouldn’t be surprised if Jeremy was cheating when he is away for weeks. He had the choice to work close to home but he didn’t want to which is strange.

  2. Leah and Jeremy are both clearly emotionally stunted at the age of like 15. I’m embarrassed for them! Leah has always come off as selfish and entitled even in the beginning when she was still likable. There’s no doubt in my mind she cheated on Jeremy. I have never been a fan of Jeremy’s, and his twitter action has just made me dislike him more! He says all that and takes her back? Gross- both of them!

  3. Boy Jeremy is a pussy! He’s an idiot if he believes these two! I wouldnt doubt Leah paid Robbie to keep quiet. Jeremy is gone 6 days a week, Robbie will just keep screwing your wife while you’re gone then deny it!

    I DO NOT FEEL BAD FOR HIM! I hope she continues to cheat on his ass while he’s gone. Maybe he will wake the hell up.

  4. Some of you have nerve let me tell you. These two our married and have children and those children come first always. It’s not like there are dating. At least Jeremy loved the girl enough loved the twins enough to say see if if it will work with Corey and if not in right here. Sometimes love is letting something/someone go. I think it’s great to see that they are trying to full fill there promise to God each other and babies at making their marriage work. What makes a great true living relationship is the turbulence a couple endures along the journey into forever.

    1. All relationships have turbulence, but I wouldn’t call cheating turbulence. Leah broke her promise to god when she opened her legs to Robbie again. And even if she didn’t cheat (ha), the fact that Jeremy is so suspicious speaks volumes about the health of their relationship. Leah treated Jeremy like crap – you don’t lead a poor guy on just to say “uh, nevermind, I think I like my ex better – you know, the one I’ve cheated on multiple times already, married, and then divorced?”

      There’s nothing honorable about Leah and although I feel sorry for Jeremy in this case, he hasn’t been the best husband either – who slaps someone in the face with a piece of raw meat?

      The best thing that can happen is Corey gets custody of the twins and Leah takes some time to work on herself – not her stupid marriage – because after 2 husbands and 3 kids and 1 Robbie, the problem is LEAH, not others.

    2. If the kids came First..she wouldnt Keep Cheating! This Girl Loves Male attention! Jeremy is P*ssy Whipped.Period!

    3. You’ve just GOT to be a family member. You surely spell and type like one. Just what the hell is going on with the schools there?!

      1. I was thinking exactly what you are! I couldn’t even understand what she was trying to say. Jesus, people really need to understand the importance of grammar & proper spelling.

      2. Herbert Hoover High, in Clendenin, WV, graduates illiterates. I’d love to see how many of it’s graduates have gone onto higher education, because judging by the Messer clan alone, it can’t be too many.

    4. Okay, Leah, go make Robbie some breakfast now…

      If she cheated on him, the marriage is worth nothing. If he believes she cheated even if she didn’t, their union is obviously broken. You can’t just keep it together for the kids if you are like oil and water. She has been divorced, cheated on at least one of her husbands (likely both!), and done all sorts of “unholy” things so I seriously doubt Leah is worried about what God may think about all of this. She’s more worried about what the alimony checks, her contract with MTV, and what In Touch mag is going to write about it all.

  5. She must have gotten to him, or MTV did, and he wanted to continue to film. Probably guilted him into believing that since he is away at work it is his fault she needs a man. He is pathetic, remember when she dumped him to try and make it work with Corey? Who would stick around for that, being someone’s sloppy seconds?

  6. I believe people shouldn’t be passing judgement and what ever Jermey decides is what he decides. We are not in their lives and seeing what is going on, its all hype from others mouths. They are adults and I hope that God helps them through this no matter what way things go. Jermey and Leah will be fine they are strong individuals.

    1. THEY are the ones making everything about their personal lives public! Also, we DO see what’s going on, we see their show and they tweet every argument! They sure don’t act like adults!

    2. Hype from others mouths? No, sweetie, JEREMY was the one who called Leah out on Twitter in front of thousands of people. He called her a s*** and a b***** and said she cheated and that he was done. Then Leah had her sister and mom speak on her behalf since she can’t because of her contract.

      Leah and Jeremy’s relationship was rocky from the start, they jumped into having kids and marriage way too soon, and they obviously have some serious disagreements with some very fundamental things like money that people should figure out before they get married. God isn’t going to help them, there are more important problems to deal with than this trainwreck that could have been avoided had they thought about things for longer than 5 seconds. What they need to do is grow up and take some responsibility, especially Leah.

  7. Jeremy’s gone soft. Prob didnt realize how much he would miss the crazy druggie cheater half ass mom that his lovely wife is. I have now lost respect for him too…. n just hope Corey gets Ali n Aleeah.

  8. If Jeremy takes Leah back after his whole public shaming tantrum then he’s an idiot! He needs to just leave and stay quiet. Corey will always be the one with the most class as far as being a man. I kinda think Jeremy isn’t really talking about Leah’s addiction because he probably had a prescription for Xanax too! His eyes were ALWAYS half open…. a cardboard cut out of him would have had more personality! He was always tired (granted he does work hard and Leah’s nagging is tiring) but from day one I always thought he was high on something! Explains the bacon slap! That’s funny when you’re high! 😉

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