EXCLUSIVE: ‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Jeremy Calvert Allegedly Flirting with Girls; Admits He’s ‘Going Through a Divorce’

teen mom 2 divorce
“Hey guuurl, wanna share my wings?”

Earlier today, The Ashley updated y’all on the latest relationship drama between Teen Mom 2 stars Leah and Jeremy Calvert. While some fans have been refusing to believe that Leah’s tweet about “failure” was in regard to her failing marriage to Jeremy, The Ashley has received much more damning evidence that indicates Leah and Jeremy’s marriage is definitely done!

On Monday, Leah tweeted, “Failure does not mean that you’ll never get what you want, sometimes failure means that you have to fight harder for something better.”

That same night Jeremy, who has been on the road working recently, headed out with co-workers to a Buffalo Wild Wings in Ohio. While he and his buddies “winged it up” and drank, due to being rained out of their job for the night, Jeremy was allegedly trying to pick up on a girl there!

According to a very good source that was present that night, Jeremy’s friend approached a girl at the restaurant. A true “wing”man (see what I did there?), Jeremy’s friend told the girl that Jeremy would like to buy her a drink. The girl declined, her friend says, because she was driving. The friend then asked if Jeremy could have the girl’s number, but again she declined because she is currently in a relationship.

Although the girl declined Jeremy’s advances, she and her friend still allegedly talked to him for a while.

“He said a lot of girls want his number but he was making his friend keep her number if she gave it to him so it wasn’t in his phone because he said he’s going through a divorce,” the source told The Ashley. “He was probably shocked she turned him down!”

Now, as you Roundupers know, The Ashley does not write things like this unless she’s very confident that it’s true. (She leaves that to the tabloids!)  Of course, The Ashley  realizes that there are many ‘Teen Mom 2’ fans that don’t want to face the fact that Jeremy and Leah are divorcing, but according to numerous very good sources, the divorce is still happening!


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  1. Wow, someone made the most ignorant comment I think I have ever seen saying if you have a sick child why should you have another??? Absolutely disgusting. There are MANY parents that have sick or autistic children, children with down syndrome, etc and choose to have other kids that are perfectly healthy. Especially considering her daughter has a rare condition. Now, I’m not a fan of Leah and do agree with the comment aside from that such as Leah rushing into marriages especially considering she just went through a divorce, but the statement about the child was appalling.

  2. Jeremy has a thing for blondes.

    I hope he does divorce her, and gets custody of his daughter. Imagine Addy growing up with Cheetos and mountain dew while mommy snorts pain pills and dozes off into oblivion. Poor kids

  3. Gee, who could’ve ever guessed this marriage wouldn’t last? What were they thinking? You don’t have to marry every person you date for a few months. Ans then have a baby right away. Leah hadn’t even gotten a confirmed diagnosis for what was/is wrong w/Ali yet. Why would anyone in their right mind risk having another child w/serious health issues. What’s wrong with these people? Seriously.

  4. Good for the girl that turned him down!! Can you imagine the drama his next gf will have to deal with from Leah with that baby! Oh No No No! He carries wayyyyyy too much baggage! I feel bad for Coreys wife Miranda having to deal with this drama queen.

    1. Um because he WORKS out of town. Leah is the one sitting on her ass all day every day with no man if the house to keep her in line. She has admitted to cheating on Corey with Robbie FIVE times during 16 and Pregnant, at least once while they were engaged (the fcking night before she said I do to him), then highly considered leaving Jeremy to go back with Corey while THEY were engaged and she was PREGNANT with his child!

      But yes, poor poor little good Christian Leah could never cheats on her husband, y’all.

      1. Keep her in line? What kind of misogynistic remark is that? Wow! Welcome to the 21st Century. Granted, Leah has “issues.” Serious issues. But overall, women are equal partners in a relationship. No one needs to keep their partner “in line.” Man or woman.

        1. No shit sherlock, but obviously Leah has to have a penis between her legs at all time, and I meant that if it wasn’t coming her husband she’d get it from someone else. LEAH needs to be kept in line or she cheats, I never once said anything about any other woman, no need to jump to conclusions.

  5. Mmmmm keeping my number a secret because you’re going through a divorce? What every girl wants to hear.

    Seriously though, I’m glad Jeremy is dumping Leah’s cheating ass after all.

    1. I was thinking the same thing. On the one hand, I do give him props for being honest…but it is kind of a dick move. He strikes me as someone who knows he’s a dick, but is open about it and thinks that excuses his behavior.

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