“16 & Pregnant” Star Cleondra Carter Asks For Help Regarding Custody Battle

16 and pregnantFans watched as Cleondra Carter gave birth to her daughter, Kylee, on the third season of 16 and Pregnant, and were impressed at Cleondra’s ability to keep a level head and good attitude. Cleondra is probably best-remembered for taking care of her niece almost full-time (despite the fact that Cleondra was only a teen), because her sister wasn’t taking responsibility for her child. It’s been four years since Cleondra’s daughter Kylee was born and the show’s fans continue to keep up with Cleondra and her daughter through photos Cleondra posts on social media. Yesterday, however, Cleondra posted something much more serious: a plea for help to her friends and fans.

In a long letter posted to a GoFundMe.com page, Cleondra explained the tragic turn her life has taken over the last few weeks. Cleondra, now a 21-year-old waitress and student, revealed that Kylee’s father, Mario Escovedo, had recently taken her to court to battle for full custody of the four-year-old and won, leaving Cleondra devastated and desperate to appeal the decision.

“Kylee’s father and I could not make our relationship work for the sake of Kylee but I have always tried to make things comfortable and sane for our daughter,” she wrote. “I was and have always been the main primary caretaker of Kylee unless I was at school or at work.”

In her letter, Cleondra wrote that Mario and his family eventually started to cause problems in regard to parenting Kylee.

“I have worked so hard at providing our daughter with a stable and comfortable environment and it seemed that every chance her father and father’s family had they would hinder her from progressing and slow down her process of learning new things just to spite me,” she wrote. “They would never listen to a word I had to say when it came to Kylee…As soon as we started weening Kylee off the pacifier and bottles, that started a huge conflict in the household because while his mother and sister watched her and did not obey the rules of no pacifiers or bottles. Even throughout these situations, I have never withheld Kylee from her father or used her as leverage. I know she loves him and I have always done what’s best for my daughter. As hard as I tried, things just would not work with us co-parenting.”

Cleondra wrote that after she and Mario broke up and she began dating other people, the trouble between her and Mario worsened. When she moved to her own apartment 30 minutes away from Mario, Cleondra wrote that Mario filed papers to gain full custody of Kylee.

“Kylee’s father filed papers against me for full custody of Kylee because I was ‘withholding’ her from him even though we had a set [custody] schedule stated above and it continued as I moved. On October 31, 2014, this is when my world was crushed. We had trial for the custody of Kylee.”

Cleondra and Kylee on '16 and Pregnant' in 2011.
Cleondra and Kylee on ’16 and Pregnant’ in 2011.

Cleondra wrote that during the trial, Mario and his family told “nothing but lies” about her to help Mario win custody. To make matters worse, she said her attorney allowed it to happen.

“My attorney was absolutely TERRIBLE! My attorney did not fight, no one fought for Kylee and the judicial system failed me as a mother,” she wrote. “They made MANY false accusations that had no proof. The lies were outrageous, hurtful, and underhanded. It is unbelievable to me how these people just loved me 2 years ago and now I am such an awful mother. Their case was built on nothing but lies, but it was built. I was badgered horribly on the stand by his attorney for being a young woman who has started to date. Somehow that has been misconstrued into being promiscuous. At the end of the day, I lost my daughter.”

Cleondra desperately wants to appeal the decision, but needs to raise $5,000 for the appeal and attorney fees. She has set up a GoFundMe.com page in hopes that fans of the show, or people that have had to deal with similar custody situations, will help her raise enough money to get Kylee back.

“Any donation would help greatly because I only have one job,” Cleondra told The Ashley. “I am a server and I have no help really financially.”

In her letter, Cleondra wrote what life has been like since Kylee has been living with Mario.

“I am empty without her and now I must FIGHT! Kylee is my world,” she wrote. “It revolves around her and I live my life around her because she will always and forever come first. I do what’s best for my daughter. I had schools picked out for her, she is very close to my family, I taught her right from wrong, and was raising her how to be the little lady she is growing into. No one can teach her how to be a little lady or a woman better than her own mother. When they took her away from me, I could not believe it. I could not breathe. She is my everything. Nothing is the same. I have been by my baby girl’s side since she was born, so to have that taken away by lies, is unbelievable.”

Cleondra said that she was given visitation rights to Kylee, but Mario is making sure she sees Kylee as little as possible.

“I get visitation rights, but Mario won’t let me see her any more than that,” Cleondra told The Ashley. “Kylee cried last time all the way to her dad’s house because she didn’t want to go.”

To read Cleondra’s full letter, and to make a donation, click here!

UPDATE: Kylee’s father, Mario, has responded via a post on his Facebook page.

“On October 31st a judge gave me fully custody of my daughter Kylee Sue Escovedo. This judge heard BOTH sides of everything I have to offer and everything cleondra has to offer as a parent. She passed judgement and as a result I got full custody for MANY good reasons. If I tried to inform everyone of all the reasons why I won and she lost, this post would never end.”

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  1. Kylee belong with her mother not her dad and Mario shouldn’t have took Kylee from her mother and he can’t touch her how to be a woman when she gets older and I think cleondra she go back to court and fight to get Kylee back and she is a good mother to klyee and I watched her 16 and pregnant episode and she was the one taking care of Kylee by herself when all mario wanted to do is go home and sleep

  2. I personally think Mario’s family/friends coming on this website talking crap isn’t classy. She probably did lose custody for a good reason, and I NEVER agree with begging for money just because you happen to be a reality star, BUT airing her dirty laundry here, just takes away all the classy Mario is showing by not speaking about this case. If Cleo was sleeping with a guy in the same room as her daughter, yes as a dad I’d have MAJOR problems with this because she is still so young and doesn’t understand, but coming on here and airing such dirty laundry makes you just as bad as she is.
    Also, last time I heard, a mother is allowed to post pictures of her child. Unless a court says different and Mario could have requested that.

    1. I’m just speaking on what I saw of Cleo and Mario on the show. I am so disappointed that they weren’t able to work out their issues for cute little kaylee. Cleo always showed so much maturity and seemed level headed when speaking about the reality of her situation. Mario also seemed to love the ground Cleo walked on and did put forth effort so he could provide a stable and quiet environment for his daughter to grow. I do think things got messy once the relationship was over and she began dating other guys. Kind of reminds me of Jo and Kailyns situation except his family didn’t throw her under the bus and truly wanted her to be happy considering what her family life had been like. I know that whatever was said about her had to be very bad if she was stripped full custody for visitation. I don’t know her at all but would hope for the sake of the child the family didn’t exaggerate or blatantly lie for favor to fall on Mario. I do believe that she loves her daughter and this isn’t exploitation. Any mother that LOVES their child is willing to do anything for their baby! I would be asking for donations, selling oranges on the side of the road, hell I would even try to sell a kidney to get enough money to get my kid back! I think Marios family is upset she posted and made the world aware that maybe she did suffer a injustice from them lying or exaggerating a situation(hence the comments below) I’m sure someone is gonna have something to say about my comment but I don’t care, my heart bleeds for Cleo not having her daughter with her full time. But I also feel for Mario because I’m sure the added responsibility of having his daughter full time is stressful to adjust to. Bottomline, I hope she raises enough money for her fight for her daughter and ultimately the decision made will be best for the child and not based on spiteful or hurt parents/in laws.

  3. l crap! I made a small donation to cleo’s site with intentions of leaving a comment about the real truth of the matter. I thought that if the comment was made with the donation, It woulkd be able to be erased.. Here is what I commented.
    Kylee is with you now so why don’t you enjoy her and work with Mario and compromise on a parenting plan that will work for both of you. Stop dragging the little cutie through the mud and everyone’s computer. My sister just recently offered to bring Kylee by to see you and you refused to see her because it wasn’t on your terms. I can’t count how many times that has happened. If this was all about spending more time with Kylee and not just your vengeful pride you would get off the computer , stop exploiting your child and defaming her father whom she loves and meet with Mario for a parenting pow wow. 1300 $ stolen from the mouths of needy children so far… Go Cleo! Here is $5.00 for the hip waders you need for all the b.s you are spewing!

  4. I see so many people claiming to know everything that is going on and who is at fault. You all need to slow down and stop trying to blame one person. They are both at fault! I’ve seen many parents with custody issues, both do something wrong when it comes to co parenting. If C. wants to ask for money to fight for her daughter then let her. I saw in her mtv show that her family wasn’t really close and therefore she has lost basically her whole world. Many of the commenters are very guilty of shaming. The very first thing a person does to shame a woman is call her a whore. Why? Are these public knowledge? Because i have checked what she has said and what he has said and I did not see that she was whoring it out in front of her daughter. I’m not saying that M. has no right to have full custody of their daughter but so with the hateful comments. No one has mentioned anything neg. that was said about M. and his family which shows me that you all are being biased in this situation. I just want to know one thing…Even though M. has full custody of their daughter, why are they making it hard for C. to see her daughter? They’re different types of visitation rights that can be used. It shouldn’t be hard for a woman to see her daughter because K.’s life isn’t in any danger here. I firmly believe that a mother should have the right to be apart of the process in raising her because they are of the same sex. Not saying that M. couldn’t do it alone but he shouldn’t try because it’s apparent that C. wants to be apart of her daughters life. This should show you that sex before marriage isn’t recommended, especially when you are under the age of 18. I am only commenting to show that C. shouldn’t be treated like she is the worst mother of the year. She was accepted into a program in college, working, has her own place, and taking care of her daughter. So what she was dating. I don’t have the right to say she was being a floosy because I am not her or any of the men she has slept with. Just think, why would any men come forward and say that they had sex in front of her daughter? That would them make them look bad. I’m not saying she is the best fit for K. because I do not know her but you all need to be educated and stop generalizing. Stop acting like you know everything about these people’s lives. Does your mother know how many times you’ve taken a shit today? No? Then how could you possibly know what happened for K. to be taken away. STOP IT!

    1. “Does your mother know how many times you’ve taken a shit today? No? Then how could you possibly know what happened for K. to be taken away. STOP IT!”

      What the fuck are you even talking about? You can’t even string together a coherent thought.

  5. For the record mario has taken a 5 hour co-parenting class. Mario had made repeated attempts to get Cleondra to take classes with him before even before court. It was to no avail. Which is one of the MANY reasons the judge found mario as the much more stable,mature, capable parent. When you go out of your way to get the mother of your child to communicate with you and you are consistently ignored over and over again for 7/8 months. Even with the twice weekly exchanges. Not even so much as eye contact made. Literally handing or receiving Kylee as if she were some kind of package. Every attempt was made to have some type of pleasantly. Especially for Kylee’s sake! But it was a nothing but complete dead silence. Of course the repercussions were a stressed three year old that obviously picked up on the tension! So do tell! Is that mature thoughtful parenting?

  6. I think it’s absolutely egregious to expose your daughter on the Internet like this!! As Sarah and Roney and Ranlent pointed out this IS exploitation in every way!!! Any loving mother would work with the Father and his family if she wanted more time with her daughter! Mario CLEARLY loves his daughter and OBVIOUSLY has wisdom and discernment and it was quite evident to the judge that he was the more mature,stable and more capable parent to have custody of their daughter! By no means does that mean she is not able to see her daugher! Obviously that means SHE has to get over herself and come to terms with the descion that was made and actually start communacting with Mario like a mature loving mother. I know both families very well. Mario comes from a loving family with strong moral values. They are very close knit! Mario’s mom and stepdad are very connected and close with his Father and stepmother. They all live within a mile or so from each other. So Mario coming from a home where families work together and put a childs emotional well-being first. He has gone above and beyond to work with Cleondra and he and his family have tried everything humanly possible to get Cleondra to work with him and get on the same page! Cleondra and her family have a lot of issues with stability and COMPLETEY different set of morals and values than what Mario was brought with. Without going into detail.The extreme dysfunction and lack of any stability and zero morals regarding Cleondra and her family it has been a tough road for Mario and his daughter which is what led to their child going into counseling. So when a three old tells her counsler she is scared of mommy’s tv and has nightmares because she has watched “Halloween,Hellraiser,Human Centapiede,Sons of anarchy etc! So I think it’s more than reasonable to ask the other parent to agree to just make wise,selfless choices before thinking of what you want in there here and now!

  7. now Cleondra is exploiting her child to raise money using misleading and false information… I am afraid charges will be filled if cleo doesnt get come to her senses regarding this exploitation.

  8. Mario has tried to compromise with cleondra about both of them keeping their social life separate from Kylee. She refuses to discuss, has had at least two different Micheals spend significant amounts of time in the home overnight with Kylee. one bedroom apt.and she testified to sleeping with each in the same bed as Kylee. He learned this from the men themselves as well as her ommissions. Cleo cut all communication with Mario and refused to answer any and all texts and phone calls with few exceptions. He has proven to the court that he is a man of his word and is willing to sacrifice all for his daughter’s best interest. She has proven the opposite. Thank God The Judge did the only right thing she was left with. Cleo gave the judge no choice.

  9. Cleondra, you begged for this with your own actions. Mario had very reasonable concerns and requests for you. He wanted contact with his daughter while she was not with him, he wanted her to go to a private preschool that HE WOULD PAY FOR and he wanted boyfriend girlfriend relationships to be kept from Kylee out of concern for her emotional well being. Three things that you refused to even acknowledge much less compromise and co parent on. You brought this custody battle on. Mario didn’t want to have to do this. You gave him no choice.. End of story. Now, you should take this time and save these people their hard earned money by learning to co parent and learn good moral parenting techniques and a little humility and respect for her father’s wishes. Then there will be no need for the courts to even get involved b/c once Mario sees you can be trusted with his daughter than he would gladly hand her over..

    Fortunately, custody was gained because the truth couldn’t be covered up. Hopefully you will compromise and come up with a co parenting plan that will be in Kylee’s best interest. Then stick by it. As Mario gains trust in you as a carefully considerate parent, then I am sure he will thrilled to have Kylee spend as much time with you as you would like. Best of luck

    1. private schools aren’t always the best choice even if someone else pays for it. They mostly want to seperate the rich kids from the poor kids. Some private schools require certain religious text to be included into the studies. They’re cons to private schools. Also not all public schools have bad reps and are actually equivalent to private schools.

      1. You’re absolutely right- not all private schools are considered equal, & they’re not always guaranteed to beat the local school district’s public school. When my husband & I moved from a major city in the Midwest to its suburbs, I was blown away by our district’s public schools, & year after year, their scores rank higher than the local private ones. Research is required to make an appropriate decision; just looking at greatschools.com’s rankings, Horn Lake’s public schools have an overall rating of 6/10, while the intermediate school is ranked 5/10. Last I checked, a 50-60% ranking falls under “substandard”. Although not everyone has the luxury of being able to choose between public or private schools, if the means to send your student to a better school are available, why not seize that opportunity? If you don’t want religious education as part of your child’s education, opt for either a Montessori school or another non-secular private school; it’s not like schools just randomly decide they’re going to start requiring religion to be incorporated into the curriculum out of the blue- if you send your kid to “Saint” anything, odds are they’ll be taking theology courses. If that’s something a parent wants to avoid, it’s not difficult. As far as the primary motivation for a private school being to further class warfare- that’s a bit of a stretch. True, because they charge tuition, the student body tends to be made up of kids from families with relatively financially stable backgrounds, but that’s not always the case- my husbands mom found herself in the unfortunate position of being a single mom to nine kids later in life. It’s safe to say she was not, by any means, wealthy during those years, but she pleaded with their local private schools to make accomodations to allow her kids to attend when they had to live in districts with underperforming public schools. Many have scholarship funds in place for those very circumstances- so the whole “private schools are only for rich kids” argument is moot.

  10. Wow I feel like there are personal insiders commenting above , I personally don’t have fb so I don’t know either sides story and how much they post of their business on fb, but the person above seems to side with Mario and know ALOT about the situation . I a just hope the little girl was put in the right place for the right reasons.

      1. Cleoandra, I know you are hurting , and missing Kylee. I truly emphasize with you. Hold your head up and keep Kylee’s well-being and overall safety first in your mind.. emotions sometimes blind us. (pride anger depression). You know Mario didn’t choose to take you to court and you pushed him there WITH your pride and whatever drove you to cut off communication with her father even while Kylee was with you. Mario has never left you without pertinent details about Kylee and her whereabouts to you. Always offered and sent you info pics concerning Kylee.. You with held purposefully anything and every thing that he asked of you. This is also what prompted the judge’s decisions. . You and I heard her word for word and it was by evidence that she believed Mario’s dilemma . And sadly, more importantly, Kylee’s. You also know that only you can change and compromise for Kylee’s sake. Only anger and pride and refusal to co parent / communicate stand in your way..from being in Kylee’s life as much as you would like. Your biography and others comments border on defamation of Mario’s character and her picture and life spreading like wildire all around the world IS Exploitation of a child.

  11. As a mom myself, I have a natural tendency to sympathize with any mom that can only think about their babies as they go to bed rather than tuck them in & kiss them good night. I don’t doubt for a second that Cleondra’s heart is aching horribly… but an aching heart isn’t a determining factor in a court of law when establishing custody.

    The Albright Factors, on the other hand, are. They are a list of twelve key factors judges are expected to consider when assigning custody of (a) child(ren). A full list can be viewed at http://smithphillips.com/practice-areas/family-law/divorce-faq/ , but they include which parent had been more active & involved in the child(ren)’s life, which parent had the ability to best provide a stable living environment, & the “moral fitness” of each parent. Additionally, although legally stricken from the books years ago, Mississippi is one of five states still commonly recognized as frequently demonstrating maternal preference, which automatically favors the mother in custody hearings.

    Having knowledge of those two things, I have no other option than to call b*llsh!t on the statement that the case against Ms. Carter was built on “nothing but lies”, & that her decision to begin dating again long after the dissolution of her & Mario’s relationship alone led to her losing custody of her absolutely gorgeous daughter. Although it wasn’t specified, based on the info Cleondra offered in her “plea”, one can safely assume the judge didn’t order joint physical custody with sole/primary legal custody to Mario, as is frequently done when the issues addressed don’t reflect a potential negative impact on the child; if a judge in a Mississippi court determined after five or six hours worth of testimony that it is within Kylee’s best interest to reside with her father, then it’s safe to say there was apparently some pretty damning evidence that we aren’t privy to- nor should we necessarily expect to be. Had the young couple never been on MTV, would people that have never met them be interested in the outcome of their custody hearing? It would be great if Mario was granted the same willingness to have his side of the story heard, but #1, he obviously respects his privacy & that of his family enough to not be gossipy or post anything inflammatory about the mother of his child for all the world to see, & #2, the guy’s already been villainized by the type of people (outside of his family & close friends) who are blindly believing the sob story of a mother that is no doubt genuinely hurting, but hasn’t been wronged by any means.

    Can I just point out how childish this woman comes across, complaining about how she’s the “victim” of trash-talking & lies, only to go on & on about how awful her child’s father & family are, likely padding her tale of woe with lies, or at the very least, gross exaggerations? Not that I care to give her any pointers as to how to further pull at strangers heartstrings (& wallets), but she’d benefit from spending more time citing reasons why she believes she’s the more capable parent of the two & less time pointing fingers. I suspect that modus operandi is what failed to help her prove her case before the judge. Furthermore, kudos to Mario for knowing how to “keep it classy”.

    I get that I’m being awfully critical of a young woman I’ve never personally met, & that at surface level, she appears to simply be trying to fight a noble fight to regain custody of her daughter. I’m sorry to seem cold-hearted, but the time to have fought that fight was months ago, when taking action, either to secure what she deems adequate funding for legal defense (which apparently comes with a $5k price tag) or remedy any questionable behavior that led to Mario pursuing custodial rights, would’ve had a greater affect. Based on what I’ve read about custodial law in MS, she’s gonna need a lot more than $5000 & runny mascara to have a judge overturn a parental rights decision; in addition to still being one of the few states to not-so-thinly disguise having a maternal bias, it also ranks up there with one of the most difficult states to have a custody ruling overturned.

    I can’t help but be confused with the spin that’s been put on this story; in our current society, far too many women find themselves alone & left to figure out how to raise a kid solo. Only the internet/mainstream media can take a man that works hard & takes extra steps to secure a stable & loving environment for his daughter & turn that into a BAD thing. The guy did what a good dad is supposed to do- act in accordance with what’s best for his child. WHY is he the a$$hole here?!?! Makes no sense, whatsoever.

    1. EXTREMELY well stated . Those are the FACTS and NOTHING but the FACTS . Well said Sarah . Anyone taking at face value without investigating the situation will have been ” GRUBERED ” .

    2. Are you trying to say you went to the trouble of writing this response (and making claims of knowing what is happening behind the scenes) for someone you’ve never met? That is … interesting.

      1. I made no claims of knowing what’s going on behind the scenes, anything stated was based off of the info provided in her “mission statement” on the fundraising site. It’s a topic that hits really close to home, hence my going on & on… & on & on about it. In addition to a more personal matter, one of my best friends & her husband recently took out a line of credit on their home to pursue primary custody for her two stepsons, & it took them 13 months & countless continuances to get custody transferred- & that was with photographic evidence of abuse, documented instances involving law enforcement & an open DCFS case. Granted, they live in a different state than where this took place, but everything I’ve seen, read & have been told by attorneys points to it not being very easy for a father to attain sole custody, occasionally, very sadly, even when evidence of abuse is made known. Watch two boys tear up on the car ride home to mom’s one too many times or one of them tell a teacher that they like dad’s better “because he always has food in his house that we’re allowed to eat”, & you’d be surprised how defensive you can get over people dismissing the possibility of dad’s home just maybe being the best place for kids.
        I’m SO not saying those circumstances are identically paralleled in this situation- just that there has to be very strong, undeniable evidence of some nature or another for a father to be able to get sole physical & legal custody.

        I suck at being concise, but I definitely wouldn’t have the patience to punch that (or this) out on a phone. On a keyboard, it doesn’t take much time. I certainly won’t deny that anyone’s time is better spent doing pretty much anything other than hanging around reality tv tabloid comment forums, & I’m no exception, lol. Like I said, it hits really close to home, so it’s not hard to ramble on in next to no time.

    3. Jesus was this your thesis or did you really spend time writing this about people you don’t know? Get your nose out of your phone and get a life!

  12. Cleandra lied so much and was caught in the lies, that out of the 16 witnesses Mario had brought only 4 was needed . She said that the witnesses did not KNOW her and only knew OF her . Those witnesses that did not know her where , Mario’s mother, whom everyone saw on 16 and pregnant . Jasmine, Mario’s sister, again seen on 16 and Pregnant . Mario’s Aunt Clara, Cousin Bianca, StepFather Steve, Mario’s dad Billy ect . She was presented with a pic of a former boyfriend and claimed not to know him , she worked with him and that was proven and she then owned up to knowing him and the list goes on .
    Dating was never a real problem. Sleeping with your guy while your daughter is sleeping in the same room, at the same time is a problem . This was proven too . Kylee was seeing a counselor ( adults had to allow Kylee to see the counselor alone, once she was comfortable with the woman } and was the one to expose this. Everyone wanted to know why Kylee had such a BAD reaction to going with her mother when it was Cleandra’s turn to have kylee . That is the reason for the Counseling . The list can go on .

    1. Please tell me that we’re talking about the literal use of ‘sleeping with’ and not the figurative, that would be bad enough, really. *rubs forehead*

      1. Based on what evidenced itself with the child counselor, it was not just sleeping… Cleondra lied on the stand and was then caught in the lie and had to admit to it. she claims it was all platonic, but the judge was not fooled at all. The girl does not believe there is anything wrong with her lifestyle b/c of how she was raised. If she allowed herself to see it then she would also have to acknowledge the faults of her family. i know it is hard but damn, you think she would put her silly pride aside and learn to parent morally and humbly. Mario had to fight for custody to protect his daughter from things HE was totally in the dark about.. Who she is around who is in the bed with his daughter. who is living with his daughter who might harm her. what filth is put before her for her to soak in… Naw, I couldnt allow this for my kids no matter how much the kids love the other parent.

  13. Seriously, How many times do you hear of young fathers being given FULL custody of a child ? Further, how many times do you hear of a young man willing to go for FULL custody of a little child ?

    What does a mother have to do to lose ALL custody of her child ? Telling lies without proof is not admissible in court .

  14. Mario is Kylee’s FATHER . That is ALL the reason he needs . Aside from that , Kylee herself begged to stay with her daddy . The reasons for the mother losing are numerous and serious . Just because a female gives birth does not automatically make her the best choice for the child’s well being . The mother is only out of Kylee’s life as much as the mother decides to be out of her life . Kylee’s life is FAR more important then her mother’s feelings . Again, Mario is Kylee’s FATHER and he did what a REAL Father does, ( unheard of in this “baby daddy” throw a way kids culture ) He LOVED his child enough to put her FIRST in his life and is proving he will protect her come HELL or HIGH WATER .

  15. Cleondra Carter, your daughter is where she needs to be obviously bc that’s where the court sees fit too.
    Cleondra is the one that cut off all communications with the father, all bc she just does not like Mario and doesn’t want to talk him (as she testified in court). She took Kylee away from the only home she has ever known. Why? Bc she wants to be more like her mom and instill no form of a stable or secure life for your child!? What morals are you really setting for Kylee Sue?
    You were welcomed into Mario’s family with open arms! At one point, weren’t you considering naming Kylee after Mario’s sister, Jasmine? But they’re awful and deceitful people!? I must be confused, ma’am.
    Also, mental health care professional that counsels Kylee testified that Kylee expressed lots of fear when she was with her mother that she was scared of ALL her mother’s boyfriends and of mommy’s tv because her mother would watch slasher movies with her. And there were all kinds of evidence proving that and cleoandra admitted to it.
    As well as admitted to sleeping with various boyfriends with her daughter in the same bed and room. No one cares that you’re trying to move on from Mario, in fact we’re all for it, but do it on your own time! Try abstinence in the presence of your daughter!
    Also NEVER answering the phone and not telling Mario what’s going on with their daughter. Going on vacation out of state and refusing to tell Mario where they were going.
    And on top of all of that… It is so hard to take custody away from a mother in the state of Mississippi or any state for that matter. So there is no way a female judge would take the child without plenty of evidence and testimony.
    So spill your lies on Facebook, but make sure you tell your new attorney the truth bc his attorney still has all the proof to back up all the so called lies on the paternal side.

    God Bless your heart.

  16. Mario is an awesome father. he won fair and square. They had so much proof aginst her like as in evidence. so nothing was made up. but everything she is saying on the gofundme about him is a lie. her attorney had nothing against him cause she could not come up with anything bad that would prove him a liar or unfit. Kylee is where she needs to be. Her mother is still able to see her if she would just return the phone calls she gets to set up time to see her daughter and talk to her.

  17. She’s an amazing mother whose been nothing but an amazing role model for her daughter this is just another mother who didn’t have the funds for GOOD Lawyer and the court system failed her and her daughter.

    1. Ahh….that’s not how it works. Not sure if you’re from the US, but it’s SO incredibly hard for a mother to have custody taken away. There are 12 (TWELVE!) factors that must be explicitly met for custody to be stripped, and they’re big ones. Even someone fresh out of law school would be able to successfully fight for custody to remain unchanged *UNLESS* the mother was doing several things drastically wrong, and there was super solid proof. The family court system is in place to make it so bickering parents can’t use their child as a pawn and strip the other of full custody. It’s so, SO unheard of. There is something much larger at play if Cleondra lost all her rights. Something much, MUCH larger. Not to mention the fact this supposedly went to trial!

  18. Cleondra does not deserve to go through the hell that Mario is putting her through. On the show Mario has shown to be very selfish and based on what is being said and shown, I believe that Mario has lied to win custody Of this child just to hurt Cleondra. Cleondra is a wonderful mother and deserves to be the primary parent, and as for Mario, he needs to sit down somewhere, stop lying, give Cleondra the props that she most definitely deserves, and quit being selfish, because last time I checked Cleondra is a grown woman and will date whoever she wants.

      1. Sammy,
        You have an excellent point. I do feel that based on the show Mario would lie in court to keep his daughter. I also feel Cleondra did not have the support she needed. If she knew her lawyer was not good, which should have been apparent from the first witness, she should have asked for the case to be postponed until she could find another lawyer. I feel badly for her because no Mom should be separated from her child unless there is physical or emotional abuse or neglect as long as the child is safe and happy. The two parents should be forced to take co-parenting classes TOGETHER so that Kylee can have two loving involved parents in her life.

        1. That’s the funny thing about selective editing for television- you were left with the impression that the father would lie in court to keep his daughter, when the reality is very much the opposite. You’d either need to have a rather experienced & rehearsed acting troupe lined up as character witnesses to be able to present fiction well enough that could convince a court of law that it’s true, or know enough people that were witnesses to the questionable behavior that are all able to recount the same details of specific events, simply by virtue of being present. The truth is an awful lot easier to recall & corroborate than anything scripted, & given that the dad works full time & overtime (when available), my money’s on him not having the time to waste to concoct a very expensive & elaborate scheme to get custody of his daughter.

          You’re right, the couple- & most importantly, the child- would benefit from co-parenting. Unfortunately, attempts at co-parenting don’t do much good unless both parties involved are equally willing to put forth the effort to make it work.

    1. I’m giving you my own, personal worst comment award. Congrats! Were you on the jury? Did you see the evidence presented against Cleondra that the judge and jurors did to make their decision seeing as this supposedly was so severe it went all the way to trial? Are you SERIOUSLY basing your opinion off someone from something you saw on a highly edited TV show six years ago?! That’s pretty drastic. To lose custody you need more than someone to “lie” about you- you need SOLID evidence…and LOTS of it. And of course she can date “whoever she wants”– that was never the issue, so why are you saying that? The issue is her daughter was sleeping in bed with men.

  19. I would really like to hear Mario’s side of the story… No child is taken away from their mother for absolutely no reason imho.

  20. I find it hard to comment on the situation because despite the update with Mario’s facebook post, we don’t really know the whole story.

    BUT I do have to say, I hate that double standard that new Moms can’t date–when lots of the Dads on this show are usually banging someone else before the kid is even born!

    1. i dont think they are saying she cant date cause she is a new mother cause i agree on the double standard part. i think they are just saying that she shouldnt be sleeping with someone in the same bed with her daughter.

        1. Cleoandra, I know you are hurting , and missing Kylee. I truly emphasize with you. Hold your head up and keep Kylee’s well-being and overall safety first in your mind.. emotions sometimes blind us. (pride anger depression). You know Mario didn’t choose to take you to court and you pushed him there by your pride. You also know that only you can change and compromise for Kylee’s sake. Only anger and pride and refusal to co parent / communicate stand in your way..from being in Kylee’s life as much as you would like.
          Your biography and others comments border on defamation of Mario’s character and her picture and life spreading like wildfire all around the world IS Exploitation of a child..

          1. There is two sides to every story, and NO , Cleondra the MOTHER Of Kylee whom carried her for 9 months. Only her, not you, nor Mario will never know what was taken. Behind closed doors. A whole different story.. So you petty people, that think you might know. Well you don’t have a clue. But this is how petty and materialistic this has become. “I’m better than you”. Why ? Cause you lie? You cheat?. Regardless, Cleondra is her mother, and every child grows up hating the parent that tries to keep them from the other. So you may thought you won. But in the long run. You shall lose. A child loves and wants to be with both parents. Petty Grown folks, you just are evil deviled people. Why would you not want a child to be with their mother? Regardless, of how mad you might be. Your child don’t deserve that.

          2. Yeah, there are definitely waaaay too many photos of that gorgeous girl being posted in the vain attempt to make a buck off of a large scale, but preventable, personal tragedy. Kylee is definitely one of the most beautiful little girls I’ve ever seen, but there’s no excusable reason for her to appointed a “poster child” for the justice system “failing” a mother (or triumphing for both parents, despite one being blind to how potentially beneficial the ruling was). I get that it’s not uncommon for people to make family pics somewhat readily available online; I do it myself, although with an audience likely 1/10000th the size of Cleondra’s. It’s a little different when you’re posting them with the intent of guilt-baiting uninformed people out of money, knowing that seeing a gorgeous little girl & her pretty young mom smiling together with the reminder that things have changed since the pic was taken is apt to make someone taking her story at face value want to whip out that Visa…

          3. There are definitely two sides to every story. Unfortunately, we know very little of the fathers side since, despite his families anger- & sadness-fueled attempts to back him up, he seems to understand that all of this hate online will linger for years to come &, presumably out of respect for his daughter & the woman that carried her for nine months, has refrained from speaking ill of the mom & getting sucked into the circus side show this matter has become.

            It sucks that his family’s attempts to stand up for him are being read as petty & a statement of “I’m better than you” (I’m not sure exactly where you get materialistic from- the mother’s the only one asking for money), because I sincerely doubt that is their primary, or tertiary for that matter, reason for doing so, but you ask, “why?”- I think the obvious answer is that it’s IN RESPONSE to the mom going on & on in her fundraising plea about what awful people they are. I think it’s safe to say that had she not voluntarily put herself in the publics eye, trashing her daughters paternal family in the process, his family wouldn’t have squat to say (at least not in any public forum). If you meant, “why do they think they’re better than her”, although I’m not sure that they do, perhaps the answer could be because they had happily been minding their own damn business, dealing with this matter privately, until the little girls mom decided to publicly announce that through NO fault of her own, a female judge ruled that Kylee’s father, who’s supposedly no help whatsoever & has done nothing to help the mom raise their daughter, should have sole custody for no reason other than to punish her for being such an awesome mom?! Umm… That doesn’t happen. If the dad showed up to court with nothing more than, “I want to make this woman’s life miserable. She’s not making the best decisions, but I have no proof to back up my accusation”, he would’ve been laughed out of the courthouse, if not charged with filing baseless reports. Clearly the mom’s not sharing the whole story, & some humility would serve her well. We ALL make mistakes- every single last one of us, this little girl’s dad is no exception. But once you choose to defame the parent of your child publically while denying any & all wrongdoing on your part, it’s bound to ruffle some feathers, & to not accept what follows as par for the course is naive. Me, personally? If I lost custody of my daughters, the LAST thing I’d want would be for it to become public knowledge. Not their business, y’know? I’d be embarrassed… Even more embarrassed than having a sister that tells people online to “go kill yourself” or “suck a fat c**k”, as Cleondra’s has been doing anytime someone dares question her story.
            You’re right- kids will grow up to resent a parent that keeps them from the other. They’ll also grow up to resent a parent that bad mouths the other, & unfortunately, Cleondra has provided scrapbook worthy examples of her doing just that, & once Kylee can do a Google search, it’ll all still be online for her to see. Y’know what else a child will grow up to resent? A parent unwilling to fight for what’s best for them; the dad’s hands were apparently tied. Y’know what else? A parent unwilling to make the necessary changes in their behavior to prevent upheaval in their lives. A child needs & deserves their mother… to be the best mom they can be. I don’t doubt Cleondra’s love of her daughter for a second, but based on her actions online ALONE, I think she needs to put her love of herself on the back burner for awhile if she wants to prove to a judge everything she’s trying to prove to an internet audience.

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