‘Kendra On Top’ Season Finale Recap: Tabloid Hate & the Big Date

Kendra On Top
“Don’t say anything! Save it to sell to the tabloids!”

Note: The Roundup’s ‘Kendra On Top’ recapper, Holly, was busy giving birth to a baby when this aired last week. She’s back now, so here’s the recap of the season finale!

By Holly Rasmussen

It’s the season finale of Kendra On Top, which means we will (hopefully) learn “the truth” about what happened with Hank’s alleged affair. As you may remember from the last episode, as soon as Kendra got home from visiting her dad in Costa Rica she found out that her mom, Party Patti, once again sold her out to the media. Patti apparently got mad that Kendra decided to go visit her father so instead of discussing the issue with her daughter like a normal person, she took to social media to say Kendra betrayed her. Of course she did.

Anyway, once Kendra gets home from her trip, she finds out that her manager wants her to meet with a producer from Australia to get involved with some television shows there. She says she has to do this because she has “mouths to feed” and…God forbid she actually has to get a real job.

kendra on top
“Why not go across the world to do a reality show? It’s not like I have a newborn baby! Oh…wait…”

She starts watching some clips of the show online with Little Hank. Every other word on the clip is a curse word. That’s a great thing for your four-year-old to hear. Hank will be the hit of his kindergarten class when he shows off the fun new vocabulary words he just learned!

The next day, Kendra goes to meet with the Australian producer. The producer tells Kendra that everyone in Australia goes crazy for her and her family. Kendra says she’s down to go Down Under. The producer asks if her family would want to come with her but Kendra says she thinks it would be better for them to stay home so she can “focus on her priorities.”

Because, of course, your small children aren’t your priority.

Hank and Kendra decide to go to another awkward session of couple’s therapy. While waiting for the therapist, Kendra learns Party Patti is at it again. This time, Patti has sold the story about Kendra “betraying” her. She told the tabloid she was there for Kendra when she needed her but then Kendra pushed her away. What is your deal, Patti? I’m beginning to think your soul is as terrible as your hair. What kind of mother sells her child out to the press every chance she gets? Kendra says, it’s like she cried on her mom’s shoulder and she sold the tears. Wow. That’s actually pretty deep thinking for Kendra.

kendra on top season 3
“But I wanted to sell that story to the tabloids! How dare she do it first!”

After dealing with the Patti drama in therapy, they go on to talk about their marital issues. Kendra again reiterates that she wants “the truth.” We all do, Kendra. We all do. We’ve been watching this show for how many episodes now? We want to know what happened! The therapist recommends they go on a date night to reconnect. Or give this episode a storyline, whatever.

They agree to go on the date. Hank comes in with a dozen pink roses and Kendra is wearing her wedding shoes. Something is up. The producers must have something planned. This isn’t just a normal date.

Kendra on top
Kendra is totally doing her best Rachael-Leigh-Cook-from-She’s-All-That impression right now… “Kiss meeeee…beneath the milky twilight….”

At the restaurant, they order and neither of them can even remotely pronounce what they’re ordering, which brings the LOLs. They talk about “the truth” and rebuilding their relationship some more. Yawn. We’ve heard this a million times.

Then, Hank pulls out a ring and asks Kendra to be his best friend again. He gives her a yellow diamond because he says it stands for friendship and he wants to rebuild their friendship first. Ok. That actually makes sense. Good job, Hank. Kendra says she’ll only accept the ring if he tells her what happened. Yes. Finally. Tell us what happened!

kendra on top

And of course, he doesn’t tell us what happened. He just says he “messed up.” We know, dude. We want to hear the details. We’ve put in a lot of hours watching you talk in code and cry, we deserve the truth!

Kendra says the truth and his honesty is more valuable than a ring…but then she asks him how much the ring cost. Of course she does. Maybe she’s trying to gage how much she could pawn it for so she won’t have to do any more reality shows.

She doesn’t officially accept the ring, but she does ask Hank to move back to the house. I guess that’s a step forward for them. At least they’re finally making progress. I feel like we’ve watched an entire season of nothing happening. We never found out any details! Apparently the “untold story” will be told next week in a special. Let’s hope we get some answers then.

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  1. i can’t believe it went on all season long and Nothing about hank’s side was ever said. i’d been saying, what man would allow a fake storyline of him cheating on his pregnant wife with a tranny? but now i gotta wonder! to build it up that long then have nothing told is total bullcrap! and no, her children are not her priority. i never would’ve thought i’d agree with kate gosselin on anything, but anyone who thinks kendra’s a devoted mom should watch that wife swap. kendra says herself how much hank does for her and little hank and how little she has to do with hank everyday. lil hank was taken to school, picked up, brought home and looked after and kendra rarely even saw him til bedtime. she prolly knows hank would be more likely to get custody and rightfully so, from what i’ve seen.

  2. I have always loved Kendra, but that love is slowly leaving. I just had my second child as well and I was about to jump through the screen and slap her everytime she left that baby for days. I get that she’s a celebrity, but you could already tell Alijah was more connected to Rosa the Nanny than Kendra. I feel like her getting ratings for this fake scandal was more important than her two kids. If it were true, she wouldn’t be pussyfootin around the issue and divorce papers would have been filed the next day. Fake fake fake. Disgusting.

  3. He can’t tell us what happened because Kendra would be really mad if he said “You forced me to pretend I tugged a tranny for ratings”

  4. Yeah I gave out around episode 4 on this show. I too have a newborn and found myself up late watching this with great anticipation but it started to feel like it was never going to fully come out and was being exploited for dramatics and ratings. I do feel bad for Kendra that she has Party Patti as a mom. What kind of woman encourages her daughter to be involved with Hef so she can live it up at the playboy mansion and is disappointed when she chooses to leave that life capitalizes on her duaghters quasi celebrity status to sell stories about her to ROL?!??!?!?! What a piece of work!

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