Janelle Brown Says Her Husband & ‘Sister Wives’ Mortify Her in Public

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What Janelle should’ve said when Kody asked her to marry him and Meri…

The new season of Sister Wives premieres tonight, and, judging by this new clip released to Zap2it, it seems that the show is finally going to address the fact that Kody Brown‘s second wife, Janelle, basically can’t stand anyone in her family due to their constant need for attention and the spotlight!

In the new clip, Kody and the other wives, Robyn, Christine and Meri, are trying to convince Janelle to do some sort of ridiculous song-and-dance number. (Please, no more Brown dance routines! The Ashley is still unable to sleep through the night without seeing that horrible Brown family flashmob dance routine from last season in her nightmares!)

Janelle, who is much more humble than her husband and sister wives, refuses to take part in whatever God-forsaken skit her family is planning, but of course, her fame-lovin’ family is unable to accept Janelle’s personal boundaries (as per usual) and continue to try to convince her to make a fool out of herself with them.

The incident makes Janelle reflect (finally on-camera!) how embarrassing it is to go out in public with people who are constantly looking for attention!

“This incidence brought to the surface how many times I’ve been out in public with them and just been so mortified about how loud they’re being or how outgoing they’re being,” Janelle said.

Annoying, Janelle. The word you are looking for to describe your fame-hungry family is “annoying.”

She added that she was nearly brought to tears when her family continued to pressure her into doing something she wasn’t comfortable with.

“I left because I’m not going to cry in front of them,” she tells the camera.

Run, Janelle, run! Get out of this mess and away from these nerve-grating people!

Watch the full clip here:

7 Responses

  1. As horrible and stupid as these people’s lives are right now can only be trumped by how boring and mundane and insane as they were before fame!!! I wouldn’t wish this tangled up mess on my worst enemy.

  2. It always tickles me when I hear Kody talking about love being multiplied not divided. You ARE dividing it Kody – FOUR WAYS!

  3. This isn’t the first time Janelle has said this. She has addressed it on the show before. She hasn’t made it a secret that she doesn’t like to go out in public with her sister wives and husband.

  4. Id be upset with janell too if she dumped my brother to be with my husband . Janelles always been a little shyer i think beco of her weight. So shes not so outgoing. Maybe the family is trying to get her to loosen up and be happy with who she is.

  5. I have always thought Janelle was the most reasonable and responsible of the family. She is my favorite. She is the one I watch the show for. I can’t stand Meri and how entitled she is. Meri is the one that has and still does make Janelle feel inferior. Meri is so self righteous that I many times just fast forward through her scenes. Janelle, just keep on being you, you are beautiful.

  6. There is nothing new with an introverted person being married to an extroverted person. She just happens to be married to several extroverted people. There is nothing wrong with it. It was wrong for them to push her after she said no. It’s not fair to try to goad an introvert into not being themselves. She cried because they weren’t respecting her as a person and that IS a problem.

  7. I feel for janelle. She is really the only one who fully chose this religion as she was not brought up in the culture at all, she truly felt called to it and unfortunately the family she married into does not compliment each other in the slightest! She is intelligent, a hard worker and a no nonsense person. I wish the family could see what they really have.

    Why does tlc keep focusing on polygamy families that can’t function?!?

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