New Discovery Channel President Rich Ross Addresses Epic ‘Eaten Alive’ Fail one could see that this was a bad idea? one could see that this was a bad idea?

Rich Ross has only been the president of the Discovery Channel for a few days, and, while he is still trying to figure things out, there’s one thing he knows for sure: there will be no more specials about giant snakes eating people.

During a TCA panel on Thursday, Rich was asked for his thoughts on the disastrous stunt, which ended up angering fans when Paul Rosolie failed to actually be eaten by an anaconda, as the hype around the much-anticipated special suggested. Instead, he quickly called for rescue before the snake even had a chance to gobble him down. Viewers were livid that Discovery didn’t deliver what it had promised, and Rich said there won’t be a repeat of that stunt under his watch.

“I don’t believe you’ll be seeing a person eaten by a snake during my time [here],” he joked.

He attempted to explain what happened during the disastrous special, and even put a lot of the blame on his network.

“It was the right intention with a packaging that was misleading,” Rich said. “Paul Rosolie cares deeply about snakes and wanted to draw attention… You don’t have to be so sensational and over-promise. In his mind I think he thought that [the stunt] was actually possible. But that fervor of that story kind of got out of control.”

The Ashley wouldn’t mind if Discovery Channel attempted the stunt again. There are a few people she’d enjoy watching get digested by a giant snake!

(Photo: Discovery Channel)


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