‘Sister Wives’ Episode 8 Recap: Meri (Finally) Reveals Plans to Divorce Kody

Who wouldn't want a piece of this stud?
Who wouldn’t want a piece of this stud?

By Holly Rasmussen

Last night, the episode we’ve all been waiting for of Sister Wives aired. As The Ashley told you recently, the show’s star, Kody Brown, and his wife of over 20+ years, Meri, divorced in September of 2014. In December, Kody married his youngest and most recent wife, Robyn. When the news broke, the Browns released a statement stating they were “legally restructuring the family.” Last night’s episode addressed Meri meeting with a lawyer to discuss the divorce.

Before we can get to the divorce fun, though, the Browns had to deal with a behavioral issue with two of their 17 children. Two of Kody and Janelle’s sons (Gabriel and Garrison) got in a slap fight and one lied about it. (I don’t know which one lied. There are so many. They’re all running together.) The Browns are acting like it’s a huge deal and this is the first time anything like this has happened. We aren’t buying it, of course. With this many children in a family, someone is surely getting bitch-slapped on the regular. Also, no one cares. This is boring. Let’s hear about the divorce!

Does anyone else find this photo mildly creepy?
Does anyone else find this photo mildly creepy?

Over at Meri’s house, the anthropologist students that are studying the Browns talk to Meri about the early days of the family, back when she and Janelle were at each other’s throats over the Kod-man. (Ew.)

Meri said she wanted a close and emotional relationship with Janelle when she first married Kody, but that’s not what they had and she thinks it’s too late now to form that kind of relationship.

Meri’s lack of a friendship with Janelle may be the reason Meri was so set on Robyn joining the family. Maybe she thought she found the friend she always wanted in Janelle. (Because, let’s face it…we all know Christine is crazy. Remember when she said toasters kill people?)

The anthropologists meet with Robyn, who is frazzled because Solomon (her son with Kody) has just had “extensive” dental surgery in which he had to be put to sleep. (Um…why does a 4-year-old need dental surgery?! Does no one else find this strange, given how young this kid is?)

"Hahaha, everyone knows that girls don't need to know how to read! Wait...what's your name again?"
“Hahaha, everyone knows that girls don’t need to know how to read! Wait…what’s your name again?”

The anthropologists bring up the fact that Kody has more one-on-one time with Solomon than he does his other children and they want to know why. (Um…isn’t it obvious? It’s because Robyn’s his favorite, duh. If these students can’t see that then they should probably go find a new major.) Robyn, of course, gets all defensive and deflects the situation.

The anthropologists next sit down with Kody and Meri’s daughter, Mariah, who wants to be a sister wife. During this meeting Kody and Meri say they wish they would have dated their spouses longer and that they would have gotten married later in their lives. Christine, of course, gets all butt-hurt over this comment and freaks out like a 10-year-old schoolgirl, as always.

It's fun to see the faces Kody makes when Christine starts to act like a five-year-old.
It’s fun to see the faces Kody makes when Christine starts to act like a five-year-old.

Finally, the anthropologists take Kody and the wives to the coffee shop to talk about some of the more in-depth issues. The anthropologists ask the family how they would feel if one of their kids wanted to have a same sex marriage. Robyn said they would embrace them and their partner, and Kody adds that he would still want them to wait to have sex until marriage.

After that, they talk to Janelle one-on-one about her marriage and her relationship with Meri. UGH! Why are they stretching this out so long? Get to the good stuff–the divorce!

Finally, with only two minutes left in the episode, Meri goes to meet with the lawyer and tells us that she’s been thinking about getting a “legal divorce” from Kody for about five years. Then the episode abruptly ends.

"Um...are there any more of those divorce papers lying around by chance?"
“Um…are there any more of those divorce papers lying around by chance?”

Of course it does.

On the preview for the next episode, we see Meri tell the other wives she is divorcing Kody. Unfortunately, we will have to wait two weeks to see the rest of that episode.

To sum it up, we basically watched an hour of kids fighting, Kody wearing his hair in that gross ponytail, and Christine being a big ol’ baby for nothing.

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16 Responses

  1. From just watching an episode on an off I’ve staid fully informed of what’s going on. I agree that I think he married Meri for love but but I don’t believe he embraces multiple spouses due to his religious views an its also been clear since Robyn came along she is his favorite. Obviously he is physically attracted to her the most it shows in every show the other thing is her complete need for security as she can’t seem to function on her own an her solution to every event good or bad is to cry an reflect on how hard her original marriage was. The most amazing thing is how this entire group uses every resource the government can provide to escape debt an care for their oh so many kids. Religion an love barely has a place among this group but that’s their claim for doing this show to help all of us no believers in polygamy.

  2. ever had the question… how are you related to this child?? Kody can now say step dad because by law he is married to their mom… not some dude who has co habitats … Law is what should be considered here… as for the other children it is just dad.

  3. I agree that robyn is the favorite. I think Christine was the favorite-that’s why she is so crazy now. Ok, explain to me again why kody “needed” to marry robyn, but not Janelle, or Christine who also have minor children. Yeah, right. This whole mess has been brewing ever since Meri “suggested” that kody marry robyn. So, the wedding we saw of kody n robyn-that was the legal marriage that occurred after Merri divorced kody. Hmmm. I think Kody manipulated Meri In both Instances.

  4. Pat, I think it’s it’s blatantly obvious that Kody prefers Robyn over the other wives. Without question he is miler attentive, loving, and physical on camera with her and has been for quite some time. I think he is truly I love for the FIRST time. Sadly it took 3 wives to prove that. It won’t be long before the wives question his loyalty (or lack thereof) to their respective marriages.

    1. I don’t see that at all, I find him repulsive on every level as well! I think he loved Meri when he first married her!

  5. Meri has no minor children. Robin does. And she has children that maybe Kody would like to adopt. This was simply done so that if Kody dies, Robin and her children could collect social security. Meri doesn’t need that benefit anymore, so she gave up the legal marriage so Robin could have it.

    I guess that’s what you do with multiple lives. Divorce and remarry to game the system as necessary.

    1. Meh- but why Robyn? Kody as 2 other wives that have minor kids as well… I think this whole mess is just now coming to a head. I really wouldn’t be in total shock if Meri just up and walked. All these women say they “Love the Lifestyle”…but yet they bicker and fight and are jealous of one another. It’s a hott mess over on the Brown Cul-de-Sac. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see how all this plays out.

    2. Um, Christine has 4 minor children and Janelle has 3 minors, and those kids are actually Kodys children. If benefits were the reason then he should have legally married Christine, not Robyn. Also, Kody cannot adopt Robyns children. They already have a dad who is in their lives.

  6. I think Kody is an egotistical maniac, all the men in this made up drviel are, that’s why the slog thought up this garbage to get his groove on with whomever whenever no questions asked, it’s as simple as that, but to be fair, all religions are man made, to quote one of my favorite scholars for the last 30 years Stephen Hawking, “religion is for people that are afraid of the dark”. Now one more thought for you Ashley, are you implying that Kody or Robyn or both, would just like them in the marriage and they are plotting and planning on getting rid of the other three???

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