Jessa Duggar Says She & Husband Ben Seewald will “Adopt a Lot of Kids”

Jessa has that "Gonna go get babies" look in her eye...
Jessa has that “Gonna go get babies” look in her eye…

By Holly Rasmussen

Jessa Duggar Seewald is breaking Duggar tradition! As you know, the Duggar family is famous for having “as many children as God will allow.” Jessa’s parents, Jim Bob and Michelle, famously have 19 kids. Her brother Josh and his wife Anna are currently expecting their fourth, and her sister Jill got knocked up a few days after her wedding and is currently expecting her first child.

However, Jessa and her husband Ben are not planning to accumulate their litter in the same way their family has done. In fact, the newly married couple recently told People magazine that they want to adopt.

“We hope to adopt a lot of kids,” Jessa told the magazine. Ben agreed by stating, “Kids are so important.”

So, they still want to have a whole litter of little ones to feed their tater tot casserole, they just don’t want them all to come from Jessa’s womb.

It seems that ol’ Jim Bob and Michelle will be on board with the adoption. In fact, they told in 2013 that they were considering adoption themselves. Michelle said adoption really “tugged at their heartstrings.” At the time, they were considering adopting from El Salvador.

“We love children, and we really believe every child is a special gift from God,” Michelle told

In September 2014, Jessa told ABC News that she and her husband plan to have a jumbo-sized brood like her folks. If her body doesn’t naturally allow her to have a ton of kids, she and Ben will use adoption to supplement.

“Whatever God’s plan is, we’d be good with that!” she said. “It’s probably not possible for me to have 19 kids naturally, but we might adopt and get up to that number.”

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  1. Does anyone else think that their adoption is a way of stalling having kids so soon? Maybe they know they are not ready, with Ben being in school and all and now they can use the excuse of “saving for the adoption” etc. I think they genuinely want to and will adopt, but I think this is them purposely taking the longer route to kids for their own sake. Just a theory.

    1. Was thinking the same thing. Jesse loves Jessa & I don’t think she’s ready for a baby. I’m glad they somewhat know they’re not ready even if she won’t admit it. I’m curious as to how she knows so soon that she isn’t able to have children? It’s almost as if she’d rather adopt. If I were talking baby’s my first thoughts wouldn’t be we’re going to adopt, it would be were going to start trying again & again for a child.

  2. This will probably be the only time you will ever see me compliment jessa and Ben but I think it’s good that one of the duggars is finally thinking and taking action to adopt. The duggars are extremely anti abortion even going so far as to attend and hold rallies, however, they seem to care little for the babies who are “saved” from abortion. It’s time to actually take action and adopt the “precious” kids rather than just saying how much they love children and life and doing nothing more.

    That being said, I don’t know if I would trust a kid to Ben or jessa… He’s kinda an idiot and I don’t know how they would support a family.

  3. How awful it must be for Duggar girls,to be put under so much pressure to have children. Just because Jill got pregnant the day of her wedding (smh) doesn’t mean everyone has too.

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