Update on Troubled “16 and Pregnant” Star Valerie Fairman

Valerie is currently behind bars.
Valerie is currently behind bars.

Last week, 16 and Pregnant Season 2 star Valerie Fairman made headlines when she was picked up in Delaware for prostitution. The Ashley gave you the full, tragic story of what’s happened to Valerie since she taped her episode of the show in 2009. (Click here to read the full report.)

The Ashley wanted to provide a quick update on what’s happened to Valerie since her arrest. This is not a complete update; however. The Ashley will have some more information very soon, and you will definitely want to check back for that. (Trust me!)

Anyway, Valerie is currently still behind bars. However, she has been transferred from the Delaware correctional facility that she was taken to after being arrested. She is now back in the Chester County, Pennsylvania, jail, as that’s where her original charges were.

To provide some background on those crimes, The Ashley has done her best to sum up what happened before the prostitution arrest.

Valerie violated her probation stemming from her previous arrests for moving property theft and receiving stolen property, and a bench warrant was issued for her arrest. On April 11, 2014,  police in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, responded to a disturbance call to a house Valerie was at. She was arrested and handed over to the Chester County Prison.

In May she was sentenced to a minimum of 22 months in prison for  her “Theft by Unlawful Taking-Movable Prop” charge (which appears to be a fancy way of saying “Stealing a Car.”) She was sentenced to two years probation for her other charges.

Although she was sentenced to nearly two years in prison for her crimes, Valerie was released on parole on June 26, 2014, after serving less than two months of her sentence.

Obviously, with this new criminal summons for prostitution, Valerie has yet again violated her probation and her parole. It is unlikely that she will be released from jail before her court date, which is scheduled to take place on March 4.

A source tells The Ashley that Valerie will almost certainly be sent to a rehab facility after her court date. This will be one of many attempts that Valerie has made since her ’16 and Pregnant’ days to get clean.

“It’s very sad because Valerie is a real sweetheart and she wants to be clean,” David Pryce, Valerie’s former boyfriend and the uncle of Val’s baby-daddy Matt, told The Ashley last week. “When she was with me, she was fighting so hard to get clean. She would be sick every morning. But she can’t kick it.”

And, although some sites are reporting that Valerie’s arrest “may cause her to lose custody” of her daughter, five-year-old Nevaeh, that’s not true. Valerie has already lost custody of her daughter, who currently lives with Val’s parents. Nevaeh’s father Matt is very involved in his daughter’s life and will eventually seek sole custody.

The Ashley will be providing more info on Valerie soon so stay tuned!

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  1. It is a shame that someone so beautiful and so young couldn’t look at her beautiful daughter and use that as a reason to get help and fight to stay clean.. Now a beautiful strong woman is gone and her daughter will only be able to look at a picture when she needs her mom.. I’m sorry to her family for her lose but most of all I’ll sorry to her beautiful daughter.. I live in PA and I’ve messed up alot I just wish we knew each other and could of been strong together.. ..

  2. There are many factors determining the person you will become (e.g. a happy person, an anxious person, an addict, etc.) – like the genes you inherit, influences during embryonal development (like deseases, stress, drugs, deficiencies you mother has), the environment you’re brought up in, and many more.
    Sure, you can influence by yourself what kind of person you want to be – but only to a certain degree and not to the degree many people think. E.g. some people are naturally really positive and happy no matter the circumstances around them, while others constantly battle depression although they really want to appreciate the good life they have been given.
    A person with problems (addict, depressed, violent, etc.) needs to want to change and work hard for sure, but these people should nevertheless get help and support on their way. In a perfect world these people would be really checked and make sure that underlying causes for bad behaviours are detected (alleles that make you more prone for addictions; vitamine and mineral deficiencies that cause depression, anxiety, cravings for drugs…; traumata during your upbringing) – I truely believe that success rates of rehabs and prisons would be higher, if the underlying cause/predispositions would also be treated and not only the results.
    I am truely grateful for having been born as a healthy baby to healthy, loving caring parents – because otherwise I would probably not have what I have today.
    We should constantly encourage people with problems to better themselves not bring them further down.
    Concerning Valerie: what are the roots of her problems, what can she and her loved ones do to overcomes them.

  3. She’s a low life druggie. They should make her serve her sentence then send her to rehab. Knowing her personally she’s getting everything she deserves selfish piece of trash. My heart goes out to that little girl who doesn’t have her mommy’s love.

    1. So, according to your post Valerie has to main problems selfishness and addictions. My questions would be what are the causes of these: Selfishness: did she really chose to be selfish or was she taught it by her environment? e.g. if nobody cares about you, you have to in order to survive or not caring about others might have been the norm during you upbringing or your parents just never cared when you misbehaved… Addiction: babies of addicted mothers are born as addicts, certain alleles of genes make you more prone to develop addictions, certain defienciencies make you more likely to crave drugs, etc.

      Valerie might not be a very likeable person at the moment, but if you really care for her daughter, you maybe should ask how Valerie can be turned into a good person and mother. Will jail help – if so, I am all for it. But concerning her story I think a lot of things should be addressed to make sure that her life takes a good term from now on.

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