Farrah Abraham Slams Other ‘Teen Mom’ Star Authors, Starts Twitter Brawl

The photo that started the brawl...
The photo that started the brawl…

Farrah Abraham angered several of her Teen Mom franchise co-stars last night when she decided to post a tweet aimed at those girls who have written books about their lives.

Farrah, who as you may remember wrote what is possibly the most poorly written book ever produced outside of a school project, basically called out Amber Portwood, Kail Lowry and Catelynn Lowell for not putting photos of their children on the cover of their books. (Farrah’s book, the ever-so-delicately titled My Teenage Dream Ended, features a picture of Farrah and Sophia on the cover).

“Look@ covers as you collect them #ActionsSpeakLouder why aren’t there more children on the covers #TrueStory,” she tweeted earlier this week. (No word on why it sounds like an English Second Language student is writing her tweets.)

This angered Amber and Kail, who understandably took Farrah’s tweet as a slam.

“What does this mean?” Amber tweeted in response to Farrah. Amber later explained why her daughter, Leah, does not appear on the cover of her book, Never Too Late.

“I did it out of respect for my 6 year old who shouldn’t be on the cover of a book talking about drugs and sex..love not hate,” Amber tweeted.

Catelynn, who just released Conquering Chaos, her book with fiance Tyler Baltierra, kept quiet, but Kail spoke up to let everyone know how ridiculous she thought Farrah’s comment was.

“I’m not a great mom because my sons are not on my book cover, everyone,” she tweeted sarcastically, before adding, “Low blows for no reason though? Get it together girl.”

Farrah’s original tweet seemed in response to a fan sending her a photo of her book, along with Kail’s and Amber’s. From what The Ashley can gather, Farrah was basically implying that she was the better parent because her own book featured her kid on the cover and the other girls’ did not. Farrah’s book, like Kail’s and Amber’s, deals with adult subjects. In fact, Farrah’s book is quite graphic.

(An actual sentence featured in Farrah’s book, in the part where she describes her water breaking on the night she gave birth to Sophia:

“I had to laugh because all I could think was that the smell reminded me of having Derek’s cum inside of me.” Um…yeah….)

Anyway, fans began adding their two cents into the argument.

“IDK why she would want her kid on a book titled My Teenage Dream Ended basically saying her kid ruined her life,” one commented.

Even ‘Teen Mom’ star Gary Shirley got into the act.

“You go girls!” he tweeted. “Spread the love!’

Kail later told a fan that she felt Farrah was out of line by insulting her co-stars.

“We are all on the same show trying to get across the same message… Some more than others,” Kail tweeted. “But us especially in this whole thing together should be lifting each other up not tearing down.”

Farrah’s random insults are certainly not making her any more popular with her co-stars, who are already upset that Farrah was allowed back on ‘Teen Mom.’ As The Ashley previously reported, the girls were less-than-thrilled when they found out that Farrah was back, and from the looks of it, the feelings really haven’t changed.

Watch the trailer for the upcoming season of ‘Teen Mom’ by clicking here!

To order Farrah’s book (hey, it’s good for a laugh), click the link below:

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19 Responses

  1. THe way farrah speaks to people and her language is disgusting she’s just a spoilt brat who needs to have respect for her parents I feel sorry for her mum and daughter

  2. Am I the only person that plans on fast forwarding through Farrah’s segments? I don’t give 2 sh¡ts about timing, I don’t want that b¡tch ruining my beautiful TV with her gaping holes (I am talking about the onen her face, for the record)

  3. Why are people even giving Farrah the satisfaction by responding to her craziness? The girl has major issues and needs help. Everybody knows that. Stop giving her attention that she doesn’t deserve. It’s just giving her more power.

  4. Farrah needs to get a grip on herself. It’s like the girl doesn’t know wrong, but who’s the one that starred in a porn, made sex toys and wrote sex novels.shes not a good role model for young adults and her writing skills suck!!!

  5. Farrah GROW UP Amber kail and Catelynn are all better mothers than you are by far and why would you name a book my teenage dream ends while having a pic of Sophia? If u ask me you are nothing but Jealous thAt kail catelynn and amber are out selling you in books

  6. Farrah is a fucking brat who don’t have any respect for her mother or fathet they do alot for her and love her and i feel like she have no heart for them and she likes to bringe up old shit and i dont know how she was thinking its rigth talking to them ugly like that’s her friend are something bitch u have to much shit going stop talking shit about everyone because u are not happy no one perfect act ur age lol

  7. You know, it’s pretty rare when someone is THIS dumb and THIS trashy, and somehow THIS unaware. She’s like a magical creature, completely comprised of every single thing that can be wrong with a person. I can’t lie, I could read about her every day. Don’t ever change, Farrah.

    1. As lomg as her kid gets taken away and given to decent people, and she gets sterilized, then she can stay the same. I don’t want a moron like this raising children. Eh, what am I saying, she doesn’t spend any time with her kid. Too busy being a stupid hateful slut. I won’t be watching Teen Mom.

  8. It’s funny tho because she tweeted a couple days later saying “beautiful ladies” with a picture of all the girls. This bitch is so crazy. She just loves burning bridges

  9. Farrah abraham is stupid all ware going to hear is her stupid overly dramatic annoying squeaky Voice on this up coming season of teen mom get ready for it to be canceled because she is the one that has a inappropriate Video out unlike the other teen mom’s that are mature and don’t get jealous:)

  10. This coming from the porn star. Her child will probably be disgusted and embarrassed by being on the cover when she is old enough to find her masterbating and anal loving mother on the internet.

  11. Let’s get those book sales and Teen Mom ratings UP girls! 😉 anyone can read between those lines!

  12. I’ve never really liked Farrah that much, and I actually moved to her hometown of Council Bluffs a couple years ago for school in Omaha. I’ve even seen her old house. Lol, so weird, I know, but I had to look, especially since I’m going to move to another state soon. Anyway, I got her book on Amazon Kindle since it’s around $5 and I wanted to see how bad it really was. I’m also reading Amber’s book too. I think Amber’s book is better so far, but Farrah’s book isn’t the worst I’ve seen by far. There’s some books on the Kindle that are far, far worse. Farrah’s book just seems like it could be written by any 15 or 16 year old who is obsessed with getting guys to pay attention to them and who is obsessed with popularity, which is very annoying, because she talks about it non-stop. But it seems like a book I’d expect from Farrah, so I’m not as appalled as I thought I’d be. I’m about halfway through the book, but so far I’d gotten the impression that by saying her teenage dream ended, she meant she didn’t have Derek Underwood with her to help raise their daughter. I think that was the prologue or first “chapter”. Hard to tell though, since the chapters are so short. I don’t know. I’m not a Farrah fan by any means, but I too thought it was horrible putting Sophia on the cover, making it seem like she was a mistake. It doesn’t really seem like that after reading that first part of her book though. I’ll keep reading, because it’s like a train wreck and I can’t turn away, plus I paid for it. She might very well indicate Sophia changed her life for the worse or ended her teenage dream, so I’ll keep my eyes open for that, but so far it seems like it’s more about Derek not being there. I will say that it’s pretty stupid to keep starting drama with the other teen moms, just because they can always, always, always be able to use the fact that she did a p0rno against her, but she seems to love the attention the drama brings her, so I doubt she will ever stop.

    1. I’ve heard that explanation before for the title, but I just don’t understand, watching her episode of 16 and Pregnant you never even knew Derek died, you would never think anything was at all wrong, she was hanging out with other guys. In the beginning they portrayed him in such a negative light while he was still alive and she basically said she had no plans of involving him with the baby.. Such a difference from Kristina Head’s episode. It honestly seemed like Farrah didn’t care

      1. if Derrick would not have tragically died in the car accident at 18, he and Farrah would not have been together then or now. No one stays with Farrah long time. She is just too mentally ill and way too damaged.

      2. The only reasons Farrah keeps going on and on about Derek’s death is because she likes making everything about her and she knows it makes her story more interesting. It has NOTHING to do with loving/missing him or Sophia not having a dad. Evidence for the latter is that Farrah does not allow Derek’s family to see Sophia.

        Farrah is a horrible human being and needs some serious help for her mental disorders. And English classes, too.

      3. I agree, I was always like, well she didn’t seem to care that much, but I finished her book, and she does explain about how volatile their relationship was. There was cheating on Derek’s end, and a lot of trying to make each other jealous. Apparently Farrah’s parents hated Derek, and his mom and sister hated Farrah, so she said she had to act like she was over Derek so her parents would leave her alone about it. On the second season of Teen Mom, they addressed his death finally, and she did seem sad. I still really don’t agree with how Farrah treats people, and the things she has done, but I actually get why she is the way she is now. Her upbringing just makes me cringe, and I can see how toxic her relationship with her mom was. Her mom would hit her sometimes, then be all loving, then Farrah would be a complete a**hole to her mom when her mom was nice, and I’d be like, omg what a biyotch!! But then I was like, well, if I never knew when my mom was going to turn psycho and hit me, I’d probably have some emotional problems too. I’m a social worker/therapist, so I guess that helps me get why she acts the way she does, but I still think it’s not an excuse for her behavior now. Anyone has the ability to change for the better, they just have to want to change.

        1. I understand why she is how she is. I don’t blame her for her upbringing. HOWEVER she is now an adult who has made plenty of money to cover serious therapy sessions to relearn how to behave and how to treat others. Her upbringing stopped being an excuse after the 10,001 person told her that her behavior was inexcusable and unacceptable. Let’s just hope that Sophia is treated better by Debra that Farrah was and ends up at least half normal. Hopefully MTV has a big account set up for her future therapy needs. That poor baby

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