‘Bachelor’ Alumni Outraged by New Double ‘Bachelorette’ Twist: “It’s Downright Degrading!”

"Hey, ABC! This is a terrible idea!"
“Hey, ABC! This is a terrible idea!”

Spoiler Alert! Don’t read below if you don’t want to know what was revealed during last night’s Bachelor finale.

“Bachelor Nation,” the name affectionately given to the former contestants of ‘The Bachelor’ and The Bachelorette, are expressing their outrage over the fact that there will be two ‘Bachelorettes’ next season: the overly made-up and often crying Britt Nilsson and the wise-cracking Kaitlyn Bristowe. In case you were comatose after watching the three-hour ‘Bachelor’ finale last night and missed the announcement at the end, basically Kaitlyn and Britt will both meet the gentlemen callers on Night 1, and the men will decide which girl they want to pursue.

(Just for the record, The Ashley thinks this is a terrible idea. The audience clearly wants Kaitlyn to be ‘The Bachelorette,’ so there’s no reason to foist Britt back in our faces. If Britt becomes the ‘Bachelorette,’ The Ashley may not be able to stomach a full season of recapping.)

The Ashley isn’t the only one that hated the idea of dual ‘Bachelorettes.’ Britt and Kaitlyn have both admitted that they’re not thrilled at having to share the spotlight, and several former cast members of the show are downright furious at the producers for making this decision.

Former ‘Bachelor’ Sean Lowe and his wife Catherine were particularly outspoken about it.

“No one likes the idea. Catherine thinks it’s disgusting,” Sean wrote on his blog today, adding, “It’s downright degrading for the women – for the two chosen and the women watching at home. This move transfers the power back to the men on the show specifically designed for the women…Once again, you’ll have women competing for the attention of men.”

That moment when Kaitlyn realized she would never get away from Britt and her crocodile tears...
That moment when Kaitlyn realized she would never get away from Britt and her crocodile tears…

Sean added that since the rejected gal’s elimination will happen on Night 1, the guys will probably chose the ‘Bachelorette’ based on looks alone, since there isn’t much time for real conversation on the first night.

JP Rosenbaum tweeted his thoughts on the “twist” as well.

“Somebody got hosed in this two bachelorette deal and I’m not gonna mention any names ahemKaitlyn,” he wrote.

Several previous ‘Bachelorettes’  expressed their disapproval of the idea.

“Not going to lie.. I’m a bit confused by 2 bachelorettes,” wrote Desiree Hartsock. “Put girls against each other!? Don’t we already get enough of that.

“The more I think about it, I can’t help but be upset about ABC choosing 2 . It’s going to be so hurtful to both the girls,” tweeted Ali Fedotowsky.

Trista Sutter, the original ‘Bachelorette,’ had a different response: She thinks the idea is great!

“The opportunity they have as Bach/ettes will lead both 2 their happily ever afters…although maybe only directly for one,” she tweeted. “They aren’t being forced 2 sign up. Find love or get hurt…maybe.Worth it, yes.”

Neither Britt nor Kaitlyn have discussed the controversy on their Twitters.

Roundupers– what are your thoughts on this twist? Tell The Ashley in the comments below! And don’t forget to check back to read The Ashley’s complete recap of ‘The Bachelor’ finale!

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10 Responses

  1. You guys are Britt haters. What has Britt done wrong? Just because she is emotional doesnt mean shes a bad person. Atleast she doesn’t make fun of people and get naked in front of camera crew and Chris. #TEAMBRITT

  2. Watching the interview with both ladies, it really seemed like Britt realised she was very lucky to have been given this chance & Kaitlyn also knew this. Her contempt at the decision was only thinly veiled! I think Kaitlyn had seen & heard all the support towards her as the next Bacherlorette & quite rightly, assumed it would be her & so knew she was being shafted (I’m in the UK so hope that words okay to use?) by Producers.

  3. Ya’ll don’t seem to get it… Kaitlyn isn’t personalable or the direction the bachelor needs to go. They can’t have another Juan Pablo. They are doing both girls bc Kaitlyn was the 3rd to be eliminated and that’s standard protocol, but ABC later found out that Britt is the star of the season. Britt was the audience darling and even their test groups showed that. They had to switch it up to bring Britt back or they’d have another poor viewership season. #TeamBritt #Merica #NoMoreJuanPabloSeasons

  4. I don’t watch this show, only read The Ashley’s recaps & I’m good with that. But in my humbly sarcastic opinion maybe they could to 2 bachelorettes if they did a NFL Draft meets the Voice. Ok so bring in the guys, let the girls do a “draft” of them if you will. If only 1 woman picks the guy, then thats the girl he’s playing for. After all if your goal is to be on a a reality show, or the NFL, you don’t turn down the team that picks you. If both women pick a guy then it turns into the Voice without the singing. He gets to pick where he goes. If no one wants him, he goes home. Then once they narrow the field, they start the regular Bachellorette that we all know. Except I would add a twist. First couple episodes are “combine” or preseason if you will and the women can make 3 trades that they must agree on . They could get creative with that like, I’ll give you this guy for that guy or these two guys in trade for one of your out of town dates. Then after the trades and everyone settles the regular games begin. Just my two sense.

  5. If Britt is chosen, I will not be watching. I could not stand to watch an entire season of crocodile tears and terrible acting. She wants to be on tv and the producers should of listened to 90% of people who wanted someone other than her. Even the audience barely cheered for her. People can see how fake she is.

    If it’s kaitlyn, I’ll watch.

  6. I don’t like either of them. Britt has no depth to her, fake tears & generic boring dates is what’s in store. Kaitlyn and her crappy raps & talking about ‘not letting her guard down’ for an entire season is going to get old pretty soon.

    I was expecting a fresh new face as none of the women from this season really made me want to get excited for a new bachelorette season.

  7. I think it’s dumb. The audience clearly wanted Kaitlyn but production probably already promised it to Britt (why, I’m really not sure) and this was their way of not getting sued or something. Personally I didn’t LOVE Kaitlyn but I could probably watch a whole season of her. If it ends up being Britt I see a lot of people not watching past episode 1.

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