Next ‘Bachelorette’ Star Decided– Is it Britt or Kaitlyn? (Spoiler Alert!)

Who did the guys choose?
Who did the guys choose?

Just as the headline told you, this post will contain spoilers. If you do not want to know who the next Bachelorette is, leave now! Or, better yet, click here to watch an awkward ‘Bachelorette’ moment in history!

A big decision has been made in ‘Bachelorette’ Land! Filming for the next season of The Bachelorette started this weekend in Los Angeles and, for the first time ever, there were two women standing in the driveway of the Bachelor Mansion, greeting the men as they arrived by limo. Britt Nilsson and Kaitlyn Bristowe were both chosen to be ‘The Bachelorette’…at least for the first episode. As viewers were told during last week’s After the Final Rose special, the gentlemen callers will decide if they’d rather date Britt or Kaitlyn after meeting them both at the Mansion on the first night.

That initial meeting happened this past weekend, and, according to Reality Steve, the King of ‘Bachelor’ spoilers, the ‘Bachelorette’ has been chosen. (As a rule The Ashley doesn’t usually post spoilers, but this one is pretty important, so she made an exception!)

Reality Steve reports that the men selected Kaitlyn to be their ‘Bachelorette!’ Steve tweeted the news yesterday, and provided more info about what happened to Britt after the decision was made.

“Kaitlyn is the Bachelorette BUT Britt still has a role on the show,” Steve wrote. “I don’t know what it is or how long it’ll last.”

Kaitlyn has already started going on group dates with the guys.

"Um, can someone get this girl off my set please?"
“Um, can someone get this girl off my set please?”

“Kaitlyn is the Bachelorette,” he wrote. “She was chosen by the guys. She was on the first group date of the season yesterday and Britt was nowhere to be found… One thing I do know is [Britt] is NOT a second Bachelorette,” Steve wrote. “This is Kaitlyn’s season. She was chosen by the guys, she had a rose ceremony Friday night, and yesterday was her first date of the season.”

Steve wrote that Britt is not going to be acting as Chris Harrison’s co-host. (Thank goodness; remember how awful it was when Melissa Rycroft acted as co-host for the first season of Bachelor Pad? Ugh– Harrison works alone, ladies!) She will also not be getting Kaitlyn’s sloppy seconds.

“Even though the popular opinion on Twitter seems to be that she’s just gonna date the guys that Kaitlyn dumps, I don’t think that’s it either because that’d make her a second Bachelorette,” Steve wrote. He added that he will soon have more info on Britt’s role on the show.

Both ladies have gone silent on their social media accounts for the time being.
The fact that Kaitlyn was chosen over Britt makes The Ashley very happy! She was worried she wouldn’t be able to recap a whole season of Britt-isms. (After all, how many times can you make fun of someone’s bad extensions and purple lipstick before it just gets stale?) The Ashley, like most of the show’s viewers, was hoping the ‘Bachelorette’ would be Kaitlyn! She will be covering and recapping the new ‘Bachelorette’ season as always!

  1. I’m not sure what the producers saw in Britt. She is probably the most self-absorbed, manipulative, and deceitful person I’ve seen for a while on reality television…and not in an interesting way. Everything about her screams arrogant and entitled regardless of the fact that she attempts to play it off. She’s a horrible actress and anyone who buys her “authentic, sweet girl” schtick needs to get out more. Women like Britt don’t really have genuine friends because they only love themselves.

    1. Ewwwwww caitlin’s an actress and her Phonniness shows. she’s unattractive with a crooked mouth and her big buck teeth, and her hair always looks clumpy and dirty.and I’ll
      slut shame her…..she has no class. she can’t get her tongue down any more men’s mouths. by the end of this show I’ll bet she’s slept with quite a few of them. And she’s not looking for a husband, she’s looking to get laid and get t_v time.

  2. I’m glad kaitlyn was chosen, but the producers need to stop shoving fake Britt down our throats… Do you think Kaitlyn would of got a ‘special part’ if Britt had been chosen by the guys? Probably not. The producers need to get over the fact that Britt shot herself in foot and kaitlyn is more popular.

  3. This is beyond awesome!! The guys probably watched the bachelor and heard the girls AND Britt elude to the fact that she is not much for soap. She also cries like a bitch…..guys hate that

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