5 Clues that ‘Teen Mom OG’ Star Maci Bookout is Currently Engaged

"I can't tell y'all!, but here's a big hint!"
“I can’t tell y’all, but here’s a big hint!!”

By Holly Rasmussen

Maci Bookout has made her quest for an engagement ring from boyfriend Taylor McKinney well-known during this season of Teen Mom OG. The redhead, who is currently expecting her second child, is not shy about wanting to lock down a commitment but has yet to announce that Taylor has proposed.  Maci set the rumors in motion when she showed up to her baby shower for baby girl Jayde with a suspicious diamond on her ring finger.

So, is she engaged? Maci and Taylor have yet to confirm or deny the rumors. Taylor said on a recent After Show that we would “just have to watch and see,” but we have 5 clues leading us to believe the couple may be ready to walk down the aisle.

1. Um…She’s wearing a ring.

There was a pretty sparkler on Maci’s left ring finger at her baby shower. The ring had the appearance of a typical engagement ring and, while we would have to have Gary Shirley confirm, it didn’t appear to be a piece of inexpensive costume jewelry from Walmart.

2. She talks about marrying Taylor all the damn time!

Maci’s (possible) upcoming marriage to Taylor has basically taken over her ‘Teen Mom OG’ storyline. Every episode focuses on Maci talking about marriage, Maci talking to Taylor about marriage, and Maci talking to people who are getting married.

Of course, the producers of ‘Teen Mom’ most likely encourage all the wedding talk; weddings and engagements generally equal big ratings!

3. Her family isn’t thrilled that she’s pregnant and unmarried (again).

Maci has stated during multiple ‘Teen Mom’ episodes that her family wishes that she would have gotten married before having two children with two different fathers. Maci told Taylor that she was nervous what people may say about her being an unwed mother again.

“At this point I’m going to have two kids by two different guys at the age of 23,” Maci said on a recent episode. “I would like to have a ring on just for the sake of my grandparents.”

No pressure, Taylor...
No pressure, Taylor…

4. She keeps hiding her left hand from the spotlight.

Maci is very calculated when it comes to what she posts on her social media accounts, particularly Instagram. Posting a photo in which she proudly displayed her ringed left hand was obviously a planned move. In her Twitter and Instagram photos from before the baby shower, she seemed to be hiding her left hand in her pics, perhaps wanting to wait until the baby shower for people to notice it.

5. Taylor’s time to propose is running out.

‘Teen Mom OG’ fans got engagement info straight from the (bearded) horse’s mouth:Taylor told his friends in last week’s episode that Maci really wanted to be married and that he would like to propose before baby Jayde arrives. Baby Jayde is due in June. The clock is ticking.

If Maci is engaged to Taylor, she would not be allowed to announce it via social media without MTV’s approval, per her contract for the show. If Taylor did propose, it’s likely that the engagement was captured on film and will be shown in an upcoming episode, hence why Maci can’t confirm or deny if it took place. If they are engaged, it is likely that a proposal happened sometime in April, as Maci was not wearing the diamond ring any time before that.

We will just have to wait for the big MTV reveal to find out if they’re engaged. Hopefully Taylor and Maci are able to secure a deal with Bud Light to cater the reception because, as Maci said, “I wanna be drunk after my wedding.”

After Maci gives birth, she and Taylor may turn their focus to planning a wedding.

“We definitely want to marry each other…I want to marry Taylor,” Maci said on a recent After Show. “But at the same time to me, marriage is about wanting to get married because you want to marry that person, not because you’re pregnant and wanna rush it.”

(Photos: Instagram, MTV)


  1. Go Maci on the New episode! Farrahs true colors shined brightly!!!! All she wants is More offers on more reality shows..so she’ll do or say whatever if takes! Disgusting 🙁

    1. none of these people work, they ALL live off the Teen Mom money, and I think the OG ratings are tanking. That’s why MTV is putting Jersey Shore episodes on before Teen Mom OG to get nostalgia viewers in! How are the ratings Ashley?

    2. taylor works, not sure at what but he’s mentioned having to work a couple times (he couldn’t be there for bentley’s first day or fly to ny w maci cuz he had to work). but most don’t, basically ryan, corey, jeremy, joe, javi, and chelsea and her bf work, tyler, cate, amber and her bf, leah and jenelle don’t work. kail does odd jobs. amber really needs to unglue herself from that couch lol

  2. She should of took her own advice and quit badgering him about a ring. Now the she’s ‘engaged,’ it quite obvious it’s because of the baby.

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