‘Teen Mom 2’ Stars Jo Rivera & Vee Torres Reveal Their Baby’s Gender

Is it a boy or a girl for Vee and Jo?
Is it a boy or a girl for Vee and Jo?

The Teen Mom baby boom continues!

The stars of the ‘Teen Mom’ franchise have been popping out babies all throughout 2015. In January, Teen Mom OG stars Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra welcomed their daughter, Nova. In April, Gary Shirley and Kristina Anderson had a daughter, Emilee, and just a few days ago, Maci Bookout and her boyfriend, Taylor McKinney, welcomed a baby girl named Jayde.

Teen Mom 2 stars Jo Rivera and Vee Torres are also expecting a baby soon (as are Corey and Miranda Simms). Jo and Vee recently found out the gender of their unborn baby, and were excited to share if Jo’s son, Isaac, would have a baby brother or sister.

Will the  ‘Teen Mom’ baby girl streak will continue?

Vee posted this to her Instagram today.
Vee posted this to her Instagram today.

Yes! Vee announced on her social media accounts that she and Jo are expecting a baby girl. After uploading a sonogram photo to her private Instagram to reveal the gender, she then retweeted tweets from her friends that confirmed that she’s having a little girl.

“Soooo ecstatic that my bestie has a beautiful, healthy, perfect, babygirl on the way,” Vee’s friend wrote in a tweet that Vee retweeted.

Jo and Vee, who announced that they were expecting back in March, recently bought a house in Delaware that’s down the street from Jo’s ex, Kail Lowry and her husband, Javi Marroquin. They plan to raise their baby there after she’s born this fall. They have not revealed what they plan to name their little girl.

The ‘Teen Mom 2’ Season 6 trailer was released today, and, although it didn’t include anything about Jo and Vee having a baby, the pregnancy will surely be covered in the upcoming season.

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  1. Only on the internet can someone say “I’m having a girl” and people flip out and start fight and drama. Good job America.

  2. I have a feeling Kailyn found out early prompting her to make a video telling Isaac he wants the baby to be a boy. So now she can be like “Well ISAAC doesn’t want a sister, so he’ll still want to be with ME more, looks like me and my HUSBANDDDD will have to have another boy”

  3. It’s sex, not gender. They have no idea what their child’s gender will be because an ultrasound can only determine a baby’s sex.

        1. Oh no thats not politically correct, you shouldn’t say girl you should say penisly challenged .
          God forbid some one gets offended.

          People need to get the stick removed & stop being so sensitive

      1. Sex is between the legs, and gender is between the ears. Not everyone’s sex and gender match, as in transgender and gender queer individuals.

        1. The baby isn’t even born yet and you’re already discussing how she’ll identify? You need to calm down.

      2. Actually, I’m pretty sure they now have lots of different surgeries that can change that if someone wants.

    1. I get that you’re tying to be all trans friendly and whatnot, but this is ridiculous. I’m telling you as a transgernder person that you’re being ridiculous. They’re having a girl, and let’s leave it at that unless she decides that’s not the right fit for her. Don’t forget that most people are perfectly happy living as the gender they were born as. Let’s not label this poor child as transgender before she’s even born. We don’t need to turn a family’s happy announcement into some bullshit attempt at social justice. It’s shit like this why people like me get treated as overly sensitive and entitled brats.

      1. Thank you for sharing your perspective, which I totally can relate to. Expecting people to nix “gender” announcements for political correctness is a bit much.

  4. I had a feeling they were going to have a girl. Good for them. I like Vee a lot. I felt bad for her when Kail was treating her badly. I know they have a different relationship now but Kail can be such a bitch.

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