Josh & Anna Duggar Coming Out of Hiding? Moving Trucks Spotted at Their Maryland Home

"Arkansas, here we come!"
“Arkansas, here we come!”

It looks like Josh Duggar is crawling out of whatever hole he’s been hiding in for the past few weeks. The oldest Duggar son basically had his entire life turned upside-down (i.e. ruined) when, on May 21, In Touch Weekly released the bombshell police report in which Josh confessed to molesting five young girls (including some of his sisters) when he was in his teens. He and his family are apparently on the move– a Splash News photographer captured images of moving vans pulling up to Josh’s Oxon Hill, Maryland, house early this morning.

Josh had moved his family to Maryland to be closer to Washington D.C., where he worked as the Executive Director of the Family Research Council Action. (His celebrity status almost certainly helped him get the high-ranking role.) The FRC advocates for socially conservative legislation. Some of their favorite topics include anti-abortion legislation and opposing LGBT non-discrimination laws.

Anyway,one day after news of his molestation scandal broke on May 20, Josh resigned from his position at the FRC. Now that he is essentially unemployed, Josh is likely moving his family (which includes wife Anna, a daughter, two sons and a baby due next month) back home to Arkansas, where they own a home purchased before the scandal broke.

Josh and Anna have not been seen in public since May 20, when they were photographed at the Washington DC airport. They must be staying inside their home at all times, as there are paparazzi stationed outside their property and no photos have popped up of Josh, Anna or their kids since the scandal broke. All of their social media accounts have been silent as well.

"Maybe you could help deliver their baby?"
“Maybe you could help deliver their baby?”

Anna is due to give birth to the couple’s fourth child in a few weeks. Surely before this scandal broke , TLC was planning some sort of big birth special to highlight Baby No. 4’s entry into the world, but that’s almost certainly been cancelled now. This will mark the first time that Anna has ever given birth off-camera. What a novel idea!

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(Photos: TLC)



  1. Poor Anna, I was watching an interview of her and her sister. The way they spoke in such child-like voices and using hand animations, dull glazed eyes etc…. (acting school of Michelle Duggar) I’m wondering if they trying to mimic Michelle or (make fun of her) or if they just are not the the sharpest pencils in the box???? I feel so bad for her, now with a 4th child to take care of. No work skills to speak of and an unemployed husband with incest issues. She’s in my prayers, she needs them right now.

  2. Hey look what I saw in the classifieds: Unemploed man seeking full time job, has strong spiritual committment, has wife and kids to support, works well with children. I wonder who that is?

  3. Why are we still hearing about this child molester and his hypocritical family? Hasn’t TLC cancelled the show yet?

  4. I wish people would understand this was a sheltered child who had no access to school friends, tv, happen on dad’s Playboy and did not know, at his YOUNG age,to satisfy his natural curiosity. I believe this certainly was blown up way out of proportion. With young parents and being the first child, this must have horrified them at the time. Unless you have walked in their shoes, your just being Sunday morning quarterback.
    I’ve never been in bad trouble, however, I would hope my folks would have worked with me to sort it all out. This was no where near the severity of an older teen and a major crime. I think they should receive credit for the way it was handled.

    1. I agree with you to a degree. Because of how sheltered and uneducated he undoubtedly was about sexuality and the human body, I would be more willing to accept that this was a forgivable mistake IF it had only happened once and he realized it was wrong. However, with the number of girls he assaulted over such a long period of time, knowing that what he was doing was morally and legally wrong, if this was my family member, I think be and I would both have to have a great deal of therapy before forgiveness and acceptance could happen. I am more disgusted by the actions of the parents, not just because of them waiting to report, get help, and separate him from his sisters, but for putting the family in the public eye with this huge skeleton in the closet. So many people knew about it, they had to suspect someday the story would come out.

    2. How is letting a molester stay in a house with young girls a good way to handle the situation? He kept molesting them!
      Molestation is molestation no matter the age of the offender and the degree of abuse! Shame on you for making excuses for him.

    3. I understand he was sheltered, probably not really allowed around many girls his age.. BUT when he was reading to his five year old sister he slipped his hand up her skirt/ underwear when he was like 15 or 16 and there is nothing normal about being attracted to or curious about a FIVE year old at the age he was, no matter how sheltered or sexually frustrated or lonely he was. What happened to the other girls was terrible too, but the incident with the five year old was a real eye opener into his deluded thinking

    4. there is no way to blow a serial molester’s actions out of proportion. and young parents or not, they had thirteen or so children by the time josh was 15 and molesting his sisters .. where was their duty to keep the other 12 kids safe? there’s no doubt that their stance on sexuality played a huge role in his “curiosity” but not all preteen/teenagers go around molesting toddlers, sisters, friends, etc etc as a way to satisify their “curiosity”. he did it multiple times to multiple people because he obviously got some sort of sexual gratification from it. you are acting like this was a case of “i’ll show you mine if you show me yours”. and i dare you to say that this wasnt severe or a major crime to someone who was a victim of incest/molestation that the entire country now knows about.

  5. I just had a mental image of a little pop-up factoid stating that this is Anna’s first time giving birth off-camera. And then probably something about green beans or laundry. Or pickles.

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