‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Kail Lowry Answers Tough Fan Questions in Q&A Session

Fans asked Kail some not-so-nice questions during her Q&A.
Fans asked Kail some not-so-nice questions during her Q&A.

Teen Mom 2 star Kail Lowry tackled some big topics yesterday during a Q&A sessions with fans on the show’s official Facebook page. From time to time, MTV makes its reality stars available to answer fan questions on its social media accounts, but usually the only questions that get answered are generic questions that no one cares about anyway. (“What’s your favorite color?” or “If you could be an animal what would you be?” Seriously….?)

During Kail’s Q&A yesterday, fans didn’t hold back from asking tough questions about Kail’s behavior on the Season 6 premiere episode, her seemingly troubled marriage to Javi Marroquin and her relationship with baby daddy Jo Rivera.

Surprisingly, Kail didn’t shy away from answering the hard questions. She also answered some of the questions that we have been wondering about for several seasons (such as why the hell Jo never has to drive three hours to Kail’s house to pick up Isaac?!)

The following are some of the questions fans asked Kail during her session. (Hey, MTV! Can we get Barbara Evans to do one of these Q&A sessions next?!)


Why don’t you want a role in Jo & Vee’s baby’s life? (Kail had said in a recent interview that she will not be involved in Jo’s daughter’s life.)

Kail: For me, I just want to keep getting along and being civil. I don’t have any problems with Jo or Vee and I’m obviously here for Isaac if he wanted to talk about his sister. But I don’t think I have any connection to Jo and Vee with their child. And I don’t mean that in a bitter or malicious way.


Why didn’t Jo meet you half way for him to pick up Isaac like Leah and Corey do?

Kail: Unfortunately, the way it worked out was that I was responsible for the driving. Every state has different ways to handle custody and transportation situations


Does Isaac understand the fact that he’s on TV? If so, how did you break it down to him?

Kail: Yeah, he does. I don’t think he understands all of the attention that comes with being on TV and that people recognize him.


Do you have any regrets about the fighting you had with Javi [on episode 1] or do you think it made you stronger?

Kail: I’m not sure if I would consider them regrets, but Javi and I watched the first episode together and just couldn’t believe how petty we were being! We really blew something up out of nothing. But it’s all a learning process! We definitely don’t have those same issues now, lol!!


When the world has an opinion of you, your marriage and your family, how do you focus on making your choices about you and not what everyone else thinks you should do?

Kail: Honestly, that is my biggest struggle right now. I want to reply to everyone who has their opinion on my marriage and me in general and sometimes I do but I have to remember that I’m never going to be able to change their minds. Especially when they only see 10-15 minutes of my life a week. Sometimes I just stay off social media. At the need of the day the only people who I have to prove myself to are my family.


Why do you talk about your issues in front of your friends or family? Some things are private. (Fans disagreed with Kail and Javi’s decision to allow their family and friends to participate in their marital spat.)

Kail: That is an aspect of TV that a lot of people just don’t understand…The problem was that my friends flew into town for the concert. That’s why they were involved. But yes, Javi and I are doing great!


How do you and Jo get along? And is it better between you and Javi?

Kail: Jo and I get along right now, and things are 100x better with Javi! We are doing way better now. We did have a really rough year last year!


Your book is called Pride Over Pity. Do you see a problem with someone having too much pride? Not being able to admit mistakes and move forward, not saying sorry etc.? (Fans have criticized Kail in the past for not taking responsibility for her mistakes.)

Kail: Absolutely, I think there is a line between being proud of who you are and just being over the top. I think I’m at a point in my own personal life where I can see where I am wrong and how I can move forward with certain things.


I was so mad with last week’s episode…To me it seem like Javi controls every move you make.

Kail: This was hard for us- Javi and I were having issues already and then on top of that not spending time together because we would just fight. So he was just using anything just to fight. He never actually thought I cheated I don’t think. It was a million things I think. Thankfully we’ve moved on since then and we don’t have trust issues.


Do you think the media portrays you guys or your arguments differently than it actually occurs?

Kail: I don’t think they portray us differently necessarily…. But it is hard to show all aspects of an argument or situation ALL the time in such a short amount of time. So I think a lot of times people create their own reasoning or ideas.


Are you and Javi planning on having more kids? Do you have hopes of having a daughter?

Kail: We are open to one more…I go back and forth with the idea of more children, as of right now I would love to have one more but we will see if/when timing is right. I didn’t find out the genders during either of my pregnancies and I think if I were to have another baby I would be perfectly happy with a third boy.


Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Kail: I hope to be done with my Bachelors degree and possibly working on a Masters… Being the best mom and wife I can be.


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  1. How is she a terrible person we have all made mistakes and all have a background that made us who we are today unfortunately we arent all dealt easy cards. Like she has stated you see 10-15 mins of her life a week how can you say you know her… there not going to show just love n roses doesnt make great tv n media.. stop being so judgemental..

  2. Yeah she acts like everything is rainbows and butterflies..but behind closed doors she’s strangling javi !! 😉 lol

    1. Go read her fights with people on articles about herself, you’ll like her even less. Yes, she is now pulling a Jenelle, and fighting with her “haters” on gossip sites

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