‘Teen Mom OG’ Star Farrah Abraham Crashes Party in Hamptons, Gets Kicked Out

“A fancy celebrity party without ME? That doesn’t even make sense!”

Farrah Abraham wasn’t invited to the Bella Magazine Summer White Party this weekend but she didn’t let that stop her from showing up to the notorious event and walking the red carpet!

The magazine, which hosts a big party in The Hamptons for the release of its summer issue every year, boasted that many celebrities would be attending the event (including reality star Lisa Vanderpump who was hosting). However, Farrah’s name was not on the list of attending celebrities that The Ashley received prior to the event.

Despite this, the Teen Mom OG star showed up to the party, accompanied by her newly liquid-face-lifted mother Debra Danielson and a few others.

Radar Online reported that Farrah jumped on the red carpet and began to pose for photos, despite the fact that she wasn’t an invited guest.

“[Party] publicists started yelling ‘Stop, stop! You can’t be here!’” a source told the site. “Most celebrities would be embarrassed, but Farrah kept posing and smiling. She refused to leave!”

Farrah and her posse were eventually booted from the event. (It is not known whether or not they left willingly.)

Later, Farrah took to her social media accounts to criticize the event’s organizers for not allowing her and her gang of uninvited guests to stay.

“Thanks to the sponsors & Shame on @BellanycMagazine for woman hating at a woman ran event #PartyFowl disgusting,” she tweeted.

(Let’s all just appreciate that she wrote “Party Fowl” instead of “Party Foul.” Is she paying homage to a drunk bird or something?)

On her Instagram, Farrah posted photos of her and her gang at the party, along with the caption, “Shame on [Bella Magazine]  for woman hating on a woman ran event. Learn to stop competing with other women. How low can you be. #PartyFowl”

Her new business partner, Heather Marianna, attended with Farrah and seemed to be oblivious to the fact that Farrah was not invited (or wanted) at the event.

“Everyone loved you there and everyone was taking pics,” she tweeted to Farrah.

Earlier that day, Farrah and Debra attended a brunch party in the Hamptons sponsored by Ferrari. It is not known whether or not she was invited to that event. (She was not on the celeb list distributed by the event promoters to the media, however.)

It’s possible that the Hamptons disaster could be shown on the next season of ‘Teen Mom OG.’ Farrah, Deb and Farrah’s daughter, Sophia were seen filming with the MTV crew this weekend.

The Ashley has reached out to Farrah for her side of this story, but has yet to hear back from her.

(Photo: Twitter)

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  1. No, really what’s wrong with farrah? My red sirens have been going off since her 16 & pregnant. What happened to her little sister? Did she get sold?

  2. she is preparing for a new role in “Farrah and Lord Disick Take the Hamptons” based on news that she is going to be with him on some brother show

  3. She really thinks she’s a big star.But when Teen Mom stops she’s nothing to anyone and she will be forgotten faster than she thinks.I don’t like her and her anoying mother.

      1. I’m not sure if you mean her or the mother. The fact that it makes sense either way is a mark of how messed up they are.

  4. I would pay good money to never see or hear about this crazy woman ever again. She won’t go away. She’s like herpes.

  5. She has absolutely NO CLASS! She is complete idiot and looks so gross. Did she really look in the mirror and thought to herself, “I look good”?!?! Does she not have any friends who will tell her to layoff the plastic surgery and fillers?!?!? Who am I kidding…she has NO FRIENDS!

  6. Omg she looks like a drag queen. Farrah, you have had too much plastic surgery. Your outside finally matches your inside.

  7. Bahahaha! That’s funny! And she thought she was lookin good with that Ugly freakin bow in her hair!!! Go home farrah! Nasty Ho!

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