EXCLUSIVE! The Real Reason Corey Simms Hasn’t Used ‘Teen Mom 2’ Footage in Custody Fight Against Ex-Wife Leah Messer

"Dear God Leah, I done seen what ya did on the TV!"
“Dear God Leah, I done seen what ya did on the TV!”

The sixth season of Teen Mom 2, which is currently airing on MTV, has shown star Leah Messer engaging in questionable–and sometimes dangerous–parenting methods with her three daughters. (Who could ever forget Leah’s car full ‘o’ trash, or her midnight ravioli dinner fixin’?)

After watching Leah’s poor parenting choices play out onscreen, ‘Teen Mom 2’ fans have been rumbling on social media that Leah’s ex-husband, Corey Simms, should be using footage from the show as evidence that Leah is unable to care for their twins, Aleeah and Ali.

As The Ashley told you previously, the custody battle between Corey and Leah is not over, despite it appearing on the show to be resolved. In fact, Corey and Leah had a court date at the beginning of the month, and Corey is continuing to fight for full custody of the twins.

The Ashley has also discovered that there is a very good reason why Corey is not able to use ‘Teen Mom 2’ footage as evidence that Leah is an unstable parent.

Corey did try to use the footage in court recently. However, the evidence was thrown out by the judge, according to one of The Ashley’s show insiders.

“Legally, Corey can’t use the footage from the show against Leah, no matter how damning,” the insider tells The Ashley. “Nothing in the show can be used in court by parties that have signed contracts. The reason is because in the contracts it says that MTV has the right to portray things however they want.”

In other words, MTV is forthcoming that the show may be edited to make it look like a situation is worse (or better) than it is in reality.

“The contracts state that the show may not depict a whole truth,” the source said. “So when Corey tried [to use the episodes] as evidence in court, the judge said no right off the bat.”

Leah did not commit any crimes in the episodes. (Not brushing her daughter’s hair and feeding her kids crappy food are not criminal acts.) This is the reason that footage wasn’t admissible in court in Leah’s situation, but was in the case of Amber Portwood. (During a 2010 episode of Teen Mom, Amber was shown on camera punching and kicking her then-fiance Gary Shirley. She was later arrested for her crime.)

Anyway, while The Ashley has not yet found out what resulted from the most-recent court hearing between Leah and Corey, Leah did write a cryptic post on her private Facebook page right after the hearing date. The post seemed to hint that the custody status had changed a bit.

“My sweet little girls,” Leah wrote. “Mommy promises you the world, and that everything will be okay! I will ALWAYS look out for your BEST interest even when it’s hard for me. I love you so truly and deeply!”

Leah is currently living with her boyfriend T.R. Dues and his two children. Corey, meanwhile, is expecting his first child with his current wife, Miranda Simms.

(Photo: MTV)


  1. In cases like this the court really should appoint a guardian to represent the children and not rely on a bunch of questionable video tape. There are plenty of things going on here that are easier to document and would get to the heart of the issue quicker.

  2. Well, i’m pretty sure talking on the phone while driving, texting while driving, not wearing a seatbelt, not having the kids in their carseat correctly and not being able to see the rearview window is all illegal.

    I get why they can’t use it in court but some things can’t be manipulated…

    1. I don’t think he will stop because of having another child. Corey may have started out kind of slimy but he seems legit now. I think he’d do anything for those girls. HE even said he’d carry Ali down the aisle on her wedding day if need be. He wants them happy, healthy and SAFE!

    1. and amber going to prison for what they had for footage of her smacking Gary. Apparently it depends on the judge or who pays them off. IDK. Sad.

      1. @Erica– Just to clarify, Amber went to prison for violating her probation regarding a drug arrest. The original crime was her assault on Gary; however she went to prison after she decided to quit drug court. -The Ashley

    1. Good question. Also, I wonder why he couldn’t use the raw, unedited footage in court. Both seem logical and plausible options to me, but I’m not a judge, so who knows. lol

  3. If amber got prison time for her moments on mtv ,why shouldn’t leah get in trouble!!? That’s unfair. Hope corey doesn’t stop his fight..the girls deserve a stable home.

    1. Amber’s footage was only admissable because she was committing an actual crime (assault). Leah’s isn’t because while frowned upon, feeding spaghettio’s (sp?) to one’s five-year-olds at midnight, is not actually illegal.

    2. Amber was shown committing a severe crime (domestic assault in front of a child) and even then the Teen Mom footage was only admissible after the judge ordered to see the 70+ hours of unedited footage before making any ruling. Leah’s car-related mishaps do not compare.

    1. I assume the raw footage is still considered “directed”. We all know how they make them talk about certain things even when they don’t want to, and even reenact scenes.

      1. hmmm i guess. but in the raw footage you would see the producers directing and their input. who knows, im not a lawyer lol

        1. I’m imagining the lawyer assigned that case: “Yup, this is where law school got me-pioneering case law of the admissibility of reality show footage in regards to child custody cases.”

  4. She needs to make serious changes even if there isn’t hell to pay in court. If I had three kiddos that young, with 2 different guys, I would not be bringing a new boyfriend around them. Stop rushing them to stuff that doesn’t matter like cheerleading competitions and prioritize getting them to school ON TIME and Ali to PT. Those girls should be playing outside after school, dinner at 6 PM, bath at 7 PM, teeth brush, books, in bed by 730. Those are LITTLE kids. I don’t doubt she is depressed and stressed but you do not solve that by bringing your kids into your chaos. You set limits and organize your household for them, and if you can’t do it, you allow someone else to take over while you get your ish together.

    1. Exactly! Also, not only does Leah rush into things with guys by bringing them around her children she moved the guy into the girl’s home! Now she’s living with him!?! Those girls don’t need a new guy living with them so soon!

      1. I agree with that. Are her abd Jeremy divorced already? How did she have time to meet a new man? She has 3 kids by 2 different men, those girls should be her priority. I was never a Leah fan. She will be pregnant again, soo sad to say.

  5. “Nothing in the show can be used in court by parties that have signed contracts.” I wonder if this is why he wanted to stop filming.

    1. I do feel a bit bad for Leah. I don’t doubt shes a good mother. I also don’t doubt we have all fallen off the path and have trouble getting back on it at points in our life. I think she will. I also think that she needs to not be so stubborn and get the help she needs, and the tools to help her succeed in life. We all could use this for sure.

      Leah did state that the filming when they kept filming the clock was incorrect and they weren’t in bed that late. However who really knows. The show is heavily edited.

      She clearly had post baby depression after her third child…that shes not gotten help for and it spiraled out of control. I hope she can regain the control she used to have…

      1. i dont think shes too stubborn to get help – shes in denial. i used to feel bad for leah – she was/is clearly in over her head and needed/needs help. but instead of seeking help, she turned to pills and exboyfriends. you reap what you sow and those poor, innocent girls of hers are paying the price.

      2. I agree with you on this situation with Leah. I don’t usually post on these things, but I have a few things to say about Mr. Cory and Mr. Calvert and they are not nice, so tired of Leah being bashed wheb they have faults of their own! But first, no doubt Leah had post baby blues, and situational depression & now major depression bc she didn’t get help with it and waited to long, now she will suffer with it the rest of her life. No one is perfect, as I remember correctly,Leah had to beg Cory to find a better place to live for those babies than the trashy dump that he made the kids live in, remember where the bathroom was, it look like a basememt for storage it was disgusting and looked dangerous…and he said no to a new place but wanted a new truck instead, so new vehicle more important than safety of his kids by being in that dump, he got the truck, not sure if b4 they split or after, then he goes and buys a nice new log home or whatever it is for himself, seem pretty big for 1 person, then gets pissed off when she asked for more money than what he was giving for child support, which was a really low amount and she was doing it outside of the court, then all the sudden he wants custody! Now, Jeremy took on a woman with 2 kids one with a disability and had a child of their own, and he works out of the friggen state and she begs him to get a job closer, flat out refused…but if I had 3 children one with a disabilty and one a baby, and the husband never around to help with that new baby,pure BS…can’t dog on someone about their problems if your part of the problem! Sure she should ask for help, but the woman may be to proud, when they all first noticed this happening they could have all got together and tell her, hey you have a right to be tired, let us help. She was basically a single mother with her husband gone, it’s hard, I know I am a trucker wife with a child and disabled myself,that is gone 1-2 wks every week. And the midnight Ravioli thing, didn’t they just get back from Cory’s, I could be wrong, was a while back, And depression can either make a person sleep to much or not at all, and with her being exhausted sure her car was a mess, she had only time to deal with the kids, and probably was so tired and didn’t have it clean they don’t live in the car. So I would like to see Jeremy and Cory by themselves be with the 3 kids for a couple months and see if he gets overwheled, I know they would probably call mommy for help! And a dad only home 12 hrs to be with his family…if you loved your family, you would be there more often, and Jeremy sure wanted Leah to Take Cory back to court for more child support, he stood with Leah arguing with Cory and Miranda about it. And now Miranda, when she has her baby and has her step daughters lets see how she does, oh yeah she has a husband that is home every night! just couldn’t keep mouth shut, no one brings up their faults!

        1. All that is true. I couldn’t believe that horrible home with the bathtub in the basement filled by a hose in the ceiling!!! Totally messed up!

    2. Well that’s what they did have to use for Amber’s case. But domestic violence, especially in front of a child, is a criminal act.

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