Jessa & Ben Seewald Talk About About Becoming Parents & Coming Back to TV

"Wouldn't you love to watch Jessa birth this blessing on TV? Tell TLC!"
“Wouldn’t you love to watch Jessa birth this blessing on TV? Tell TLC!”

By Holly Rasmussen & The Ashley

Jessa Seewald is nearly eight months pregnant with her first child and, despite the fact that she has no reality show to document her pregnancy, she’s keeping her fans updated. The former 19 Kids and Counting star recently showed off her growing baby bump in a social media selfie. (While her belly is big, it will never compare to the enormous mound that her older sister, Jill Dillard, sported while pregnant with her son Israel!)

Anyway, Jessa appeared (for a brief three minutes) on TLC’s recent special “Breaking the Silence,” which focused on ending child sexual abuse. It marked the first time since the Duggar girls’ interview with Megan Kelly in June that Jessa appeared on TV. If Jessa’s husband, Ben Seewald, has his way, however, there’s a chance we’ll see Jessa and Ben (and their unborn baby) on television again someday.

“We live a peaceful, quiet life, but I wouldn’t rule it out if people were interested in our family,” he told People during an appearance at the Southern Women’s Show in Charlotte, North Carolina, last weekend.

The couple revealed that, even though they love seeing themselves on television, they don’t actually have a TV set of their own.

“Ben has a lot of books, but we don’t have a TV, he reads the news on the laptop,” Jessa said. (Is Jessa not allowed to read the news or own books?)

Jessa showed off her baby bump yesterday in a new selfie.
Jessa showed off her baby bump yesterday in a new selfie.

They also spoke to People about the upcoming arrival of their first child. While Jessa and Ben have hinted that they may be expecting twins, Jessa put the rumor to rest by telling an audience member that they have only seen one baby in their ultrasound photos.

The couple did not reveal the gender of their baby, and told the crowd that they have yet to choose a name for the baby. (If it’s a girl, you can probably bet that they won’t be naming her “Ashley” or “Madison,” though, thanks to Josh’s latest scandal!)

To prevent anyone from finding out the gender of their baby, Jessa said she has held off on buying baby clothes and is decorating the nursery in neutral colors.

“Our house is tiny, the nursery will also be the guest room,” Jessa said. “We haven’t told anyone what we are doing in the nursery.”

Jessa, Ben and the whole Duggar gang will be in Arkansas this weekend to celebrate their cousin Amy Duggar‘s wedding to Dillon King. Even Jill and Derick Dillard are back in town, taking a break from saving the souls of Central Americans, to attend the festivities.

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  1. Well for people who want them to go away etc you must be looking at their posts. You hypocrites if you weren’t interested you wouldn’t have even seen this story

  2. What she meant to say is that the nursery/guest room will actually be the nursery/jana’s room.
    Bur seriously who in their right mind wants to share a room with your baby. Nobody you nitwit!!!

    1. THANK you.
      Unless they mean that they’ll have babydilly in a pack’n’play in their room in the event of guests. But I highly doubt it.

  3. Uhh my finger slipped and I voted that I liked this article. The only thing I liked was the Ashley Madison comment. I really dislike Jessa she is a media slore

  4. For someone who didn’t need the media attention jesse certainly keeps people updated about her and Ben seewalds life. Really…who cares. Perhaps jesse needed media attention more than she realized.

    1. I feel like she’ll be the next Duggar to be involved in a scandal. Maybe not an Ashley Madison level scandal but considering she’s so superficial, something is going to get outed about her.

      1. Something Duggar-Disapproved cosmetically, maybe? A breast lift or tummy tuck (is there another term for that? “Tummy” is as bad as “My hubby got me prego with our little one”) after a dozen #babydillies?

  5. Nice jab on not naming their child “Ashley” or “Madison”. Hehe. Anyone else find it weird that literally since they announced their pregnancy that they’ve been hinting at twins? I get bored and look at their Instagram sometimes and saw they were even taking a poll about what people thought they were having, including gender options for twins. Why do that?? I’m actually surprised they admitted to not having twins…it seemed like they were having fun trolling people on that one.

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