‘Teen Mom 2’ Stars Leah Messer and Corey Simms DID Hook Up Recently: Get All the Details

"Errr....I can explain!"
“Errr….I can explain!”

The Ashley has been dying to write about this but had previously been sworn to secrecy!

This morning In Touch Weekly reported that Teen Mom 2 stars Leah Messer and Corey Simms recently hooked up  in the back of Corey’s work truck. Many ‘Teen Mom 2’ fans seemed to dismiss the story as idle gossip, but The Ashley can confirm that this story is TOTALLY TRUE– and The Ashley has all the details!

In Touch stated that the hookup occurred “recently” but The Ashley’s sources tell her that it occurred while Leah was still married to Jeremy Calvert in late 2014. The magazine stated that the affair occurred in the back of Corey’s truck, and while The Ashley can’t confirm that exact fact, she was told by two very close Leah sources that it did take place while Corey was at work “reading meters.”  (Whatever that means…)

One source tells The Ashley that Corey had downloaded a texting app on his phone so that he could  talk to Leah without his wife, Miranda, finding out. Miranda does, indeed, know about Corey’s affair with Leah, and that has played a big part in why she has such bitterness toward Leah. (That played a major part in Miranda’s blow up on Leah at the Season 6 reunion taping.)

“Corey regrets it, especially since Miranda is pregnant now,” The Ashley’s other source tells her. “But he had been talking to Leah for a while, so they both knew what they were doing. It wasn’t just a random mistake. But Miranda forgave him.”

Leah even seemed to be hinting that something had gone down between her and Corey in a Facebook rant posted in December.

The Ashley has no clue if Leah and Corey hooked up more than once during this time, but she can confirm that it definitely happened at least once! Jeremy knew about the affair as well, which certainly added to his decision to divorce Leah.

The scenes we are watching on ‘Teen Mom 2’ right now were filmed in the Spring of 2015, after the hookup took place.

While this story may seem too juicy to be true, The Ashley is only confirming it because she has two incredibly strong sources who have told her about it. She would never confirm something like this unless she was very sure.

Leah, Miranda and Corey have yet to comment on this story via social media.

(Photo: MTV)

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  1. They conceived the girlses in Corey’s truck, they got a divorce in part because Corey wanted a new truck instead of a better home with a spider-free tub to bath the girlses in and now they did the deed in the back of his current ‘married to Miranda’ truck? Now Miranda has to think about that everytime she rides (pun intended) in the marital truck? Oh the problem with Corey’s trucks….

  2. The text she sent to her mom with the picture of the sign when she enters the “therapy” place…I’ve seen that sign. I watch Intervention all the time. That sign is on the entrance to a DRUG rehab.

    1. But the problem was she was getting meds from her doctor for depression and they caused her to sleep too much. So he changed them. Leah is so tiny that doctors have to be very careful in prescribing meds cause they can over dose you. I was always tiny like that and if a doctor prescribed any kind of med I would take half the amount cause a full adult dose was too much. I weighed 106 pounds not 130 or up. Leah had too much on her too soon and needs to have her tubes tied.

      Dr. Drew said she is dealing with a mental illness and did Corey understand that? I was very surprised with that. Corey is a mess and if he had sex with her while married to Amanda then he sure does not need to criticize anyone on this earth about anything. Besides he only would do that to not pay child support. Corey thinks more about his toys than he ever did Leah or those girls.IMO.

  3. I don’t think if I believe this, but it may be true. I really hope it is not true. I do think I would have believed this hands down if it was right after Corey and Leah’s divorce, since it was obvious neither if them were over the other and they were just trying to protect their egos. Now I just don’t know, Corey just seems utterly disgusted by Leah now. Plus, Miranda is a wonderful person all around and he’d be throwing away a truly good person for trash. It seems suspect that this came out immediately after news broke that Leah had the police called on her for child endangerment, seems like a way to change focus off her. This also does seem like something her and her family would say to drag Corey through the mud and hurt Miranda for “stepping over boundaries”. It seems like a perfect story Dawn would use to devalue their relationship even more and show Miranda she’s second to Leah. Since Leah has constantly been putting down Coranda and their relationship, timing will always sound right (like her posts about fake perfect relationships, claiming to know the ‘truth’ about people being faithful or not). She’s never stopped saying it, and has always accused her exes of being unfaithful in some capacity or another, whether it’s true or not. If I remember correctly, Miranda already had to come out to say some of Leah’s previous claims of Corey cheating were completely bullocks. Imagine how tiring that’d be to constantly combat rumors like that? Also, Jeremy and Corey seem to be pretty friendly, and even if Jeremy is 100% over Leah I still don’t think he’d be going out to drinks and double dates with Corey afterwards. It does seem odd that they haven’t come out to say anything about this (at least yet), but maybe they simply just don’t give a damn. If this isn’t true- perhaps they know there will always be people (specifically Leah fans) who will say they’re lying and trying to cover it up, so they figure those who know them and their relationship will know the truth about it, and that’s enough for them. Either way, those poor girlses being all caught up in this.

    1. I just think we are all getting bent out of shape over this. Corey probably couldn’t pay his child support that month and she made him work it off. No big deal,right?? Lol

      1. I so agree with that –that guy will do anything to not pay child support. Leah’s lawyer told her to stop letting Corey bully her. So guess he tried another way.

    2. Here’s the thing- tabloids get a bad rap, but when they run stories like this (especially with details like giving the date/whereabouts of hookup, etc), it’s generally true. If Ok Mag got this wrong, it’s potentially a marriage-destroyer. Say Miranda left Corey, but it was then revealed to be BS story. They would have a pretty good legal case against OK. Tabloids have entire legal teams on staff that have to give approval before articles are printed. That’s why it’s no rare now to hear of tabloids (successfully) being sued. There is certain wording they can use to get around things (read a couple Brad and Jen articles and you’ll know what I mean), but stories like this are different, especially when they have multiple, very close, sources.

      The fact Ashley posted it now makes me certain it’s true. She stated she knew about it before the tabloid did but was sworn to secrecy, making me think she heard it from an EXTREMELY close source of Leah’s. I always trust her- she’s never proved me wrong yet!

      Corey does often act disgusted by Leah- but keep in mind their relationship never had any type of closure, and it was pretty clear they both had major feelings for each other still. His family was reeaalllyyy pushing him to be done with her, and it seems like he generally does what his family wants him to do (I know a guy JUST like Corey). There’s a VERY fine line between love and hate,, especially when there was a marriage/children in the past.

  4. I totally believe this story! Does anyone remember when there was apparently a time when Corey and Leah were texting (sexting?) each other long after Leah and Jeremy were together? And I also remember Corey saying to Leah, “I just wanna know why I can’t get over your little ass!” I feel bad for Miranda, because I STILL don’t think Corey is over Leah’s little ass! Her getting pregnant was probably not the best idea….

      1. Yes,you might be right about that, but I think Jeremy and Leah were living together at that time. But it seems like things moved awfully fast with Corey and Miranda, and I truly believe she is a rebound relationship for Corey. That’s why I feel sorry for her. Also, I get a weird vibe between Corey and Miranda when they are on the show….no affection or anything between them that I can see.

  5. Hmmmmm what a coincidence…..the night teen mom 2 airs where Corey talks to his attorney about gaining custody a story comes out that he cheated with Leah!

    I call BS! I say this is planted. These girls get the episodes ahead of time so they know what will be shown. Sounds like someone is trying hard to deflect attention. Who are the sources? Leah? Leah’s mom? Leah’s cousin? Leah’s sister? This smells bad!

    Previews for next week show Corey & Jeremy sitting down about Leah including about her drug use! Doubt Jeremy would sit down with him if he knew he has cheated with his wife. BS!

  6. Sorry,I dont believe this at all. Rally lost respect for the ashley here too. Her sources are shit.

    Corey would not stick his dick in crazy, egain. Dude learnd his lesson. This is damage control being done by the messer clan to smear Coreys name. Leah is trash and a shit mom, and a druggie. There is no truth to this, I hope you eat crow on this messer mess lie

    1. Leah’s infamous Facebook rant about Corey’s marriage lines up with the timing of the alleged affair.

      “…a marriage that PRETENDS to be PERFECT is NEVER perfect, especially when there is way more not told to a specific spouse”

      Coincidence? I doubt it. When has a story about these two ever NOT been true?

      1. The people on Facebook who constantly post about their significant other’s wonderfulness and how perfect their relationship and lives are: Usually headed for splitsville.
        The long-term stable people: Maybe post something anniversaries and birthdays and a few instagrammed spontaneous bouquets of flowers/coffees/favorite inconvenient to acquire or prepare favorite foods over the course of the year.

  7. I feel sorry for the assumptions everyone is making about West Virginia women based on TM2. I’m sure there are many people there who do not fit the stereotype we are seeing.

  8. Shame on you Corey Tyler! You would think since Leah cheated on him and did him so dirty he would NEVER cheat on Miranda! And geeze did Jeremy marry a hoe bag! Thats now 2 guys she cheated with while she was married to Jeremy. Who knows how many others there are…KEEP YOUR LEGS CLOSED LEAH!!!

  9. What an absolute mess as she left those kids on Thursday’s episode…and it must be drugs. Sorry, no one would leave their three young children for a month to just work on stress and anxiety. Since she’s not working, she could easily do intensive therapy during the day somewhere if that is all it is. You can tell the toll it is taking on those kids. She looked a hot mess and so did the twins with their hair every which way. I really do hope things turn around for her.

    1. My heart aches for these babies especially the one with the disability. They shouldn’t have to live in such a crazy environment day in and day out.

      1. If she gets 1700/monthly from Jeremy, $$$ from Corey, AND teen mom $$$, she’ll be doing much better than me at my full-time job. 1700 is more than one paycheck for me. Those girls should have decent clothes, a swept up home (doesnt have to be sparkling, just basic hygiene) and healthy foods. Sadly I have a feeling it will go to low-hanging fruit. Did anyone else see her going to the nail parlor before rehab. I like having my nails done too but it’s not happening, especially if my bank is -500 or whatever Jeremy said a few episodes ago.

  10. Seriously, Corey Tyler, you are an idiot. After everything you and Leah have gone through and fought about and you bang her in the back of your truck, again? I really, really hope that these folks are using condoms because not only do you have worry about pregnancy, and who actually fathered the child, but with the amount of men Leah is screwing, you need to be worrying about STD’s. Corey’s current wife is pregnant and I would be worrying about getting an STD and the harm that could cause not only me, but my unborn child.

    I hate to see marriages break-up, but Miranda needs to kick ole’ Corey to the curb before him and Leah have a third child.

    I always knew that Leah & Jeremy would eventually get divorced. Leah is way too needy to only see her husband once a week and Jeremy realized too late that life with Leah is hell on earth.

    Since I’m on the subject of Leah, she needs to get some behavior therapy for that Aleeah Grace. She is aggressive and downright mean.

    1. Aleeah seems to get zero attention from Leah unless she acts out. The whole family spends tons of extra time with Ali going to doctor’s appointments and building her up and Aleeah seems to be an afterthought. It’s no wonder Aleeah has turned into such a holy terror-it’s the only way she can get her family to pay her any attention.

      Would Leah EVER spank Ali? No way!

    2. Probably not using anything and she could very well be pregnant with another child of Corey’s. Wouldn’t that be a hoot.

      Michelle–I so agree with you about Leah and the twins behavior. I complained about this from the get go–she over showers the twin with the disability and ignores the other twin and she is acting up terrible and the other twin mean as can be. Did she see on the episode where she put the twins to bed and she kissed and hugged the one twin and said goodnight and ignored the other twin. Its really sad and very sick to deny your little child hugs and kisses and your love. I wonder if Leah’s mom did that to her and her sister that its so deep rooted in her.

    3. Aleeah Grace is wreaking havoc already, a smart ass mouth that needs to be brought into line, She’s a cocky little brat with a disgusting and disrespectful attitude…..But Leah just laughs at her thinking it’s cute ….Guess what Leah, it’s far from cute !!!!!!!!

  11. Wow when is enough enough Leah is a horrible parent she does any and everything to make excuses women up every scene ur nodded out! U don’t need therapy u need a long rehab and penty parenting classes!!!!

  12. I really had higher expectations for Corey, but this seems to be Leah’s MO. Does she EVER stop to think that her stress & anxiety is caused by being such a skeezy human being or no? I’m sure part of the reason she stays HIGH HIGHHH! on the reg is so she can forget all the f*cked up things she’s done to herself & everyone else. But typical Leah, she has to sabotage the happiness of others to fill the obvious void she has inside. I didn’t think it was possible to loathe this trash bag more than I already do so thank you, The Ashley, for proving me wrong.

      1. Thank you, I thought it was fitting! I literally LOL’d at yours! So many ways to make fun of this hot “Mess”er haha 🙂

  13. I love this site because of these stories. So wait, Nathan didn’t pay for the St. Thomas trip?? I must have missed that, but the only reason he ever was with Jenelle was for the $$$. Now Corey is a real pig, he’s suing her for child neglect and want’s full custody but he’s doing Leah, and if he really did get an app to text her so Miranda didn’t know, what does that say about him? Why is he married to someone else? Crazy, he’s a garden variety pig, and that marriage won’t last five years even. It’s a shame that all these innocent children have to brought into these toxic relationships, it’s so unfair. All people should be required to be licensed before having children, like hair dressers. The most important a job a person will ever have is that of parent, and yet no license is required. CRAZY!

    1. no he didn’t, and he didn’t pay for that stupid ring he was pitching a fit about! if i were jenelle, he’d have to pry that damn thing off my cold finger too lol! all the shit he’s talked about how she just hit the lottery etc is just him being So Jealous he can’t Stand it cuz he wants free crap too! you’re so right, people have to get licenses to catch fish or shoot deer but any piece of crap can have a kid. it’s sad. sooo disappointed in corey. jared the subway guy, bill cosby, now corey simms? is there anyone who can be trusted! it hit me cuz my husband’s kind of a quiet, unassuming (but cute) working man that i just don’t think would ever go there, but now i’m like omg, if corey would, anyone would! my husband’s like damn you corey tyler lol!

      1. Jenelle is in no position to try and get back Jace when her life is STILL in such disarray. That poor kid. And with Leah, what can you say? It’s not like she doesn’t have a big support system. Who the hell goes to inpatient rehab for stress and anxiety? Now, if she was going to a hospital and put under a doctors care to get her on the right meds, that is a different story. I can’t figure out how she came out clean when she took the drug test for court.hmmmm And the post above about how she has NO regard for her relationships, anyone else’s and most importantly, she has no regard for the damage done to those little girls. Once the damage is done, it is close to impossible to fix. Corey really let me down. I’ve always thought that he was a stand up guy, now I know he is as low as Leah.

  14. Ok, so if I see a pattern here, as long as you are an ex of her she will sleep with you to cheat on her current partner, which means that Jeremy is about to get some, then TR will find out and dump her and once he is an ex he will get some too.

    1. She never really “moves on” she just keeps adding to her number of people she hops in bed with. And I really don’t think it matters what kind of bed either. Real bed or truck bed hell it doesn’t matter. She’ll take it anywhere. Wonder if Mama Dawn gave her a big high five after this one? Hell mama Dawn was probably in the back seat cheering her on! Don’t get me started on goofy Corey with the permanent dip in his mouth and the screwed up cap. Move on Miranda bc youre looking like a fool about now! Pregnant or not I’d be outa there!

      1. I ASSumed Miranda had 3 brain cells. Guess I was wrong.

        Leah probably slept with her entire little WV town by now. She’s just a sleazy human being. The girl needs forced sterilization before she gets knocked up with TR’s baby.

    2. Ding, ding, ding!!! I think you’re right. As we all know, the “best” predictor of future behavior is “past” behavior.

  15. Wait, was this before or after the last reunion? Didn’t Leah say at the last reunion that she had “heard” that Corey cheats on Miranda? Could this have been what she was referencing or no?

  16. I might have to change my name to Leah”s Overlapping Guys? This messes up my whole interpretation of what happened but I’ll believe the Ashley for now anyway. This is still the best teen mom site because it isn’t clogged up with Jenelle and Leah worshippers!

  17. I don’t even know but in that picture you can see how much prettier Leah was before. She’s not that much younger in the pic but she looks much fresher and healthier there.

  18. Corey found out Robbie was back poking it and he wanted to make sure he wasn’t missing out. Leah loves the D. She don’t care whos servin it up!

  19. What type of married man has an affair with with his ex-wife while taking her to court because she’s slacking as a parent?!?!

      1. i’ll translate: i’m so glad. i wish they would get back together because they never should have gotten a divorce.-brought to you by sc public school system. thank you:)
        p.s. i do not understand why corey would tell her no, he doesn’t want to work it out with her, when she broke up with jeremy for him, if he wanted her at all. men.

  20. Wow I’m really surprised at this!! In part because of how rough Leah looked while Miranda has always seemed so put together. I wonder who The Ashleys sources are? (Not that I think she’s lying.) If I was Miranda I would’ve been long gone. Corey Tyler ain’t that much of a prize. Lol

    1. i wonder if she knew she was pregnant before she found out? or if she found out and still kept trying to have a baby with him? ashley?

  21. I think there’s some truth to this story. Remember when Jeremy accused Leah of cheating on him because he thought Corey was wearing his shorts?

    1. That is the first thing thst popped into my head while reading this
      The second thing: “Eeeewwwwwwww”

      Seriously, why the f- do these dudes keep banging this dirty hussy? Her vag*na must be magical or something. At this point she should just put up some velvet rope, hire a bouncer, and start charging admission. Get your card punched for every ride ’cause the 10th ride is free, y’all!

      1. I disagree with Leah’s actions, but cheating and sleeping with an ex doesn’t make her a prostitute.

        I’m so sick of people slut-shaming girls.

          1. If Leah were single we wouldn’t care if she banged the entire male population of WV.

            Leah has now cheated on two husbands. She may have had a part in really screwing up Corey and Miranda’s marriage.

            Leah’s daughters will now grow up in broken homes b/c mommy can’t stop banging her exes.

            It isn’t slut shaming.

        1. how is this slut shaming? She is married, has been twice and cheats constantly. More power to every woman to do what they want with their bodies. But don’t get married and break people’s hearts because you wanna sleep around all the time.

      2. This is kind of sexist. He should take equal blame and if you must be so crass, then his dick is just as toxic as her vagina.

  22. This is the weirdest turn yet. Leah is a mess and I’m not arguing otherwise, but the men in her life are equal messes. I thought that whole “Life after Leah” thing was funny, but now I view it differently. They’re not really victims if they kept going back to her (multiple times in Corey’s case). They’re all acting like fools. Just sayin’…

  23. Thought corey was better than that..guess not! And Miranda keeps forgiving him…what a Doormat! Then she gets pregnant..Yeah cause That will fix everything! Smh This is better than soaps! 🙂

    1. They need a separate show for themselves. Screw Farrah and her family. These West Verginians would be fantastic as a spinoff.

  24. mmm..now I go into moderation for calling you out on your BS sources…like I care..you hardly get any comments anyway..take what you can

    1. She gets a fair amount to a lot of comments, and usually pretty intelligent ones at that. This site has a great quality of comments comparatively to most reality show based sites. It’s your prerogative to believe the sources or not.

  25. But you swore the story about Nate paying for the St Thomas trip was true & you were proven completely wrong..since you obviously now count pathological liars as Ham Jelly as “sources” I call BS on all your stories.

    1. @Belley: Very well. That was one of the only stories that has proven to be false that I have broken. My readers know I will always come forward and state that I was wrong if I am, like I did with the St Thomas story. -The Ashley

    2. The Ashley usually has very good source for her Leah stories. She knew about the custody battle, the divorce, TR Dues, the carseat thing, the Robbie thing. If you chose to disregard all that just because you like Corey and Miranda and the Ashley was wrong once or twice about Jenelle (which would not even be the same sources) then you are just a minion, because I don’t see you making that kind of comment about “BS sources” on Leah’s, Adam’s or Jenelle’s articles. You chose to believe what you want on gossip sites,nothing is set in stone, but when you refuse to believe things just because it’s about someone you like, but totally believes things probably said by the same sources about other people (like Leah and her drug problem) that makes you either an hypocrite or a minion.

    3. you’re an idiot. every newspaper, website, entertainment magazine has had to retract or correct a story along the way. it happens.

  26. What kind of insane skills/moves/physiology does Leah have that makes her irresistible to apparently whatever man she sets her eyes on? She’s spent most of Season 6 half-asleep, but perhaps she is just saving her energy for the many, many, many trysts?

  27. What the actual hell! What *is* it with these two and having sex in the back of his truck?
    Do not cheat on your spouse. Do not cheat on them with your bat-crap crazy and Hiighh! Hiiiigh! ex. And don’t do it in the same manner in which you knocked her up post-prom. It’s Not. That. Hard.

  28. what do u expect, they have two kids together and there high school sweethearts, they should have never gotten a divorce they should have worked it out…

    1. She took him to prom because she and Robbie were broken up, had sex with him in has truck and got pregnant with the girlses. That doesn’t equal a high school sweetheart!

    2. I agree. People are too quick to divorce these days. A seperation and a cooling off period would have been best for these two. Now all they can do is move on. Corey’s about to be a daddy again.

    3. If she didn’t cheat on him RIGHT BEFORE their wedding with dirty ol’ Robbie, they probably could have salvaged their marriage. But that dern Leah can’t keep her legses closed just cause she’s gettin’ hitched, didn’t ya know?!

  29. OMFG! that was the very last thing i would’ve thought OMG! i was just now saying people back off miranda, you have no idea what may have happened between them all but i meant like the girlses telling them horrible things! OMG COREY you are SO SSSSSTUPID!

    1. Honestly! I know a lot of people cheat, but in the Teen Mom and all adjacent universes, it seems like it’s more normal to cheat than not to cheat!! That’s not true for real life…!

  30. Are these sources Mama Dawn and Oreo? If so, I’d take what they say with a grain of salt. Lol

    Funny how it was released after Leah had the police called on her for endangering her kids. Just saying. Lol

  31. I love Corey but hes a fucking idiot!! Stay away from Leah’s nasty ass! I feel bad for Miranda… Having to put up wirh Leah’s BS and then her nasty fans now Corey cheating on her

  32. Well I agree, this is disappointing, I had higher hopes for Corey, and Miranda at that. I’m not sure I could stay with a cheater….

  33. I believe this. When I saw other sites sharing the story my first thought was that it had to have been a year ago or more. They were pretty friendly for awhile. It’s obvious Miranda is over her sh*t. Corey probably recognized that Leah was trying to ruin his marriage on top of being a horrible mom. Jeremy probably knows as well. She’s a hot mess and my opinion hasn’t changed regarding Corey being the better parent.

  34. Well well well…… This caught me off-guard! I was in Corey’s corner. Not anymore! Those poor babies are tangled up in this white-trash Jerry Springer bullsh*t. I would say I feel bad for Miranda BUT I don’t. What wife would tolerate this? I would have thrown his goofy looking ass out the minute I got wind of this!!These people are seriously a messed up breed.

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