‘Teen Mom 2’ Season 6 Episode 9 Recap: Running Away from Rehab & the Ruined Gym Sesh

My face while watching this episode.
My face while watching this episode.

Gather ’round kids; fetch yerself a pile of Sour Patch Kids and a Lunchable to feed on because it’s time for another episode of Teen Mom 2! We’ve had quite the season so far, what with all the rehabbin’, arrestin’ and back-of-the-police-car hollerin’ that’s gone on.

This episode starts off in Delaware, where Kail and Javi are heading to Isaac’s first soccer game. Since Rappin’ Jo and his knocked-up girlfriend Vee recently moved into town, they’re able to go to the game as well. Jo arrives, folding chairs in hand, and decides to make a statement by setting himself and Vee far from Kail’s posse. He’s obviously trying to put some distance between him and Kail. (Either that or he’s just trying to get himself set up a few feet closer to the snack bar!)

What I do when people ask me why I still watch this show...
What I do when people ask me why I still watch this show…

Kail is screaming and getting really into the game, unlike Isaac, who seems totally uninterested. Jo comments that Isaac may be more of a scholar than an athlete, which seems kind of harsh, considering it was the kid’s first game.

When you're trying to get everyone to raise the roof but everyone's ignoring you....
When you’re trying to get people to raise the roof but everyone’s ignoring you….

Jo thanks Vee for coming with him to the soccer game. She comments that she came because she had nothing better to do. (Now that she’s knocked up and away from New Jersey, eating Fritos at a kid’s soccer game with Jo is the most pressing engagement she has in her schedule!)

In the Carolinas, we start off at the courthouse. (It really wouldn’t be a ‘Teen Mom 2’ recap if The Ashley didn’t get to type that sentence!) Nathan had to face the charges stemming from his ring-wrestling match with Jenelle a few episodes back. Jenelle tells us that the charges were dropped against Nathan. While that’s good news, Jenelle is unhappy because she recently found out that Nate is seeing another girl.

Trusty Krista drags her nearly lifeless body into a random coffeehouse so she can listen to Jenelle ramble on about how she desperately wants to once again be bumping uglies with her goon-of-a-baby-daddy, Nathan.

"No amount of free food is worth this crap."
“No amount of free food is worth this crap.”

Jenelle is also angry that she’s been stuck taking care of Kaiser for the whole last month, while Nathan’s been out having a laa dee dah time working out at the gym and hitting on anything in a sports bra.

Krista’s trying to listen to Jenelle’s story, but she’s also busy trying to stuff in as much free breakfast scramble as possible before the scene ends. Get that free grub, girl!

Jenelle is determined to get Nathan back, however. After all their relationship is just stellar. Jenelle does admit that there are a few cons of the relationship, though: Nathan’s controlling, they don’t trust each other, he’s mean to her, and is verbally abusive. But, you know, other than that…

Chelsea's totally a Blanche!
Chelsea’s totally a Blanche!

We move over to South Dakota, where Chelsea is hanging out with her menagerie of animals and South Dee-kot-ah Mary. They talk about Aubree’s upcoming preschool graduation, and, of course, Adam. (For some reason, Chelsea’s got her hair all rolled up like a Golden Girl heading to aerobics class during this scene.)

Chelsea is tired of Adam trying to make her look like she’s keeping Aubree from him. Luckily, Aubree has Cole in her life to provide consistency.

Chelsea isn’t sure if Adam will show up to Aubree’s preschool graduation. Even Aubree is skeptical that ol’ Adam will stagger in early enough to see her in her cap and gown.

Aubree tells Chelsea that Adam will be there, “if he remembers.”

Well, that just rips your heart out, doesn’t it?

"Well dingdang-it, Corey!"
“Well dingdang-it, Corey!”

Finally, we check in with Leah, who is staying in a hotel until her cot at the ‘hab is ready. Meanwhile, Corey meets up with Momma Dawn to exchange the girls. Dawn says she’s fixin’ to take the youngins to see their mommy in rehab, but refuses to tell Corey where Leah is getting her supposed “stress and anxiety treatment.”

Corey seems to be tired of “Leah and ’ems” games. He tells Dawn that if she refuses to tell him where the girls will be going, then he won’t allow them to go. Mother’s Day is coming up, but Corey isn’t worried about that. (After all, who knows if Leah will even be able to keep her eyes open long enough to see that the girlseses were there!?)

After her meeting with Corey, Dawn calls Leah all frantic.

“I’s been torn up all evenin’!” Dawn exclaims to her daughter, who, by the way, looks about two milligrams away from passing out until Father’s Day.

Even Leah had a hard time keeping a straight face through this scene.
Even Leah had a hard time keeping a straight face through this scene.

Dawn tells Leah that Corey’s refusing to bring the babies to the ‘hab for Mother’s Day, and is not supporting Leah while she’s having “medical issues.”

For the sake of time and space, The Ashley’s just gonna let that one slide…

Anyway, Dawn’s nerves are “all tore up,” y’all, so she tells Leah that she’s suspectin’ that dern Corey Tyler ain’t gonna give Leah back them babies when she leaves rehab! The call gets Leah all flustered.

In Delaware, Kail and Javi are talking about how bitchy Vee was acting toward them at Isaac’s soccer game. However, since she is carrying the spawn of Jo in her belly, they give her a pass. Later, Jo calls Kail and they agree to meet to discuss Isaac’s schedule.

Jo arrives at Kail’s house to discuss the latest Isaac news. Kail hopes to keep the custody schedule the way it is and Jo agrees. Kail wants Jo to pay more in child support, but Jo is hesitant to take it to court. He isn’t able to pay more, but agrees to have a talk about it with her. Kail apologizes for being mean to Jo in the past, and Jo agrees that he was at fault too.


Meanwhile, Nathan is hanging out with his friend Josh after having his charges dropped. Nate admits that his relationship with Jenelle is toxic. His relationship with his new gym galpal, however, is escalating. He says he has feelings for his new girl so he doesn’t know what to do. (After all, he has a kid–and an MTV contract–with Jenelle, but the other girl doesn’t wrestle him on toilets. It’s a tough call.)

Nate hopes that he and Jenelle can manage to co-parent Kaiser without having the cops called every other day.

The next day, Jenelle calls up Nathan to see “what they’re going to do” with Kaiser.

Good Lord, he’s not a corn on the bottom of your foot, guys!

Jenelle wants Nathan to shell out some cash for Kaiser’s daycare, but, of course, Nathan’s broke. (Protein shakes aren’t cheap, guys!) Jenelle argues that she buys Kaiser his clothes, food and most likely the helmet used to protect him from when his parents are wrestling around. Nathan promises that he’s not gonna be one of those “crappy dads” and swears that he will eventually cough up some cash to pay for his son’s care.

It must have been dues week at the gym.
It must have been dues week at the gym.

Jenelle is still begging Nathan to be with her, but Nathan says that being with Jenelle makes him hate himself.

Nathan, ever the prize, brings up that he has another girlfriend now. Jenelle is beside herself with grief, given that Nate was able to move on so fast after being with her for two years.

“I have not touched another man’s skin for two years!” she wails. “TWO YEARS!!!!”

"Lemme touch your skin!"
“Lemme touch your skin!”

Raise your hand if you had a good chuckle over that last line. Just me? OK.

Nathan argues that he and Jenelle were “literally killing themselves” while they were together. Wow, Nathan’s actually making a lot of sense here. (Of course, knowing that he was most likely saying these sensible things while wearing a cut-up wetsuit top kind of voids his sensibility.)

In West Virginia, Leah’s alarmed about the babies being snatched out from under her by Corey Tyler. She calls her law-yer who tells her that she has a valid concern. She tells Leah that she best run her butt home so that Corey doesn’t accuse her of abandoning those babies! Leah decides to leave before ever making it to rehab (just like The Ashley told you!)

"Come on, all y'all kids!"
“Come on, all y’all kids!”

After flying home, Leah’s wrangling all three girlses while at Ali’s physical therapy appointment. Meanwhile, Corey tells his dad that he never told Dawn that he was planning to keep the girlseses away from Leah. He’s tired of Leah’s hi-jinks, and is angry that Dawn totally screwed up Leah’s journey to “find herself,” which, in turn, confused the kids.

The next day, Leah drives her trashmobile to a parking lot, where she’s depositing the girlses with Corey. She’s got her hair all fixed up in some sort of ponytail tower, looking like DJ Tanner circa 1988.

"What in Sam Hell is on your head, Leah Dawn?"
“What in Sam Hell is on your head, Leah Dawn?”

Leah tells Corey that she’s heading back to rehab therapy, but this time it will all be legal and OK’d by the lawyers. She tells him that she came back the first time because Momma Dawn’s “torn up nerveseses” suspected that Corey was going to steal her kids. Corey tells her that he had no intention of swiping the young ones from her.

In South Dakota, it’s time for Aubree’s graduation. Adam arrives (with sleeves on his shirt!) and avoids the entire Houska clan. Adam congratulates Aubree on making it through preschool, which, let’s face it, is probably more than Adam could do at this point.

"Hold on, I'm just checking to see if my Dad's in jail today!"
“Hold on, I’m just checking to see if my Dad’s in jail today!”

Later, Chelsea takes Aubree to lunch with the faaaabulous Landon and some random chick. Chelsea tells the gang that Cole is going to move into her cabin, and that Aubree wants to call Cole “Dad” when he moves in. Aubree thinks that Cole is a better dad than Adam is. Aubree also knows that Adam was in jail–twice! (Oh kid, that’s just the tip of the law-breaking iceberg!)

In Delaware, Kail and Javi are going on a relaxing afternoon drive. We know that when these guys get into a vehicle, all hell usually breaks loose, and they don’t disappoint this time. Kail tells Javi about her porch meeting with Jo, and Javi isn’t happy to hear that Rappin’ Jo Jo was spitting rhymes at his house while Javi wasn’t there. Javi doesn’t give a reason but insists that Jo stay away unless he’s home.

In Carolina, Nathan is desperate for Jenelle to “babysit” Kaiser. Jenelle isn’t sure she wants to take on that load, but Nate just won’t leave her alone. They are driving next to each other, but Jenelle is refusing his calls. Jenelle thinks that Nate is following her so she calls poor Krista to let her know the latest on-the-road details.


She finally picks up the phone and Nate demands that she come pick up the kid. He then begins screaming that HE HASN’T EVEN BEEN TO THE GYM YET!

Wait, what?! Well, no one told me that! Hell, Nate, I’ll watch Kaiser! I mean, this is the gym we’re talking about. We can’t have Nate miss his leg day!!

Jenelle is unmoved by Nathan’s anger. Nathan’s still driving around, trying to find a spot to unload Kaiser.

“My gym time is my GYM TIME!” he hollers, adding that he’s already “wasted a hundred miles of gas” doing this little game of cat-and-mouse with Jenelle. He’s angry that Jenelle has “pinned Kaiser” on him and caused him to miss his gym sesh.

Jenelle is starting to get angry. After all, Nate is still boning the random gym broads, and she got stuck taking care of Kaiser by herself for a whole month.

A WHOLE MONTH! By herself!!!

They really should just put a tape of this episode inside Kaiser’s baby book. These are the special moments he’ll want to cherish forever.

Until next week, kids!

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34 Responses

  1. This episode was all kinds of weird and random.

    I’m going to say it, I like Jo. Besides Corey, who is becoming more of a mixed bag, Jo has constantly been there for his son and contributed child support. I think moving closer is also a big step – that being said, I think Jo likes the whole idea of becoming one big family. He likes Javi, always comments how adorable Lincoln is, and has definitely started being nicer to Kail. I think he actually wanted to sit with her during Issac’s soccer game, but Kail does not seem to want that kind of relationship and that’s ok. I really hope they work out their child support together, and I think Jo has a point. He just wants to see the numbers, which makes sense. I’m not sure how the whole custody/child support thing works in courts normally. I like how they are co parenting together better.

    Leah..I don’t want to bully anyone, but what the hell is going on with that girl.. especially her 80’s train wreck hair. Wouldn’t you be concerned about someone if you saw them showing up like that to somewhere?! Her mom is the worst kind of enabler – encourages Leah to ignore the problem, deny herself that there is a problem and stir the pot to create problems. At no point did Corey say he was going to keep the girls! He just wanted to know where they were going!!! I think that makes logical sense Mama Dawn!!! I truly wish MTV had not renewed Leah’s contract. The original point of the show was to portray the negative aspects to teen pregnancies and the problems parents are going to face – why can’t the show illustrate how drug problems are negative as well and portray someone getting help? I truly believe that Leah has an issue with love – she needs to feel in love, or someone treat her like she’s loved and then she will love them. It could explain why she goes back to Robbie, why she goes back to Corey (if they talk about their family being together), etc. She cannot be alone – which is a sad thought and should be addressed in “therapy”. She talks about being an adult, but she needs to sit down and have that beaten into her head. She needs to stop living off MTV and alimony cheques and WORK. There are options – day care, part time work, etc. but she does not want the responsibility.

    Jenelle – She has the same issue Leah does with wanting to be loved. Watching the scene where her and Nathan fought over who would keep Kaiser, I couldn’t help but think who would keep Jace if she got sole custody?! Would she be complaining that her mother was being selfish by not babysitting him? And clearly Nathan is a psycho! MY GYM TIME – that had me dying laughing..especially cause he was serious. Don’t pay for day care Nathan but don’t let those abs go away either!!

    Chelsea – Good for her! She’s over Adam, has a good guy and is finally living a slightly less drama free life!

      1. On the Sierra Tucson site, they say “As patients arrive at Sierra Tucson, they are promised one thing — “expect a miracle.”

        The words are written at the entrance to the 160-acre facility sitting atop a low crest near Catalina, where the nearby developments dot the horizon in the shadows of the Santa Catalina Mountains”

        So I think Leah’s 4th Kid is right. It also says people come there for “anonymity” and they have a level 1 psychiatric hospital.

  2. Am I the only one who thought Javi was levitating in the photo of him standing on the soccer feild behind a shrugging Issac? I had to do a double take. LMAO!

  3. Jenelle and muscle T’s reaction to their OWN child is so ridiculous. “pin me with Kaiser”. Wow, someone give him the father or the year award right now. Jenelle will FOR SURE get custody of Jace after Babs sees this episode.

    1. Ridiculous but is it a surprise to anyone that these two trash bags don’t want to actually be a real parent and the 24/7 responsibility that comes with being a parent? They are so worthless.

  4. I was so annoyed and angry when Kail was yelling at Issac. That was ridiculous. He’s like 5 and he obviously didn’t give a shit lol get over yourself girl! It’s not that serious.

    1. Agreed. Sometimes she is such an angry ogre.

      I am bothered by how bitchy she is to Jo and Vee. Jo and Vee are always so friendly to Javi and Kail. I am amazed that Jo is able to keep his cool when Kailyn is being an irrational, spiteful brat. I think she’d love it if Jo would just disappear. Kail makes everything such a big deal and is always ready to turn to any conversation into a fight.

      Javi is pretty much an abused husband, bowing down to his crazy wife.

      Ugh-part of me really likes Kail but lately she is just too much.

        1. You’re right, she’s always been like this. At times I’ve liked Kailyn because she was on her own for a long time and worked really hard to better her life. I guess I felt bad for her.

    1. Leah’s mother is obsessed with the drama. When she told Corey she was not comfortable disclosing (big word for her) where the girlses were going I wanted to smack her across the face!

      Mama Dawn thinks it is perfectly fine for her to take Corey’s children out of state w/o Corey’s knowledge and permission? I would think that likely violates Corey and Leah’s custody agreement. If that situation had been reversed there is no doubt in my mind that Mama Dawn would throw a tantrum.

      The Messer family are drama loving trash. It is sad.

    1. I’m so tired of her and her little husband. She is so moody and grumpy all the time with her double chin and he is so insecure it’s sick. I think they need jobs or some type of life because all they do is talk about Jo and Vee or fight with each other. I think Jo has become a wonderful father for his son to bad he can’t get full custody of Isaac and take her ass to court. Make sure she can’t buy no more scentsy’s or Louie bags

  5. I’m positive the only reason we did not see ‘tore up’ pictures of Jenelle when she was big on H, is because she didn’t have custody of Jace.

    Also Dawn’s paranoia has me wondering if she’s on the pillses too and panicked when she (thought she) saw Corey’s money stream coming to an end.

  6. so glad chelsea’s hair was cleared up, i was going cross-eyed trying to see what the deal was with it. after seeing the deleted scene where corey refused to put in writing that he wouldn’t go for custody in leah’s absence, i guess she really did go back for that. dawn should’ve stayed the hell out of it, leah’s already back to her old tricks and the girls have been through much more when they could’ve been stable with corey this whole time. javi has alot of basis for not wanting jo and kail alone together, do we not remember jordan? can’t believe the ashley didn’t point that out. i know, i know, she was young, not married da da da. she probably wouldn’t cheat with jo at this point but it’s been my experience that a person generally will go there or they won’t, and twice now (the first was cheating on jo) she’s gone there. which is probably why she stayed on the porch to begin with, but she has no ability to argue rationally. she could’ve said, we stayed on the porch, i thought that was good enough, next time we’ll wait til after you get off work, done. and jenelle, omg, she’s the dumbest smart person i know. she’ not stupid, she sees things and she knows exactly what she ought to do, she just never does. she needs to run from nathan and stop giving him the satisfaction of stringing her along. if they got back together, it wouldn’t be long at all til he cheated again, in between raging and saying things no sane person would say to someone they really loved. he accuses her of being classless and lazy and having a lottery ticket while knowing he’s no better. he wanted a piece of that lottery ticket, and where the hell does he work again? he acts like a few years in the service and a year or so working is good enough to last time the rest of his life, that’s it, i did work, i can talk shit forever now. sit tf down lil boy, you’re nothing special At All

    1. lol excellent points and observations! the chelsea hair situation had me all cross eyed too!! and yes X1,000 about Kail not ever making the right points when she’s arguing! I wasn’t sure if it was the editing but I’m pretty sure now after this many seasons and boyfriends/finances/husband that she just sucks at making sense.

  7. Kail was acting a complete fool! I was embarressed for her. Chelsea is such a good mama, it’s very sad that Aubree already has Adam’s number. Cole is showing her what a real father is like and her mind is already comparing the two of them and she knows something is not right about Adam. Leah…her mom is completely enabling her but at the same time I believe with all my heart if Corey found out he could get custody of the girls he would have in a heart beat. Not without reason, I think the girls should be with him until Leah is sober and back to her old self. Jenelle was the same as always. Her kids are inconvenient unless she is playing house with someone. No mentions of Jace at all. I would have taken my kid back in a heart beat and I would have called the police for Nathan driving recklessly with my child in the car!

  8. Leah running home was really stupid. If she had to do that she should have left the girls with Corey so they didn’t have to experience this disruption. Letting your low on intellect mother conjure what Corey might do send you cross country just like that is another dumb move but there we go. I bet those lawyers start salivating when they look at caller ID. It will become a new marketing technique and I can see a seminar for new lawyers on “how to get yourself on retainer with a teen mom” coming soon!

    1. I couldn’t believe the lawyer encouraged it too! I highly doubt he could claim abandonment after for only a month of her being gone.

      1. I understand the lawyer telling Leah that she should come home. The lawyer is trying to protect Leah. I wonder if the lawyer knew Leah was leaving for so long and expecting the girls to visit. If she did know and didn’t speak with Corey’s attorney and hammer out an agreement then that is a total misstep on her (the lawyer) part.

        Leah should have spoken with her lawyer and taken care of the matter prior to her taking off. Leah knew she leaving the state for a month. She knew that she wanted her mom to bring the girls to visit her out of state. Why the hell didn’t she take the time to discuss it with her law-yer ahead of time?

        It shows us that Leah thinks she can do whatever the hell she wants and expect Corey to just follow along.

        And Leah’s mother-god she is awful.

  9. Kail was hilarious. Hopefully someone will use this and the preview of this week’s against her someday because she looks bat crazy in both

      1. I bet you meant how instead of bow too. For a minute I was thinking you had some kind of special ceremony for the Ashley recap?

  10. That was hilarious when Isaac shrugged his shoulders. I never laughed so hard. And Kail please relax and let him be. He’s just a little boy. Its not the freaking Olympics! You put too much pressure on him by yelling. Quit worrying about Jo and Ve. Ease off Isaac. Maybe you should stay home and let Jo and Javi take care of Isaac.

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