‘Teen Mom’ Leah Messer Reportedly Had Cops Called on Her for Endangering Kids: Exclusive Details

"Hold on tight, youngins!"
“Hold on tight, youngins!”

Teen Mom 2 star Leah Messer has had her first post-rehab run-in with the law, according to a new report by In Touch Weekly!

The magazine broke the story that Leah recently had the cops called on her by someone at her twin daughters’ school, who was concerned after seeing Leah driving the girls around without having them in car seats.

The report goes on to state that the police stopped Leah at a later date, but found the girls buckled in during that time.

The Ashley has a bit more to add…

A while back, The Ashley told you that MTV had to shut down production several times during the filming of Season 6, due to one of the girls putting her kids in danger. Now that this story has been put out there, The Ashley can elaborate a bit more.

A very good production source tells The Ashley that the girl in question was Leah, who had (allegedly) not been putting the kids in car seats, especially in the days leading up to her leaving for rehab. (She reportedly didn’t even have any car seats where she was staying, the source added.)

“MTV had to step in and stop filming several times because it was too unsafe to have the kids riding around the car unbuckled,” the source said. “As far as I know, [production] had to go purchase car seats for the kids.”

Recently Morgan J. Freeman, the show’s executive producer, stated that the producers rarely step into a situation involving the show’s stars, unless the situation is proving to be dangerous for someone involved.

“We’re there to document things, but if someone is doing something that puts someone in harms way we would definitely step in.” Morgan told Observer in July. “There’s no science to it, it’s a human thing. If someone was in danger yes we would step in, but for parenting decisions we don’t step in. You know when that line is being crossed. We put the welfare of everyone front and center.”

Although The Ashley’s source is not aware of the production team calling the cops on Leah due to the lack of car seats, it’s possible. After all, the production crew called the cops on Nathan Griffith during his epic toilet wrestling fight with Jenelle Evans (although they later claimed it was a “neighbor” who called).

The Ashley’s source tells her that Leah’s ex-husband, Jeremy Calvert, is aware of the reports and is very concerned about the welfare of his daughter with Leah, as well as the twins’ safety.

Leah is currently still in a relationship with T.R. Dues (regardless of what they and other sites tell you!) They actually just took a getaway to Kentucky together.  However, they continue to deny that they are dating. 


UPDATE: Leah has taken to Twitter to dismiss the story.

“Just to clarify some rumors .. I have NEVER been stopped by a cop and the girls have ALWAYS had their car seats. #Sad”

When it was pointed out that the girls were shown without proper car seats during several ‘Teen Mom 2’ scenes (including the one pictured at right), Leah tweeted an explanation.

“And just like any other kid.. After I strap them in and adjust them they “READJUST” them on their own when I’m driving .. #letsBreal”

(Photos: Twitter, MTV)


  1. She’s a liar because in the scene were they drop her off at the airport, her mom takes out car seats from her trunk. I feel,so bad for those little girls. Corey and Miranda should just keep them safe.
    Driving with them while in drugs and them not buckled right is just being a bad mom.

  2. Jesus God, Leah! It’s one thing to blantantly disregard your own safety by not wearing a seatbelt, but you can’t even buckle your children in, not to mention that she texts/talks while driving, how can you NOT see that’s an issue? Shows how “addicted” she is to her children, it’s painfully obvious she doesn’t give half a shit about their well-being. Just once, I’d like to see her put the girlses before herself, JUST ONCE! She can afford her pillses, new vehicles & those GOD AWFUL extensions, but no car seats? When Big Momma Dawn took them to the airport, she pulled their car seats out of the trunk AFTER they got there! How lazy do you have to be to have them with you but not use them? There’s so much stupidity with this flock of white-trash inbreds, it’s astounding.

  3. I really hope Leah gets all the help she can. It’s almost like Amber all over. It’s one thing to have kids at a young age but to do it in front of the camera. Having social media and magazines all over every aspect of your life. Making up rumors or putting your personal information out there. She seems like a very good mother especially when the show first started but the stress of raising 3 children one who is disabled and dealing with red neck white trash men can build up. The same thing with Janelle. She seems very much capable of being a great mom but she messes around with idiot men who are abusive towards her and she allows it. She is very smart book wise but she needs to straighten up her act and leave these losers alone for the sake of both kids.

    1. From what I read a while back Mama Dawn signed her up for this train wreck called 16 & pregnant. They choose to be in front of the cameras nonone is making her.

    2. red neck white trash men?
      what did they do?
      beat her? No
      Did they cheat? No that was her, that cheated on both husbands
      do they do drugs? nope but guess who does?

      Leah sounds like the trashy 1 in this scenario

  4. I do feel bad for Leah, to a point. I work with addicts, and believe me, it is a devastating disease. It makes you do things you would never, ever normally do. Addicts who have children love them just as much as any parent does–but they have a disease that is fighting as hard as it can to take them away from their loved ones, just as cancer does, heart disease does, or any one of a host of other diseases. And very often, there is a form of mental illness to go along with it. But, addicts have to come to a realization that their disease has to be treated and maintained….and that responsibility rests solely on the addicts shoulders. I wish Leah all the best, because her children need her.

  5. Where is the guiding or more importantly loud voice of Leah’s mother in all this? Then I remembered all the times her Mum has been in the show! Useless! She seems to be an enabler – not only doesn’t she stop Leah but by sympathising with her and agreeing with her, she is validating her behaviour. It is so sad to watch. A parent should guide their child including correcting them when they are wrong – as Chelsea’s Dad does. Look at the awful relationship Farrah has with her parents! Not only don’t they criticise anything she does, they in effect validate it by going along with it and acting like its normal!

    1. I feel like the fact that Chelsea had Papa Randy really is the only reason that she has grown so much. He spoils he a bit yes, but he doesn’t enable her. Dawn is bat-shit crazy.

    2. Leah’s “mother” is as useless a piece of shit can come. No wonder Leah has and makes such bad parenting choices, look at the dirtbag of a role model she had growing up! Now I just seen a pic of the girlses without car seats in the moving vehicle from last week’s episode and they were in the back sitting next 2 Kayla, ummm, that’s when they were on their way 2 take Leah 2 the airport & THEIR GRANDMOTHER WAS DRIVING THE CAR!!!! So not only does Leah do it but so does her mother. Makes me wonder if she hurried 2 get them out of her car at drop off with Cory so he wouldn’t see it cuz I think he woulda been pissed. Such a “wonderful” example of shitty parenting being passed on down the line. I can just hear in my head, kayla saying “the girls need their car seats don’t they” & big bertha, I mean dawn says, ” now u know dern well that down here in west Virginia we don’t need no dern car seats & seat belts! These girlses r safe as safe can b since I’m a good drivers & know what I’m doin!” Ugh just drives me crazy”.

          1. LOL, Thank you guys. With her track record I think she has a #AAAAAA 10 year plan! Girl is NUTS! Have you all seen her new twitter rants about everything being wrong on the show and how shit was scripted and Jeremy hates Corey, blah blah blah..such a liar!!!

  6. In the scene where mama dawn is taking her to rehab the girleses arnt in car seats at all. I really like Leah and have always been in her corner but this blows my mind. My husband and I actually got into a small spat over her. He called her trash and I defended her. But I have a daughter the twins age and I cant even fathom driving without her in a proper seat.

    1. Idk if she’s still hooked on painkillers since”therapy” but we can all conclude she’s hooked on the D!!! She needs rehab for sex addicts!

  7. My youngest is 8 and he freaks out if I start to back out of the driveway before he is buckled. It’s called being a parent Leah, you should try it.

  8. I’m not a Leah fan and I hate to defend her but I feel really bad for her. I think she wants the best for her daughters but she’s just too messed up. It’s to watch someone struggle so much.

    1. I get where you’re coming from but u know this is something any GOOD mother knows and does every single time their child gets in the car & from what’s been going on this season with Leah it’s pretty clear that her kids safety isn’t a priority 2 her especially in the car. Its pretty sickening 2 watch her scenes for me when there is a car involved cuz she is so blatently careless from no seatbelts or car seats at all, talking/texting while driving, cheap falling all over the kids, not wearing her own seatbelt,etc. She is just completely irresponsible as a mother. Scares me 2 death the next story we’ll hear is that one of these girls have been seriously injured or worse due 2 her carelessness.

      1. That was meant 2 say “crap falling all over her kids” not “cheap falling all over the kids” lol although it prob. Was cheap crap

    2. if she wants what’s best then give Corey more time, write something up where he gets primary custody for only 6 months so she can get better.
      But then again she will never get better as long as she keeps denying that she ever had a problem

  9. Jesus Poor ali looks insanly sick in this photo.Pale,frail and downright sick.This disease is beginning to eat away at her.These poor girls always look so dirty and unhygenic.I can just see ali limbing around and struggling to walk in all the communtion and insanity with kids and adults running wild.Muscular Dystrophy is such a deadly disase and it shows in the picture.I cannot believe the wheelchair wasn’t at the school.Leah made such a stink about it.They need to remove these girls asap.
    I don’t understand why corey does not have full custody.
    At least he gives poor Aleeah attention and both girls seem content,happy and CLEAN with him.

    1. My daughter has muscular issues, not as severe as Ali’s, but it is so important to have her in a car seat…preferably one with a five point harness. If she were to be in an accident, Ali would be severely hurt. All of her girls need to be properly buckled PERIOD. I feel so bad for them!

  10. I hate to ask this, but is anyone else surprised that this is the first time Leah has had the cops called on her? (It is the first, right?) Seems like with all of her “alleged” problems she’d already have some mug shots to her name…

  11. It’s like Leah lives in a time warp of the 70’s as far as makeup, hair, and child safety goes.
    She has legions of defenders on Twitter and her star enabler, Dawn, so she won’t be changing anytime soon.

  12. I bet this doesn’t make Jeremy stop doing whatever whore he is currently doing in order to take custody of his own child!

  13. The girls have had car seats (and I believe ones that were appropriate for their height, weight, and age) so where are those car seats? I have twins, too and we never take the car seats out of the car because they’re a big pain in the ass to put back in! Why does she move these things all the time?! I remember her mentioning something about having to put the car seat back in the car in a recent episode.

  14. I’ve been wondering all season what the worst thing would turn out to be. For awhile I was thinking it would be the time when they retrieved the baby but I am shocked at how many times kids are not restrained in the vehicles and the parents often not at all! It is really ignorant and to me symbolic of other life choices for these people…..

    1. Soooooo many of the teen mom girls don’t wear their seat belts or wear put the shoulder strap behind them. Seriously it’s like every time they show a car scene it bugs me so much! How hard is it to wear a seatbelt? Kids who see their parents not wearing their seatbelts are going to grow up believing it’s not important.

      1. Agreed! I fight with my boyfriend constantly about wearing a seat belt, but then we took his dad and grandparents out for supper and not a single one of them wore a seat belt! I don’t understand people. I literally don’t feel safe in a vehicle without that pressure on my shoulder.

  15. I can’t believe she does not know how to use a car seat. All of her girls need to be safely buckled in EVERYTIME! As a mom of a child with muscle delays and special needs (like Ali), my daughter has stricter car seat rules than her brother. But, I do not drive till they are buckled. It is common sense…the whole car seat thing really pisses me off!

    1. Right? Even in the car seat dark ages of the early nineties (I outgrew all the booster seats before my third birthday) I was half-convinced that unfastening any of the buckles while the car the moving did the same thing as the brakes.

  16. Wait- they step in? What about when I think it was Farrah left her kid alone in the bath and she got scalded with hot water. They didn’t step in then…

  17. With is wrong with this chick!?! She can shell out the dough for a getaway w/her latest flavor of the month but cannot provide proper safety restraints for her 3 daughters??? Ridiculous! Corey should be granted sole physical custody of the twins and Leah should be supervised during her visitation. And if it is true that Corey is quitting TM2..he needs to take his girls off of this train wreck as well. When they are older they will thank him for it!

  18. I was in a car accident last year on the interstate going 70mph hitting someone head on who was going the wrong way. If j hadn’t had my seatbelt on I would’ve been dead. I am a nanny and I freak out of one of the car seats even wiggles a little bit! How can a MOTHER show no interest in her child’s well being and not care??? Car accidents happen in the flash of an eye and all of her children could be killed in an instant! Sad excuse of a “mom”.. I take better care of other people’s children than she does HER OWN.

  19. I’ve been waiting for *someone* to get after her about car seat safety. Many of the moms on 16 & Preg and Teen Mom OG/2 have been terrible about properly using car seats. It’s such a simple thing and it does so much to protect your children. I recently re-watched the unseen moments from TM2 last season, and there was that clip of Jeremy thinking Corey was wearing his shorts – you could see the twins weren’t buckled in at all and it drove me insane that Dr Drew couldn’t be bothered to make a mention of this. Or hell, do a PSA for a website on car seat safety like they do when there’s a scene about drugs or emotional abuse or whatever else. Jesus.

    1. Excellent point. Although I’m incapable of thinking about “itsyoursexlife.com” without hearing the entire Dr. Drew PSA at this point.

    2. Thank you! Did you notice Kaiser’s carseat visibly moving as Jenelle drives off? The seat should not move more than an inch when wiggled, much less just riding down the road.

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