‘Sister Wives’ Star Meri Brown Releases Statement After Being Catfished by a Woman

"Well this is embarrassing..."
“Well this is embarrassing…”

By Holly Rasmussen & The Ashley

Back in August, The Ashley told you that Meri Brown had been a victim of catfishing. Now the Sister Wives star has come forward to confirm the news and discuss what happened.

Meri, who is no longer legally married to her spiritual husband, Kody Brown, thought she was having an online relationship with a man named Sam, but the person she was speaking with during that time  turned out to be a woman!

In a statement to Us Weekly, Meri admitted to the online affair.

“During an emotional and vulnerable time earlier this year, I began speaking with someone online who turned out to be not who they said they were,” Meri said in a statement. “I never met this person and I regret being drawn into this situation, but I hope because of it I can help others who find themselves in similar circumstances.”

Meri’s statement only hints at what really happened. It all started when a “man” named Sam Cooper began tweeting Meri from the Twitter handle @notbatmanyet. Sam seemed to have it all: he was good looking, owned several businesses and was there for Meri during the time she was legally divorcing Kody.

The two began corresponding online and via phone. In fact, Meri often flaunted their relationship on Twitter via cryptic tweets.

Meri trusted “Sam,” became friends with some of “his” friends and, according to All About The Tea, even took a trip to Disneyland with his friend, Lindsay, who was allegedly Sam’s assistant. Meri was supposed to meet Sam on that fateful trip as well, but it never happened.

"Er...if it makes you feel better, you still get to spend one out of four days with ME!"
“Er…if it makes you feel better, you still get to spend one out of four days with ME!”

At one point, “Sam” hinted that he and Meri were engaged and that Meri was planning to leave the Brown family for good. (This was happening during the time that Meri was filming the season of ‘Sister Wives’ that is airing now.)

Facebook groups began popping up to try to figure out what was really going on between Meri and “Sam,” and it began to get messy. Several of these devoted online detectives discovered that the woman behind “Sam” has a history of catfishing online, and that she was able to successfully change her voice to convince Meri that she was actually male instead of female.

The sleuths eventually discovered that the woman who had met Meri as “Lindsay” was the same person pretending to be “Sam.”

Got all that?!

In an attempt to convince nay-sayers that “he” and Meri did have a real relationship, “Sam” posted a few of the voicemails that Meri left him during their affair. In a particularly juicy voicemail dated June 30, 2015, Meri seems to be convincing “Sam” that he is much better than that husband of hers, Kody.

“I wasn’t comparing you in any way…guess what? If I were comparing you, you win on all counts. You win on all f**king levels!” a person who is undeniably Meri Brown tells “Sam” in the voicemail. “I think you’re taller, better looking…very much better looking…kinder, sweeter; you care about me and you want me.”

In that same voicemail, Meri tells who she believes to be Sam, “We have something more passionate than I’ve ever felt.” (Listen to more of Meri’s voicemails left for “Sam” by clicking here.)

In a statement to People magazine, Meri said she was sharing her story in hopes that it will help other people who have been catfished.

“I hope because of it I can help others who find themselves in similar circumstances,” Meri said. “Throughout this ordeal, my family has supported and stood by by me. I am grateful to them for their love and strength through this difficult time.”

Since Meri admitted to being catfished, neither Kody nor his other three wives—Janelle, Robyn and Christine—have spoken about the incident on social media. Meri and Kody’s daughter, Mariah, has also been silent about the catfishing of her mother.

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  1. Really Nancy…what happened to Meri is horrible…but for you to say Kody has been faithful that’s funny…I’m sure he has a hard time satisfying one true wife let alone 4 …but you do make me wonder how many sister wives do you have?…as for blister sister Robyn..she is always in kody boys shit..I see the favoritism this whole season..blister sister Robyn needs to take her big butt back to the Pineys..she’s going to be the downfall the whole brown family…

  2. The rumor about Aurora, in regards to the “Warren Jeffs” style family practices, is completely and totally false. The Browns are nothing like that and only indulge in clean wholesome family fun times, nothing else.

  3. Sorry but this is failed cheating! You have to leave the relationship first then you can go look for another love interest.

  4. Hay I dont want to hear any one being mean to her on this nightmare that happened to her and no one has anynright to judge any thing that this family does im sure we all have some things that are hidden that we would not want anynone to know that we have done or are doing so just keep gour big fat mouths shut!!!! At least this family is true and not hidden
    And are true to to ther lifes ther not a bunch of fakes lime some of u are

    1. Jody, your volunteered display of your stupidities is quite telling. Please do not assume that you have done anything but embarrass yourself in a degrading manner, because you assuredly have. Proclaiming a low moral character on par with Meri’s that you need to hide gives the indication that you are at least as adulterous and as character bankrupt as her. You’re both disgusting and repulsive in a depraved and skankish way.

  5. My heart hurts for her. She wants soo desperately to be happy, to feel loved and attracted by her spouse. This catfish situation was salt in her wide open wounds.

    1. What about the fact that Kody was bedding three other women before he got back to her? That can’t make anyone feel happy and loved and special. And to top it off, Kody’s great lust and passion for Robyn. Meri was having her nose rubbed in that situation daily.

  6. She can still easily find a better man then Kody. She’s obviously not happy, and I hope she finds the strength to move on

    1. She is a confirmed cheater, what man would she find? If Kody will forgive her she should be thankful to serve him the rest of the days of her life. As for trusting her, once a low down cheater, ALWAYS A CHEATER. Her actions have been deplorable. She is a hypocrite in long sleeves and a thong that reads “come and get it.”

  7. That’s really sad. Now that someone totally destroyed her ego she is less likely to get out of the unhealthy situation she is in. Stay strong Mary, there are crappy people all over but there are also really wonderful people.

    1. Meri needs to stay within the family unit to be protected from temptation. By keeping her eyes focused on Kody she will learn and grow to be a happy and contented spiritual wife in all its glory. Fake grass can be greener than real grass and is always at the perfect height, even without mowing, watering or fertilizer. It’s still fake, though. Kody needs attention like real grass, if only Meri would pitch in like Christine, Janelle, and Robyn. It takes team work to make success a reality! If Meri falls in line and remains within the limits of her own lane, all will be well for her.

      1. I have noticed the last several episodes where MERI sits silent and totally disinterested in the conversation going on around her. I’m thinking ” What’s up with her, is she maybe regretting the divorce? Now we know- this was a build-up to a catfishing ” scandal” Well , what else can they do to keep the audience interested? Adopting the kids ? because obviously the worst thing that can happen to them is to be raised by the father they love and who loves them. Funny how they were able to visit their father only after he “agrees” to let them be adopted. HMMM? Well ALL I see is MERI trying to force tears but failing, her eyes don’t even get red. If I was catfished I would delete them and not announce it on TV. Really, who cares.

    1. Kody has always been faithful to his four wives and never has he strayed. If he can exibit that amount of self control, he is setting a fine example for the show’s fans and viewers to follow.

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