‘Sister Wives’ Season 6 Episode 10 Recap: Baby News Blues & The Husband Without a Clue

"This episode better focus on me, Kody Brown, or you'll pay the price!"
“This episode better focus on me, Kody Brown, or you’ll pay the price!”

By Holly Rasmussen

This week we were treated to two episodes of Sister Wives! (Click here to read the recap of Friday’s mini preview episode!) On Friday’s episode we learned that Kody’s favorite wife, Robyn, is pregnant…again. She is expecting what will be Kody’s 18th spawn.

Although Robyn is excited to announce the pregnancy to the family, she is nervous the teenagers won’t react well to it. When she was pregnant with her son, Solomon, two years ago some of the teens expressed disappointment and said they thought the family had enough kids. (Well, at least some people in this family have some sense!)

"I can't stop making Kody spawn!"
“I can’t stop making Kody spawn!”

Robyn and Kody decide they will break the baby news to Robyn’s three older children first. The girls are excited about the new baby but Dayton is unsure. Robyn says one of the symptoms of Dayton’s Asperger’s Syndrome is that change is hard for him.

Good thing Kody and Robyn aren’t making a ton of rapid changes in his life, like changing his father, his name and adding a new baby to the family all at once.


TLC can’t just admit that Robyn is the only wife that Kody cares about so they have to pretend to be interested in what the other three are doing for a minute. Meri, for instance, is suffering from a mysterious illness. She said she lost 30 pounds in six weeks.

How Robyn feels when the focus shifts to Meri for a segment...
How Robyn feels when the focus shifts to Meri for a segment…

She undergoes a CAT scan, alone, of course, because her husband is off diddling his legal wife, surely. The doctor doesn’t think Meri’s mystery illness is cervical cancer but wants to send the tests off just to be sure. Meri heads home to wait for the results.

Back at the cul de sac, Kody and Christine are still having marital problems. Shockingly, their anniversary rock-sculpture-building trip did not cure all of their issues, so they head to their therapist’s office

"Like...how much longer is she gonna talk?"
“Like…how much longer is she gonna talk?”

Their problem, of course, is that Kody is an idiot. The therapist talks to them about how Christine feels neglected. Of course she does. There are only 24 hours in a day and the man has four wives and a million children.

Christine is also angry that Kody yells at her every time she dares to disagree with him; yet he lets Robyn walk all over him and do whatever she wants. As Christine is explaining this to the therapist, Kody looks confused and then seems to be trying to just stay awake.

Robyn is still afraid of everyone’s reaction to her pregnancy, so she comes up with a plan to throw them off her trail. She has Meri invite the family over to her house and she enlists Meri to make the announcement for her.

Seriously?! Leave Meri alone. She gave you her legal wife status, let her relax at her wet bar in peace. Make your own baby announcement, Robyn!

The Browns could barely contain themselves after the pregnancy announcement!
The Browns could barely contain themselves after the pregnancy announcement!

Meri is just over the whole thing and doesn’t even care anymore. At the dinner, Robyn is creeping around looking morose and everyone else looks like they know what is coming. Meri makes the pregnancy announcement with very little fanfare. The younger kids start screaming with joy. The teens look fairly happy about it. I guess they’ve resigned themselves to their fate of being the next Duggars.

The kids start throwing out baby names, but Kody, ever the control freak, is shooting down all of their suggestions. Why do you have to ruin every happy moment, Kody?

The next day, Kody, Robyn, Aurora, and Briana go to the midwife for Robyn’s first prenatal appointment. Robyn tries to explain the process of listening to the fetus’ heartbeat, but her limited knowledge of science is showing. School is hard, y’all!

"Am I still on this show? No, seriously...am I?"
“Am I still on this show? No, seriously…am I?”

They are able to get a sonogram and confirm that Robyn is not having twins. Just one Kody spawn will be heading our way in the New Year!

Next week, Kody and Robyn go to court to try and get Kody legal parental rights to Aurora, Briana and Dayton. Also next week, Maddie introduces her parents to the guy we now know as her fiancé. This sub-story line means we may actually see a little bit of Janelle in the episode next week, in between shots of Robyn crying and Kody preening his head mop.

To read Holly’s recap of the previous episode of ‘Sister Wives,’ click here!

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  1. The lack of compassion for Meri just blows my mind. Aswing her to host your baby announcement when she has been struggling wits infertility for years?! She just gave up her marriage for your existing children. Robin you seriously are missing a sensitivity chip!

  2. When Christine and Cody were at the beach building a structure with rocks that represented “them”, She kept trying to build something about their relationship as a couple. He kept knocking it down saying we are not “two” we are a family, and I will listen when you build something representing the family. My question is, why did Cody and Robyn tell “her” kids the baby news first? I thought all the “kids” were affected by the news? Are they not all going to be 1/2 siblings? A Family? Poor Christine, she will never win.

  3. Thanks “The Ashley”. I enjoy your comments about the show. I also enjoy seeing tht other’s share my view on the disparity of the marriages.
    I was wondering what was wrong with Meri and why she has been so quiet. I was also wondering about the cervical cancer. The doctor said everything looked fine down there so maybe there is no HPV.
    I hope the hades Meri does find a good man, somewhere. Seems to me if Kody and Robyn cared about her feelings then they would promote Kody and Meri having a vow renewal ceremony and let it be about someone besides Robyn for a change! Well, let’s just hope Meri is smart enoough not to get caught up in that sham of a marrige again and it is her doing not the thoughtlessness of the newly legal couple!

  4. It’s interesting how they all put on this “happy family” front but when they get down to one on one they all admit they’re not happy about anything. What is the point then?


  5. I really loved this show for the first season. I thought these guys really knew how to make polygamy marriage work. Then came season two and a fourth wife. Things have gone drastically down hill with each successive season. Now, all I see are lots of unhappy people, all feeling as if they don’t get equal rights and love. Very sad.

    I hope Maddie is successful in her monogamous relationship and finds love, peace, happiness and will eventually be allowed into the Latter Day Saints Church if she continues to want that.

    I have come to the conclusion that reality TV, no matter what the show theme is, is WAY to hard on people, and especially relationships.

  6. You’d be hard pressed to find a monogamously married woman who is MORE malcontent than the ones in Kody Brown’s “haram”. All they do is moan about their lot in life..
    Robin is about to have a complete breakdown if the family doesn’t throw her a ticker tape parade upon the announcement of her pregnancy.
    Christine can’t vacation alone with her husband, so brings the therapist (WTF!?!).
    Meri can’t wipe the sour puss look off her face because she has a piece on the side and she needs to put a show on for the beloved he/she paramour.
    Janelle is just along for the ride. Quietly counting her grudges.

    1. I agree on all 4 counts! Wtf is with Meri, and Janelle? Janelle needs to get a grip and if your not happy GET THE FFF out!

      1. Honestly, I think Janelle stays so her kids will be around their father and siblings (though Savannah’s attitude last episode leads me to believe she could take it or leave it). She left before – in the book she said that’s why she came back.

        I hope that when her youngest hits 18 and goes to college (or whatever), she gets out. She has her real estate license, she can make her own money and do well for herself without having that circus dragging her down.

  7. one janelle is worth 10 bawl baby robyns. also-did any of you guys catch WHY robyn thought she was surely having twins-beyond being sicker (and bawl babier) sooner than any other pregnancies? i thought that was weird, but maybe i missed something? I also was so put off by robyns little rant on how the family ruined her last baby announcement and so she had to make sure she had “her moment of joy” by excluding the entire Brown family, except her very own brood when she made her initial announcement. didnt kody yell at christine for wanting to have their recent marital anniversary be just about kody and christine? he said “make it about the entire family and i will love you.” i guess Robyn can make it about just her clan and kody keeps his gob closed. assclown.

    1. Lol! Its obvious to all that the thin, younger, newer version of a woman is more appealing then any other version of any wives! Am I right or what?

      1. YES!!!! of COURSE she is, and it would be admirable that they pretend that he loves all of them just as much, but that went out the door long ago. Janelle, to my immense glee, doesnt seem to care one way or another what kody sticks it in. meri, clearly is looking for love in all the wrong places, only christine seems to be (in vain, mind you) fighting to keep a place in Kodys heart.

    2. Christine is fun, she is a good person who deserves to be treated better. She deserves to be special to someone. She became a third wife so she’d be the new one, the fun one. Just like being a Mistress. When a mistress is replaced, she gets nothing because no one really cares.

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