Exclusive Interview: ‘Teen Mom 3’ Star Matt McCann- Where Is He Now?

Former 'Teen Mom 3' star Matt McCann has been sober for over three years.In recent weeks, The Ashley has been catching you up with the cast of Teen Mom 3. The show was canceled by MTV nearly two years ago, and since then a lot has changed in the lives of the show’s stars. The Ashley recently interviewed ‘Teen Mom 3’ stars Alex Sekella and Katie Yeager to see what their lives have been like since the MTV cameras stopped rolling in 2012.

This week, The Ashley spoke to former ‘Teen Mom 3’”bad boy” Matt McCann. When we last saw Matt, who is the father of Alex’s daughter, Arabella, he was in a downward spiral, due to a nasty drug addiction. Now, two years later, Matt says he’s turned his life around.

“Since the show has ended, I have worked so hard to get my life in order,” Matt said, adding that he has been sober for over three years and five months. “During the filming of 16 and Pregnant and ‘Teen Mom 3’ I was heavily using whatever [drugs] I could get hold of. At that time I was already so deep into my addiction nothing could have pulled me out, sadly not even Arabella at the time.”

Matt says he hit even harder times after filming ended.

“Everyone saw me overdose on ‘Teen Mom 3’ but they didn’t truly see the aftermath,” Matt said. “I put myself into rehab and fought to get clean. When I got out, my mother told me I couldn’t stay with her and I had no one to turn to. I was literally living in the woods. No one wanted to give me another chance and it’s understandable why.”

Matt and his fiance Lekota are expecting a baby in January.
Matt and his fiance Lekota are expecting a baby in January.

Matt met his now-fiancé, Lekota, soon afterward and he said that helped him turn his life around.

“Lekota and her family, they took me in and helped me get back on my feet,” Matt said. “To them I am incredibly grateful.”

Matt is now living in Idaho with Lekota.

“We left Pennsylvania because there were people, places and things I needed to get away from for my sobriety and well-being,” Matt said. “Since moving here, I’ve had great job opportunities that have allowed me to almost pay off all my debt. I’ve met wonderful people and have grown a lot as a man. But I need to get home to my daughter. Life is too empty without her.”

The couple is expecting a son in January whom they plan to name after Matt. After the baby’s birth, Matt said that he and Lekota plan to move back to Pennsylvania.

“I’m currently preparing for my son’s birth and paying off my child support [for Arabella],” Matt said. “I’m focused on moving back home as soon as possible and hopefully going back to college.”

Matt said he’s currently not able to see Arabella, who is still living in Pennsylvania.

“Alex and I do keep a line of communication open,” he said. “I miss her a lot and cannot wait to come home and see her. I do know she’s being very well taken care of by her mom and for that I am grateful.”

In her interview, Alex told The Ashley that she is currently involved in a serious relationship with her boyfriend, Tim. Matt says he’s also grateful to Tim.

“I appreciate Alex’s boyfriend, Tim, for being an awesome role model in [Arabella’s] life,” he said.

Matt and Alex during the filming of 'Teen Mom 3.'
Matt and Alex during the filming of ‘Teen Mom 3.’

Although ‘Teen Mom 3’ has been off the air for nearly two years, Matt says he’s still recognized by the show’s fans.

“Most of the time people only know what they saw on TV so they think I’m some douchebag,” he said. “I have met quite a lot of people, though, who saw beyond the show and understood what I was struggling with [at the time of filming].”

Matt said he was reluctant to sign on for ‘Teen Mom 3’ in the first place.

“I never wanted to do ‘Teen Mom 3,’” he said. “It never made me feel comfortable and I honestly don’t think it’s helped anyone avoid teen pregnancy. While ‘TM3’ was more realistic to the struggle of teen parenting, I don’t think it focused enough on what it’s truly like bringing a child into the world when you yourself are still a child.”

He said that he’d be reluctant to do any more filming with MTV, should he be asked.

“I honestly don’t know if they’ll do a catch-up show; if I did film again it’d be very brief,” Matt said. “It’d be just to show people I’m clean and how far I’ve come. I’d be very careful in what I say so it can’t be twisted.”

Recently, Matt has gone off social media.

“When I found out that Lekota was having my child, I deleted everything,” Matt said. “My goals for the future are to obviously marry Lekota, find some middle ground with Alex so that Arabella has both of her families in her life, go to college, find a career that I truly love and excel at so I can support my family, and raise my children to be compassionate citizens of the world.

“All in all, I just want to be happy and I want to be a good father and husband.”

To read The Ashley’s catch-up interview with ‘Teen Mom 3’ star Alex Sekella, click here. (For Katie Yeager’s interview, click here!) Stay tuned for more ‘Teen Mom 3’ updates, coming soon!

(Top photos: Courtesy of Matt McCann, Bottom photo: MTV)

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  1. Wow. This is so amazing to hear! I really hope that Matt is still sober and in the best possible place in his life – you could tell from the show that even though he was struggling so badly with addiction – he was a good guy who was just lost and influenced by the wrong people. I hope he is thriving and does everything he wants to do in life ?

  2. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “Trash”. Reason: Failed Bot Test (expired) *]
    CONGRATS MATT AWESOME JOB …I believe u couldnt have made a better choice then moving away from of where and who …that’s a big deal n needs to b done for sobriety….my husband passed on 2/2019 od…he had 5 yrs sober however in pa he shouldnt have been where he grew up with the same people same place scranton…where everyone knew and they were part of that world….we moved to the valley area all was good still in pa but not scranton hed walk in a store up there he saw a neighbor a friends from up in the valley not those scranton peeps …demographics is a key part ..keep that in mind when u decide to move back to pa:)…seeing and spending time with your daughter will come in due time, ) nothing can stop you know personally I think ALEX was such a snob mean thing towards u …for her daughter she could have been a little more supportive …in certain ways …she might just b ignorant to the whole addiction thing still I didnt never would give up be mean to my husband ….Matt as u probably know take IT ONE DAY AT A TIME …u got this congrats again on your sobriety stay strong…good luck and congrats on ur new relationship and babyboy:)
    And good luck with every new step ahead

  3. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “Trash”. Reason: Failed Bot Test (expired) *]
    I agree with Matt the show didn help with teen pregnancy it kinds in a way made it look a little to easy BEING A TEENAGE MOM living at home most of the situations mayb the show glorified it mostly with alwayS showing laughing goin to parks friends on trips etc.
    And Matt Congradulations on your sobriety not an easy thing to do but u did ONE DAY at a time…my husband passed away feb 2019 of an overdosed 5yrs clean …u my friend u smart enough to get away from where and who…that is a big step to take Demographics do make a difference..i believe aalex shouldnt have been such a hating snob to towards u…support love ur baby daddy u help trust addicts dint wanna be that and truthfully it’s not them when they r in thier addiction ps thet also dont wake one day and say U KNOW I THINK TODAY IS THE DAY IM GONNA BECOME AN ADDICT….rights as to ur daughter mayb the supervised visit would have PUT IN PLACE ……support from lOveD ones go along way..EVEN IF SHE FELT THAT WAY FOR YOUR DAUGHTER SAKE ….enjoy every new step that’s a head .

  4. I would have bet this man would end up dead or in prison. I am so happy to be wrong. Hoping he does well and has a happy loving future. WTG Matt!!!!

  5. Hope he continues to do well and proud of him for making these changes in his life. Still don’t understand why people from 16 and Pregnant and Teen Mom don’t wait until they are financially stable to reproduce. It’s fine if you want more kids but why not get all your ducks in row first so you’re not in a constant struggle.

  6. I followed him on Twitter for a bit, after TM3 went off the air. He was working super hard to get his sh*t together and it sounds like he’s doing great. Kudos, buddy.

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