‘Teen Mom’ Leah Messer Admits She Lost Custody of Her Twins: Read Her Private Facebook Rants (EXCLUSIVE)

Leah has admitted to losing primary custody of the twins.
Leah has admitted to losing primary custody of the twins.

Leah Messer has spoken!

The troubled Teen Mom 2 star has given her first interview following the reports that she lost primary custody of her twin daughters, Ali and Aleeah, to their father, Corey Simms. In an interview with Us Weekly, (that was almost certainly set up by MTV), Leah admitted that the rumors were true, and that she now only has her twins on the weekends.

“It was like a slap in the face,” Leah told the magazine of the moment on August 24 that a judge awarded Corey primary custody. (The date that the custody switch actually happened is a bit unclear. Us Weekly states that August 24 was the date that Corey went to court for custody, but that October 7 was the date Leah officially lost primary custody.)

After the hearing, The Ashley can confirm that Leah went home and cryptically vowed (via an August 24 Facebook post) to take action against what had just happened.

“God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference…and the willingness to take ACTION!”

Leah’s prayer choice is curious; she chose to post the Serenity Prayer, which is commonly taught in recovery groups for those overcoming addiction.

Leah told Us Weekly that after the judge’s ruling, she filed a motion to have the court reconsider the custody decision. One of the reasons the judge ruled in Corey’s favor was that Corey said Leah was failing to get the twins to school on time– and sometimes didn’t take them at all!

Of course, Leah denied that this ever happened (except for one tardy, of course). She said she set up a meeting with a school superintendent on October 17 and charged in with “time-stamped photos” showing that the girls were not tardy to school. Leah insists it was all a mistake and that the school will be taking off the tardies from the girls’ records. Just one day before, she posted a rant on Facebook that was almost certainly aimed at her ex-husband Corey.

“I’ll always find a way to dodge your low blows and I promise you won’t push me until I break,” she wrote. “I’ll never fall down! I’ll be standing stronger than ever!”

"Well no one told me the girlseses had to attend school EVERY day! Dingdang it!"
“Well no one told me the girlseses had to attend school EVERY day! Dingdang it!”

In early October, Leah cryptically ranted on Facebook about something that was going on with her twins. (It appears that the girls may have been questioned about something.) Her friends and family urged her to contact the school board and department of education about what happened.

“It truly amazes me how adults can sit back and taunt children questioning them to only benefit themselves!” Leah wrote on October 7. “Misery loves company and I’m not even gonna join, but I will say it pisses me off.”

The new issue of Us Weekly features Leah on its cover. The Ashley is told that in the interview, Leah also admits to “hooking up” with Corey two months after his June 2013 wedding to Miranda (but does not admit to their back-of-the-truck tryst in 2014). In the article, Leah reportedly states that she thinks Corey has an ulterior motive for taking custody of the girls.

The Ashley will post more when she has new info on this.

To read what Leah’s ‘Teen Mom 2’ co-stars had to say about Leah losing custody, click here!

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78 Responses

  1. My cousin legitimated has narcolepsy and she had
    to have in home care to help with her young kids when she was alone with them because it’s that serious and dangerous for young kids to be without supervision. Also she had her drivers license suspended her doctor had to notify the department of licensing …..luckily she’s ok with this as her main priority is her kids safety.
    So…. yeah …. Not buying it.

  2. I would like The Ashley to find out if Leah is pregnant. The recently posted pics on her Leah Messer Official fan page are extremely suspect, and she looks like she is 2nd trimester. Wtf, Leah?!?!

  3. It’s truly pathetic and pitiful that Leah is still playing the victim. She needs to own the fact that she fucked up on multiple occasions and these are the repercussions. I think her mind frame in all this has to do with the fact that she’s not a show favorite anymore. Before everyone had sympathy when it came to Ali….now everyone’s like GET HELP YOU’RE AN ADDICT and she has no idea how to deal with it other than lie and try deceive, so she can still convince people that she’s the victim.

  4. On a side note – I just want to point out the hypocrisy in some people. When Leah cheated on Cory before their wedding, she was roasted. People still talk about it and call her names because of it. Yet Cory has cheated on Miranda not once but twice since they have been married and it is barely mentioned. In fact, I have seen a lot of comments blaming Leah for the affairs. Cory had done far worse to Miranda than what Leah did to him, but he isn’t called names. No one is writing articles making fun of him and talking about him not being able to stay away from Leah.

    1. cory isnt bringing up every chance he gets it happen and he moved o leah is the one who keeps running her mouth about it.

      1. Twice with Leah. The first was a few months after Cory and Miranda got married, the second time was last fall. He also cheated on Miranda with someone else before they got married.

    2. and leah was married to jeremy at the time too. so she cheated AGAIN. plenty of people are talking about it, saying how could he and if they were miranda they either wouldn’t have stayed or at least waited on a baby. it’s just that the one thing corey did so pales in comparison to the myriad of fucked up things leah did TO HER KIDS that is doesn’t warrant as much anger.

  5. Leah just blows my mind.

    Does she not realize instead of having most people hate her if she would just come clean and admit to her wrongdoings she would get support? I mean at this point I almost feel like admitting to being under the influence would make her look BETTER. Because if you aren’t on any substance than how do you explain such terrible and dangerous parenting? Guess you’re just a shitty parent? Fvck logic?! I mean really!!

    You show your true colors because if you really wanted the girls back you would have started treatment like, yesterday. She is 100% more invested in her own pride than her children ! It makes me ill! And I’m just astounded by the amount of lies she gets caught in!

    I’m starting to agree with some people that aside from depression, anxiety, and obvious drug abuse she’s inherintly broken in some way – like a personality disorder. She posts all these quotes and statuses about how she’s such a strong woman yet she makes ZERO effort to get a job or further her education so SHE can be the provider and role model. I don’t doubt she moved right in with TR (plus I’ve seen on FB comments from people in her town that confirm they’re out and about together). She is so utterly dependent on a man to provide and build up her ego!!
    And here she is running her mouth about Corey but gee, she sure has yet to say anything about Addy running away. THATS SO SERIOUS!!! It sickens me to even type it out but kids that age get taken. They get sexually assaulted. Does she not realize how crazy that was?!
    Some stable environment.

    As far as Miranda goes – I like her more than Leah and Corey. Shes a saint

    1. Give her time. She is working on her excuse for Addie walking out of the house and wandering the neighborhood alone. Right now she is busy making excuses for her neglect of the twins. Jeremy will be coming after his daughter soon by the sound of it, so we can look forward to a whole new set of BS excuses

  6. So is Leah now paying child support to Corey? That’s what I’m curious about. I’m the odd one out and I actually have compassion for Leah. I do believe she suffers severe depression and anxiety, and as someone who has suffered as well, I can attest to how painful it can be, and how severely it can effect you, mentally and physically. I have never turned to illegaI drug use, but I can see how in very dark times someone could get there, especially if they hadn’t had proper support and they have poor coping skills. I don’t believe it was the desire to party and get high for fun that led Leah down this path, I think she started self medicating to cope, and as it progressed and got out of hand she quickly went off the rails. i really do feel for her though, her fault or not, I can’t imagine what it would feel like to lose your kids, when they’ve been primarily with you since birth. That being said, I hope they continue to stay with Corey until Leah can show consistent stability over a long period of time. And I do think she should be paying him child support.

    Also did Leah really lose Addie and have a cop bring her back or is that just a rumour?

      1. From my understanding Leah is fighting the custody order. I would also assume that just because the custody changed, Corey will now have to take her back to court again to get the child support order changed and she will likely be paying him child support.

  7. Instead of lashing out at her husband and the judge, I wish that this ruling would open her eyes that she needs to get her addiction in check. Unfortunately with being a teen mom, you have to learn to take care of another being before you can even take care of herself. Not only did she have one baby, she had 1) twins, 2) one child with special need, and 3) a third child during her second marriage. I can’t imagine handling all that at her age. She should take this time to focus on her recovery. You can’t take care of other people when you’re struggling and sick. Corey is thankfully at a place where he can take care of the girls with Miranda while she figures herself out (which is not always the case for single moms). But of course, she’d actually have to be a mature person who wants the best for her children. With the Facebook rants and passive-aggressive comments, it looks like she cares more about what people are saying about her than what’s best for her and her kids.

    1. thank you, she spends all her time trying to cover her ass rather than actually getting help! i can’t believe she’s Still Denying! as if the judge would change custody because of excessive absences and tardies without school records reflecting this! she can take all the pics she wants on her stupid phone, the staff takes attendance and makes notes just fine lol. last time the went to court, the judge said, literally, all she had to do was get them to school and ali to therapy regularly and on time, or he’d reconsider. and she couldn’t even do that! radar has more of the story. at first, she said it’s not true, they weren’t tardy. then she says they were, but it’s because of my narcolepsy. that begs the question: wtf is a narcoleptic doing driving PERIOD?! she wouldn’t have a license with that diagnosis, and she’s too dumb to come up with a convincing lie and stick to it. she cares so much what people think, which is the only reason she didn’t give him custody when he begged for it, not realizing if she’d only admit it all and start recovery, she’d have so much more support. i so wish she’d see what’s happening and truly start to work on herself, instead of spending half her time scoring drugs and the other half trying to cover her ass. she even tried to say she never nodded out on tv, that mtv somehow superimposed her face on some junkie nodding out. i mean, come ON lol people can’t respect that. her mother just fans the flames too, she’d be the one whose kid just stabbed someone 22 times going, he’s a good boy, i know he’d never! at least not maybe the girlses will actually live to tell their story smh.

      1. Thank you! People keep saying she is a good mom and the judge was stupid to take the girls away just because she had tardies. No judge is going to take away her kids over that, the fact that Leah is still denying everything makes people hate her. She is a liar. She needs to show people her problems and how she is going to fix those problems because she is a role model thanks to MTV. I do wish Leah the best because it’s not okay to wish pain on anyone but her daughter deserve parents who are all there not one who can’t even admit to using pain pills and abusing them. First step is to ADMIT you have a problem. She still hasn’t done that. Unfortunately she chose to be in the public eye and everything she does is going to get scrutinized more. it makes you wonder what she really did to have the judge take her girls away. I wonder if she actually agreed to let Corey and Miranda take the girlses(lol) maybe she signed the wrong box when she was high. Lol jk

        1. i saw the whole article in us weekly yesterday as well as corey’s response, and corey says just for the month of august, the girls were either absent or late ten times. do you know how annoying that is to teachers, for a kid to come in late and disrupt CONSTANTLY? and leah’s response is a, it’s just not true, they were only late once, and b, if they were, it’s because she’s narcoleptic. like really? that’s your answer and everyone should just nod and swallow it lol no.

  8. Why does she think everyone is out to get her?? Ulterior motive?? Girl, get your head outta your ass and get your shit together!!

  9. A judge can’t take your children away because your ex-husband is trying to “get you”. A judge has to uphold the law and rule on what is best for the kids, obviously he has a reason (probably several). Leah can’t be a good mom until she grows up and takes responsibility for her actions. I do hope Leah turns her life around because her girls deserve to have a mother who can be there for them. I’m sure it was not easy having children, especially with special needs, so young but we all make our own choices and have to deal with the consequences. Let go of your pride and your addictions because the minute those children were born it ceased to be all about you! Get the help you need and be honest.

    1. I agree, Katie! Especially since Corey had tried to get more time from the judge not too long ago (was it a year ago?) and was unsuccessful. The judge wouldn’t change his mind so soon without good reason.

    2. correction: it Should have ceased to be all about her but it didn’t, not for one second! from the time she got home with them, she was going out every night with robbie and leaving corey home, crying with a baby in each arm, begging her to stay in just one night. he’s a prince in my book for that smh, can’t believe anyone has the nerve to bash him and take her side after all she’s done since those babies were born. the article said corey had the papers from the school showing they had been absent or late wayyy too much already and the judge changed it, effective immediately. i think she loves them, but she was already young and very immature, and then she just got very overwhelmed. she doesn’t get that people could understand how she ended up on that road, we just can’t understand her not admitting it and not truly trying to change, only to make it look like she has. she’s so self righteous calling out others though too. like her smirking at corey on the reunion, all ‘where were YOU your first months of marriage?’ um. she was married too! sooo frustrating even listening to her, if i were corey and miranda, i would be way past fed up too and i would’ve let that ass kisser ‘dr’ drew know exactly what i thought about his bs, right there in front of God and anyone else watching, she needs to be called out.

  10. Question…did she purposefully sleep with corey so she could use the “miranda is jealous” argument? I just can’t believe she would be that smart tho.

    1. I really think Miranda should leave Corey for sleeping with Leah two weeks after being married. Why would she want his ass if he don’t know what the word “marriage ” even means. Miranda you need to stand up for yourself.if he did it once he will do it again wake up before your child is born.

    2. Not sure why you have down votes because I think this is exactly what Leah did. Her only skill is trapping men. You can tell that Corey truly loved her and she played him by getting with Jeremy, but once she had Jeremy trapped with Addy, she dropped Corey like a hot potato because she finally had all the money she would ever need. The drug addiction may have started because of her botched epidural, but she’s been on a downward spiral her whole life. Her mother is a manipulative troll who has told her daughter her whole life that if you give it up to a man, he will take care of you. Leah’s childhood was probably the exact same thing as the twins now expect Corey actually will fight for his kids (unlike her dad; who was probably abusive or an addict too) and now that Corey won’t roll over and take her shit anymore, he’s evil and out to get her. So yes, I totally believe that both times she cheated with Corey were to benefit her ego and justify her low self esteem and piss poor parenting skills. But it was mainly to stick it to Miranda who is twice the woman she could ever be and deep down, Leah knows that. Even without the addiction, Leah’s got Daddy issues, BIG time. If it came out that she was sexually abused, I wouldn’t be surprised at all. She’s the perfect storm of mental illness, father abandonment, possible abuse from all the men her mother had in and out of her life until Dawn married Lee, and from a poor, uneducated area where drugs are the only thing to do and super easy to get.

  11. I wonder if leah knows that once you do lose primary custody that it is very hard to get back and takes several years example jen Elle (even though that’s lack of trying) amber,cleo dria (from 16 and pregnant ) and all the other moms who have lost primary custody.

  12. I actually blame Dawn a lot for the reason Leah is the way she is. I knew that from the moment Leah told her that she and Jeremy were going to try and have a baby. A real mother would of said, “Get your head out of your ass and take care of your two girls. Ali has special needs. The last thing you need to do right now is have another baby wit a man you’ve only been with for a few months!” Instead, Dawn says, “Well…that’s kinda quick.” Gee!!! Ya think, Dawn??????

    1. I blame Dawn for a lot of Leah’s problems because she always has an excuse for Leah’s behavior and is so quick to attack anyone who tells Leah the truth.

    2. Yeah…ditto. It’s sad on a few levels. Dawn definitely never learned how to be assertive with her kids. She was also a teen mom and had a few kids back to back, so it’s also all Leah knows. Not enough guidance, environmental factors…etc. It sucks.

  13. So she lost custody in August and not on Oct 13 like it’s been reported elsewhere? I’m surprised it happened two months before it got leaked…

    As for the girls being questioned about something, that’s something I’d really be concerned about. If her FB friends are encouraging her to talk to the school board and Dept. of Ed, it makes me wonder if a teacher or another adult at the school was asking the girls questions about their mom – not out of concern but out of curiosity and gossip. I’ve always wondered how these girls (and anyone remotely famous) figure out who to trust around their children, especially as the kids are getting older and might innocently give information that gossip mags would go crazy about.

    1. I kind of took that as she was implying Corey had done that, honestly. Pumped the girls for information on whether they were going to school, etc.

      Even if it’s not, I’m not sure her FB Friends would ever encourage her to own up to her own mistakes, there’s always a way that someone else can “fix” what she’s done.

      1. Corey doest need to “pump” the girlses as to whether they are going to school. Its a matter of record at their school. He found this out by simply asking to see their attendance records and talking to their teachers. I suppose she could accuse the school of making stuff up too. I wouldnt put it past her.

    2. I’m not surprised. The Simms are only concerned about the twins. I think it was leaked by MTV and/or Leah because they started filming.

      As for someone talking to the girls at school, custody issues have a gaurdian ad litem to represent the children. They try to meet at school so they can interview the children away from either parent in hopes of getting the most accurate report. It’s something that is planned with the school and lawyers. The parents often don’t find out about it until the day of or after the fact in an effort to reduce coaching.

      1. That’s a good point re: a guardian ad litem – I hadn’t thought about that. I hope that’s the case as obviously a guardian ad litem has the best interest of the children in mind. I read it as if someone – not Corey – had been questioning the girls about their mom in an inappropriate way. A guardian ad litem is a totally different ballgame, as they’re specifically meant to question the children. I can totally see why Leah would assume that it was driven by Corey, given that she thinks everyone is out to get her.

        1. I think Leah wanted people to read it as someone on Corey’s side was questioning the girls at school as it furthers her narrative that Corey is simply out to get her.

    3. Your right but it does not come up as a concern.Corey just didn’t want to pay child support.He was not the one running to all the appointments,or doctors or school five days a week but sure knew how to judge because he wanted small payments . That’s what started all this and it became a hardship on Leah and Jeremy’s marriage.Yet Corey bought a new truck, out door toys ,four wheelers and built new house ,but never wanted to buy his daughters wheelchair.shame on him for making her wait and put more stress on Ali’s legs when he could have bought her chair,but the big boy toys are more important.Shame on Corey and Miranda !!!!!

      1. Lol wow. He did her her a wheelchair, the insurance company held up payment for it because that’s what insurance companies do. She has NO job, all she has to do all day is get the kids to appointments and keep them safe and she couldn’t manage that. I know plenty of single mothers who work and still manage to do that because they aren’t drugged up and falling asleep. You have believed WAY too much of what Leah has said. News flash. Leah lies, a lot.

        1. Lol so because Corey works and provides for his girls people bash him for missing dr appointments. He went to all the important ones where she had to be put under and things like that. My husband is always working so that I’m allowed to stay home and take care of my kids.l. Yes he misses appointments but does that make him a bad dad lol?

      2. Motorized wheelchairs aren’t cheap. Considering that they *start* at about $3,000 and can go into the tens of thousands, I’d hardly call trying to get it through the insurance as not ‘wanting’ to buy it.
        And obviously the girls incur no costs while staying with him, as they don’t eat, outgrow their clothes, or require transportation of any sort, ever.

      3. yes because with them under his roof he won’t have to worry about feeding and clothing them and whatnot. and here’s another news flash, in respnse to you saying he wasn’t the one running them all over: NEITHER WAS SHE. that’s the problem! at least he had a damn good reason, he works! miranda and his dad said all leah had to do was text and they’d get them whereever they needed to go, but leah can’t even admit she needs help. or maybe she just couldn’t hold her eyes open long enought to text. corey built a house, how much do you think leah has spent moving the past 6 years? first month’s rent, security deposit, moving trucks. she’s got plenty of nice furniture and nice cars, always had extentions and her hair colored, that costs a minimum of $100 a pop. all the money spent on mary kay, all the money jeremy said she blew through, and you wonder why corey doesn’t want to just hand her $800 cash? he has no reason to believe it’s going for his kids. and if he’s paid up and taken care of his wife and children and has enough left to finance a car etc, GOOD FOR HIM HE DESERVES IT BECAUSE HE’S WORKED HIS ASS OFF SINCE HE GOT OUT OF SCHOOL. he always cared about the wheelchair, anyone who has ever dealt with an insurance company knew what he was saying. leah just chose to focus on that bc it was the one thing she could find to harp on and try to make him look bad. her not taking ali to therapy after the doctors have remarked how much it’s doing for her.

      4. …oookay. So by that same logic, why couldn’t Leah have purchased the wheelchair? Does she not get paid by MTV? Did she not spend $5000 on MaryKay makeup? Or $3000 washer & dryer? Does she not buy a new car at least once a year? OR WHAT ABOUT THE THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS A MONTH SHE SPENDS ON DRUGS? Maybe some of THAT money could have paid for her daughter’s wheelchair, right?

      5. Momma Dawn is that you? Hardship on her and Jerms marriage? Uh, no, the hardship was her cheating on him and doing drugs to the point she couldn’t make dinner or clean and house he was paying for. As someone who is in a wheelchair when you first get one it can take a long time to get it accepted through insurance. Especially for someone like Ali who they would look through all her medical documents and try to find an excuse not to fund it, insurances are tricky like that. Corey would have been taking her back constantly about child support trying to lower it, not paying 10’s of thousands to a lawyer fighting her for over a year for custody if money was the main culprit. And, if money was all she had to do was be a decent parent and get the kids to school on time and to their appointments. Not a very difficult task, but I am sure you or someone from her camp will have an excuse.

      6. someone is up leahs ass. i didnt see leah working long hours at work to make sure the girls have food,clean clothes whatever toys they wanted. im sure cory wanted to be at every appointment he even said it. but someone has to pay the all the bills and it sure as hell wasnt leah

      7. and Leah makes $300k/season (rumored)… so why didn’t she just buy the damned wheel chair? She was too busy buying pills and sleeping around to look out for poor Ali! She also wouldn’t be able to make Corey look bad for not getting the insurance to process it faster.

        Pretty sure the only hardship on her and Jeremy’s marriage was her screwing anyone with a pill.

  14. For crying out loud Leah get your head out of your a$$! Stop blaming everyone/everything else for your problems…get off social media..stop letting MTV exploit your kids for $$$$..stop hopping from one guy to the next..own your sh*t and then you might see a change in your life!

    1. I don’t think anyone could reach Farrah levels. Farrah is seriously one of a kind. Her delusions of grandeur are off the charts to the point where I’m convinced that if she’s not just f*cking with everyone, she must have had some kind of head injury.

  15. OK this just makes it even clearer that Leah needs to wake up to the reality of her addiction.

    Can we please talk about Miranda for a minute? Is she fame hungry or just insecure? Why is she with Corey and why is she having his baby?!

    1. There’s a million bad reasons to stay with a cheating partner, but there are possibly a few good reasons. I don’t think anyone can speak to her insecurities because, well, she isn’t fame hungry and hasn’t showcased her thoughts on the cheating. I’m unaware of any interviews she’s given and her and Corey quit Teen Mom 2 so…. However they decided to stay together, they kept it private, so let’s give some credit where credit is due here.

      1. @Lauren-Blair, Miranda and Corey were on Teen Mom 2 this past season, and appeared on the reunion show, they have NOT quit teen mom 2 what are you talking about?

        1. there are rumors that cory quit the show for good. and since he has the girls now they might not be filming them unless the girls are with leah on the weekends

        2. Going forward. The season that they’re filming now they are allegedly not apart of because they’ve decided not to be. I believe that was even reported on this website, as well as others. I”m not making it up!

    2. id say insecure. she has never come across as fame hungry to me (doesnt give interviews, isnt all over twitter fighting with fans etc)

  16. She is delusional! Her family and friends have enabled her so much that she actually thinks a judge would give Corey custody to gett back at her. Good gracious! The fact of the matter is she cannot take care of those girls and they are better off with Corey and Miranda.

  17. Ulterior motive? She acts as if Corey and the judge sat down and discuss how to get back at Leah. I hate her more than I hate Jenelle. And that says alot. Shes such a train wreck

    1. I have hated her since her 16 & Pregnant. She was pursuing Robbie, while she and her friends laughed about how she was using Corey.

      Nothing much has changed since then. Except, she’s now a full junkie ( if she wasn’t then).

  18. If the judge granted Corey primary custody there must be a good reason. She seems to have side stepped all the major issues and tried to pass the blame to anyone but herself. Until she faces up to her problems and stops brushing things under the carpet she’ll not be a good roll model for them girlses.

    1. Your so right and now she has some time to do that. Let’s hope she spends her time wisely,not with other men. Wake up before you loose everything. You lost your second husband now and he loved you to death and worked his ass off to support you and your children.move past the drama and focus on your children.

  19. It’s all a mess. No doubt she loves her children but she needs to pull herself together, stop talking to the press and all Facebook crap and work on being the best mother she can be. But that can only happen when she takes responsibility and stops making excuses.
    I was watching the old teen moms the other day and amber owns her shit. With leah there is always a reason.

    1. I totally agree with you. Going back a couple of years who would’ve thought that Amber’s attitude would be compared favourably to Leah’s?! Although I guess if Amber managed to turn her life around there’s hope for anyone!

      1. Right?? Other than her cheating with Robbie (the first time) I thought she was one of the more grounded of the lot. It’s sad how much she’s spiraled. Hopefully she’ll get herself back together…everyone loves a comeback.

    2. With Leah, there is always an “Excuse”. That is much different than a “reason”. Everything has a reason, but an “excuse” is what people use when placing blame on anything but themselves. That has been a valuable lesson I have learned in my quest to clean up my own life and past prescription drug abuse.

      I loved your comment about Amber owning her past mistakes, it’s so true, and an important part of making personal changes. I have a tremendous amount of respect for her now.

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