‘Sister Wives’ Season 6 Episode 11 Recap: Adoptions & the Awkward Announcement

"If all else fails, I'll just annoy the crap outta the judge until he gives me what I want."
“If all else fails, I’ll just annoy the crap outta the judge until he gives me what I want.”

By Holly Rasmussen

On this episode of Sister Wives, we will finally get to find out if Kody will be allowed to add Robyn’s three kids to his already enormous supply of spawn. Kody, Robyn, her kids and “the others” are all heading to the courthouse in hopes that the judge will approve the paperwork and allow Kody to adopt DaytonAuroraandBriana. (Why must they always lump all three of their names together?)

Kody says that they must adopt the kids because if something were to happen to Robyn, he wants the kids to stay in his family, rather than go back to their mysterious father.

“We still feel at risk because we don’t know what is going to happen,” Kody says.

Robyn is freaking out because the lawyer says the kids may have to go in front of the judge and say they want the adoption to go through.

If you guys make those faces no judge is gonna give you those kids!
If you guys make those faces no judge is gonna give you those kids!

“I want to protect my kids from having to go on the stand,” Robyn says.

Why, Robyn? Are you afraid that they might let it slip that they don’t want this as much as you do? (The oldest daughter actually does look thrilled about it but the other two kids look mildly annoyed by the whole adoption thing.)

Meanwhile, Meri still looks like she hates her life. She goes on to explain that she initiated the divorce with Kody so that he could legally marry Robyn last year so all of this could happen. But, she looks like she couldn’t care less about any of this adoption stuff.

"This IS my excited face."
“This IS my excited face.”

“It’s all about the kids,” Meri says robotically. (Something tells us that she’s surely drowning her sorrows each night by bellying up to the ol’ wetbar.)

Next, we finally get to hear about someone in the family besides Kody and Robyn. Kody and Janelle’s daughter, Maddie, has a big announcement for the family! She sits down with Janelle, Christine, and Kody to break the news. (Perhaps Meri was slouched over the wetbar during this time and unable to film?)

Maddie freaks Kody out at first by saying that he’s going to be a grandpa. It’s the first time we’ve ever seen him go dead silent. It’s actually quite pleasant.

Maddie then says she’s just kidding and goes on to break the real news.

“There’s a guy and we’re pretty serious, but we are going to go about it in your sense of fashion,” she says. “And you know him.”

Wait…is this her weird way of telling her parents that she’s dating some dude but not boning him? Why are you speaking in code, Maddie?!

"A lot of people marry their aunt's brothers...right?"
“A lot of people marry their aunt’s brothers…right?”

She tells the family that she’s dating Caleb Brush and Kody is excited.

“My brother Curtis, who has passed away, married Caleb’s sister,” Kody says.

“This isn’t some weird second cousin getting married thing,” Janelle explains. “There’s no blood relation.”

Oh, okay then…But this is the Brown family, remember. Marrying your former brother-in-law or stepbrother is the norm, so second cousins hooking up doesn’t seem so odd.

Maddie explains that she met Caleb when her Uncle Curtis passed away and they formed a friendship first. Caleb is 10 years older than Maddie, but Kody is okay with that because he is 10 years older than Janelle.

I guess we have a “My Big Polygamist Family Wedding” to look forward to sometime in the near future. “I’m rapturously happy for you,” Kody says.  (Look out! Kody’s got a new thesaurus and he’s attempting to use it for something other than a doorstep, guys!)

"OK Maddie, you've had your fun, now let's get the episode back to focusing on me."
“OK Maddie, you’ve had your fun, now let’s get the episode back to focusing on me.”

We then go back to focusing on Kody’s favorite wife, Robyn, and her drama. They have some news to break to her son, Dayton. Because Dayton is 15, he is able to sign the paperwork and say that he does want to be adopted. Dayton seems less than thrilled about the whole thing, but he agrees to sign the paperwork.

“Part of me is confused. Part of me is excited. Part of me doesn’t even know what’s going on,” Dayton says. “Let’s just get this over with.”

(Anyone else think that’s basically the same phrase that most of Kody’s wives say before their once-a-week bedroom romp with Kody?)

Dayton signs the paperwork and Robyn is there with a giant camera to capture the moment. When they get home, Kody decides to make this a teaching moment and shows Dayton how to tie a tie.

Finally, the whole family pours into the courthouse to hear the judge’s decree.

“You have to understand that most plural families would never go in to a courtroom together, much less ask a judge to rule in their favor in an adoption,” Kody says. “We have overcome so many obstacles to get to this place in the adoption. Plural marriage could be the one thing that blocks us.”


After a few short questions from their lawyer, the judge approves the adoption and the kids’ name changes. There are happy tears all around.

Next week, they plan a party to celebrate the adoptions. Please pray that the Brown adults don’t decide to celebrate the adoption via a flash mob.

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12 Responses

    1. Agreed. How amazingly difficult would it be to know that up until a certain point you had a dad, and that dad, no matter how involved or not involved, willingly signed you over to be adopted. As an older teenager, it would be terribly hurtful regardless of what the “excuses” are given. I feel for this boy.

      1. I went through almost the same situation when I was 11 and even though my dad was there since I was a toddler and I wanted it more than anything, it was still scary! Talking to a judge in a court room is scary. I was lucky to have extremely sensitive parents, I feel like everything with Dayton was very “in your face” type deal. Of course it was all about Kody and Robyn.

    1. I think he is actually 8 years older than Janelle. He was 47 at the time that he got Robyn pregnant. He is 10-12 years older than Robyn I think.

  1. Meri cant even muster a fake smile. I dont know why she stays in that screwed up relationship when its so apparent that she’s not happy. Why punish yourself Meri?

      1. Is that what she tells the women she inadvertently catfishes? “Hey babe, come down to my wet bar and I’ll show you my Christmas cookies .”

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