The Ashley Presents: Reality TV-Inspired Halloween Costumes for 2015

It’s almost Halloween, which means you’re probably in a scramble to find a costume that is both socially relevant, sexy and/or somewhat creative. If you want to stand out in a sea of sexy cats, Donald Trumps and maybe even a few people dressed up as Miley Cyrus (because, hey, those costumes are expensive and you need to get a few years’ use out of them), The Ashley is here to help you come up with a few unique costume ideas. The Ashley can almost guarantee that you’ll be the only person at the party wearing these reality-TV-based costumes!

As always if you actually do dress up as one of the things below, be sure to tweet a photo of yourself in your costume to The Ashley!

On with the costume ideas…


Sobbin’ Robyn

You’ll bring the drama to the costume party if you dress up as Sister Wives‘ resident crier, Robyn Brown! Robyn, the now legal wife of the show’s star, Kody Brown, is known for constantly crying. Robyn can often be seen sobbing about just about anything, so for this costume, water will be the most important prop! 

Your “Sobbin’ Robyn” costume should include: a long-sleeved shirt that has been thoroughly soaked in water to represent tears. Next, you’ll need to smear your eye makeup to get that perfect “just sobbed” look. Finally, you’ll need to make yourself look pregnant because ‘Sister Wives’ fans know that Robyn is even more emotional than normal when she’s carrying Kody’s spawn!

The “Sobbin’ Robyn” costume can easily be converted into a couple’s costume! Simply grab your favorite single guy (or one that’s married to three other chicks, whatever…) and place the worst blond wig you can possibly find on his head, and you’ll have an instant Kody Brown costume!

"Everyone wants to be me!"
“Everyone wants to be me!”

Inflatable Lips Farrah

Why not dress up as everyone’s favorite plastic-surgery-loving ‘Teen Mom,’ Farrah Abraham? To complete this look, you’ll need a hefty dose of plastic body parts, a bad attitude and, of course, lips that have been inflated to ridiculous proportions.

Since very few people would actually want to inflate their lips to the proportions that Farrah did back in January, The Ashley recommends that Halloweeners who want to sport this costume get small, inflatable pillows to attach to their actual lips. With just a little bit of hot air you, too, can have ‘Botched’-worthy Farrah lips!

If you will be attending Halloween festivities with a couple of friends, why not dress them up as Farrah’s parents, Debra and Michael?! They will need to sport “Team Farrah” T-shirts to achieve this look, and you will have to treat them poorly all night.

"Be me, y'all!"
“Be me, y’all!”

‘Teen Mom’ Leah MESSer

If you’re not interested in wearing plastic body parts but still want to dress as one of the ‘Teen Mom’ stars, might we suggest the Leah MESSer costume? For this look, you will need a few props including:

-A bad wig that’s been bleached and processed to the absolute limit

-A large can of Spaghetti-O raviolis

-A face full of Mary Kay spray makeup

-A baby doll covered in coats that you can carry around

To fully pull of this look, though, you will need to confuse “was” and “were” during your conversations at the party, and accuse everyone of being out to get you!

"Does anyone know of any stripclubs having Halloween events? My, um, friend, wants to go."
“Does anyone know of any stripclubs having Halloween events? My, um, friend, wants to go.”

Pervy Josh Duggar

Those seeking a truly unique Halloween costume should consider dressing as everyone’s favorite 19 Kids and Counting perv, Josh Duggar! To assume the identity of the eldest Duggar boy, you will need an ill-fitting “I Love Ashley Madison” T-shirt, an extra-shiny forehead and, of course, a bunch of photos of scantily clad woman attached to you. To really spice things up, you’ll need to hit on (and possibly attempt to impregnate) any woman that comes near you. 

To see the reality-TV-inspired Halloween costumes that The Ashley recommended in 2014 and 2013, click here and here!



  1. And for being “Leah”, don’t forget to pretend to nod off occasionally, and sprinkle cheese puffs on the floor.

    I would so love to see a couple be Farrah and Josh, the perfect pair we all love to hate.

  2. Make sure you send a check to Jimpimp for his cut of the Josh Halloween costume. You know he needs his cut. Maybe Josh and the pOrNo queen Farrah would make a perfect pair this Halloween…lol

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