Holly Madison Calls Out Kendra Wilkinson For Staging Fake Feud on ‘Kendra On Top’: It’s “A New Low”

By Holly Rasmussen

Former Girls Next Door co-stars Kendra Wilkinson and Holly Madison are at each other’s throats again! In a new interview with People, Holly, who dated Hugh Hefner at the same time that Kendra did, calls out Kendra for trying to manufacture drama between them to get ratings for her reality show, Kendra on Top.

“It was definitely a new low in my opinion as far as trying to create content out of nothing,” Holly told the magazine. “It was a completely fake set up.”

Holly’s referring to a scene on a recent episode of ‘Kendra on Top,’ where Kendra and her friend are shown rolling up to Holly’s book signing ready to “beat a bitch up” as Kendra’s husband, Hank Baskett, put it. (Kendra was pissed because she felt that Holly trash-talked her and their former sugar daddy, Hugh Hefner, in her book Down the Rabbit Hole. Kendra accused Holly of “rewriting history.”)

Kendra and her friend got to the parking lot of the book signing to confront Holly …but then decided to turn around and go home. Even though she never confronted Holly, Kendra still managed to turn the non-event into an entire episode of her show.

"Don't make me come over there and fake bitch slap you, Holly!"
“Don’t make me come over there and fake bitch slap you, Holly!”
“Friends started hitting me up and saying, ‘Oh I saw a preview for Kendra’s show on this website and it has footage of you. I didn’t know you did her show.’”

Holly said she was shocked because she didn’t agree to be on Kendra’s show.

“She spends the whole episode ranting about how allegedly fake I am, but it was just a whole fake scene,” Holly said, adding that she is unsure if Kendra even obtained clearance to use the footage of Holly’s book signing.

Holly said Kendra could have always called her to discuss any issues she had with the book, but “that’s not Kendra’s style.”

“I haven’t always given Kendra’s brains the most credit in the past, but she’s smart enough to know that had she showed up at The Grove to confront me, I would have just had security escort her off the property,” Holly said.

How great would it have been to watch Kendra be hauled away, screaming to Holly that she’s fake?!

“I don’t even think it was anything she was considering doing,” Holly added. “It was more acting tough for the cameras.”

Kendra has had to come up with some new story lines, as we are tired of the whole “Hank cheated” saga that they’ve been milking for two seasons.

Tomorrow, the ‘Kendra on Top’ season finale airs with Kendra allegedly trying to break up her father’s marriage. To read recaps of this season’s episodes, click here!


  1. Yeah I believe for a second that she was going to go after Holly at the signing b/c she’d have to get Holly to sign a release which obviously she would never do.
    Although I have to say with Kendra’s track record, this was one of her tamer/less ridiculous BS story lines.

  2. i wish she had gotten out of the car and holly slapped her around a little. show the few fans she has left who swear she’s tough and street exactly how fake she is. kendra can’t fight lol who tf is she kidding?

  3. Kendra is just mad that Holly told the truth about her. I knew Kendra was fake back when she was on The Girls Next Door and I knew she was a brat. The show just tried to make her look silly and happy go lucky. I saw through that.

  4. Kendra is pitiful. She use to be my favorite but now I see what a phony she really is. And her so called “marriage”. She’s made an a## out of herself. What really was the nail in the coffin for me is how she treats Patty. Hey Kendra…karma is a bi###. Wait til your daughter treats you exactly the same way as you treat Patty

    1. In all fairness, her mom should not be selling her out to the tabloids. I think Kendra learned some of her behavior from Patty too. But I agree with everything else! She’s fake and has done a lot of things to harm her image.

      1. Kendra sells herself to the tabloids! She exploits herself in every way possible. Her mom also denies selling anything to the tabloids. Idk if her mom is lying or not but Kendra is a bit hypocritical if you ask me.

        1. Oh yeah, Kendra is hypocritical no matter which way you slice it, lol. We’re in accordance there! I could be wrong, but I thought at some point there was proof that her mom sold her out. Regardless, her mom seems off to me. I caught a few episodes of Marriage Boot camp and her mom came on just to trash her daughter. And while she was living at the mansion her mom always expressed jealousy that she was with Hef. Maybe you’re right and she hasn’t sold her daughter out to the tabloids, but I still think there’s something along the lines of “apple” and “tree” with those two. But yes, Kendra is hypocritical in a lot of regards!!

          1. Yeah, I watched The Girls Next Door and I never got the impression that her mom was jealous. The way I remember it was her mom being supportive of Kendra and it looked like they had a good relationship. Kendra even praised her mom for raising her and her brother alone when their dad abandoned them. I’m not saying her mom is perfect. She could have some problems of her own but any daughter that tells their mom to “go die” is not a daughter I would like to have. Maybe her mom was angry over that and that’s when she decided to sell a story to the tabloid? Idk. It’s weird.

      2. Patty sold those stories the record straight after Kendra sold a bunch of ridiculous BS to the same tabloids. Kendra hates Patty not because she’s making a bucks from In Touch but because he’s telling them the TRUTH

    2. That’s exactly how I feel about her. I liked her until I read the 2nd book. It really doesn’t get much lower and more pathetic than Kendra. In terms of creating publicity for herself she’s a poor man’s Tori Spelling.

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