5 Things We Learned From ‘Teen Mom’ Leah Messer’s New Interview

"Let me tell ya what's goin' on!"
“Let me tell ya what’s goin’ on!”

Earlier this week, Us Weekly released a preview of their on-the-record interview with troubled Teen Mom 2 star Leah Messer, who admitted that she had lost primary custody of her twin daughters, Ali and Aleeah to their father, Corey Simms. In the past few days, more information from that interview has been released, including Leah’s reasoning as to why Corey wants custody of the twins, how she feels about Corey’s wife, Miranda, and much more!

The Ashley has put all of the juicy parts of the interview into a neat little package for you. The interview, which is absolutely Leah’s most honest to date, was full of interesting nuggets of information and quotes.

Here are five things we learned from Leah’s interview with Us Weekly….

"There will be no more hanky-panky, y'all!"
“There will be no more hanky-panky, y’all!”

1. Leah admitted to cheating with Corey, and the infidelity resulted in Miranda enforcing rules for the exes.

In the interview Leah stated that she and Corey “hooked up” two months after his wedding to Miranda in June 2013. (She has not yet admitted to the back-of-the-truck tryst with Corey in 2014, however.) Leah claims that Miranda has since come up with a set of rules for Corey to follow when he’s interacting with Leah.

“I’m not allowed to call Corey’s phone to communicate with the girls unless she’s somehow three-wayed in,” Leah told the magazine. “He has to be around her when he calls.”

Corey must also include Miranda in all texts to Leah. While this may seem extreme, Miranda was undoubtedly stung by Corey’s semi-recent betrayal with Leah, which started via text.

2. Corey claims the twins had at least 10 tardies or absences from school in one month alone.

One of the main reasons that a judge ruled in favor of Corey getting custody of the twins was reportedly Leah’s inability to get them to school on time. Although Leah denies it, she states in the article that the school had the twins marked tardy or absent 10 times in the month of August. (She only admitted to one tardy, of course, and stated that her issues with getting the twins to school on time in the past are due to her having narcolepsy…or something.)

3. Leah insists that Corey only wants custody of the twins for financial reasons.

“I think child support has a lot to do with [his motivations],” Leah said of why she thinks Corey wanted custody, adding that Corey used to pay her $800 per month in child support when she had primary custody. She stated that Corey will now pay her much less since he has primary custody. (Wait– why is Corey paying Leah still? Shouldn’t she be paying him child support now that custody was reversed?!)

"Take me, Corey Tyler!"
“Take me, Corey Tyler!”

4. Miranda is unsure that Corey can keep his hands off Leah.

“Miranda doesn’t want me in the picture,” Leah told the magazine. “She wants to hurt me because she thinks that Corey and I still have something for each other.”

Um….? She’s kind of got a point, no?

Leah said that she isn’t interested in going to the boneyard with Corey (anymore).

“I couldn’t care less about their relationship,” she said. “I want them to be happy. But if I can’t get along with them, this is going to be a nonstop fight.”

5. The twins are miserable with Corey and Miranda, according to Leah.

Now that the twins are living almost full-time with Corey and Miranda, Leah states that the girls are “miserable” and that Aleeah has even talked about “running away.”

After Leah’s “tell-all” interview was published, she kept quiet on social media (which is quite unusual for Leah). Miranda, on the other hand, did respond to a fan on Twitter who sent her excerpts from the article in which Leah is talking badly about the Simms.

“It doesn’t phase us anymore,” Miranda wrote of Leah’s statements. “Consider the source.”

She later followed it up with a tweet that was almost certainly about Leah’s interview, although she didn’t directly name Leah.

“I would hate to be that miserable & delusional,” she wrote. “I’ll definitely be praying for you.”

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74 Responses

    1. I really don’t think so,maby in de beginning after their devorce.But today i don’t see love anymore from Corey’s side.Leah yes, she want’s him back,but only because she sees what Miranda en Corey had.Now she regretted what she has left behind.

  1. Is anyone buying this narcolepsy crap? If she had come out and been honest about her drug usage I would at least have a tiny bit of respect for her. Even Amber had the guts to admit hers. Leah’s middle name should be denial. Who does she think she’s fooling? Pathetic. Does narcolepsy also mean you can’t take the time to put your kids in car seats and buckle them in properly? If she did have it then why is she even driving around with her kids or driving at all period!?

    In the beginning you could feel for Leah and her situation wth a disabled child. However, the rest of the crap she has done to herself. I have no sympathy left for someone that claims to have a serious illness when it’s really a pill problem. Then goes to a magazine to trash the two people that are just trying to make sure the girls are being taken care of.

    1. I might be mistaken but if the doctors think somone has narcolepsy wouldn’t she be SUPERVISED by doctors in a controlled environment not at home alone with her children,where anything could happen?

  2. Of the 2 parents I would say Corey is the best to have the girlses full time at least from what we know he doesnt have any addictions besides cheating on hos wife. On another note, I can not stand him or Leah. One is just as bad as the other. The cheating on the spouses is sickening to me. Why get married?? Good for Miranda for setting rules for these two sleeze bags. But then again, why the hell did she stay after two different times of betrayal. So sad. It seems she is in for the long haul.

  3. Why does everyone act like Miranda is a saint? Her hostility is affecting Corey and Leah’s co-parent relationship which affects the kids. It’s a sucky situation for everyone involved.

    1. Hostilty? Corey and Leah SLEPT TOGETHER while he was married to Miranda! I would act the exact same way, at least until the trust was back in my relationship. Sit down.

      1. Right, but that doesn’t change the fact that (as the poster above stated) her hostility is affecting Corey and Leah’s co-parenting relationship, which affects the kids… Plus, Ali and Aleeah are old enough now to start to begin to understand things. I can practically feel the tension Miranda brings when around Leah from my damn TV. I can only imagine how the kids feel. As much as Miranda (understandably) dislikes Leah, she is still the mother of the girls.
        Of course it’s shitty Corey cheated on her, but it’s her choice to stay with him or leave. If she wants to stay, as unfair as it is, she needs to set aside her hostility and negativity when around Leah and her girls.

        1. You meant to say “set aside her hostility and negativity when around her girls,” but leave out Leah right? I’d be hostile towards that train wreck as well.

          She was WHINING that Miranda wasn’t nice enough to her by getting out of the car to give her a wave and a hug. I’d stay in my car during hand off too, because I wouldn’t want to be negative around the girls. It just goes to show how self-involved Leah is.

          Actually, if I were Miranda, I’d be gone. Corey cheated on her TWICE. I’d be hostile towards BOTH of them. All the time.

    2. She wouldn’t have any hostility towards them if Leah knew how to respect other people and learn how to keep her legs closed. Miranda was always quiet and respectful of Leah and Corey’s relationship until Leah decided to act like a jezebel.

      1. Actually, as harsh as it is, Leah technically doesn’t owe Miranda anything. You’d hope other girls would respect your marriage or relationship, but they aren’t bound to that – it’s the man who owes you. It was Corey, her husband, who she shared vows with and who promised her to stay faithful. Whether Leah’s legs are open or closed should be irrelevant – Corey shouldn’t have even contemplated going there.

    3. Miranda is a saint for staying with his no good cheating ass not once but two different times. She deserves much more respect than that and Corey refuses to give it to her. No wonder she set rules…If I had chosen to stay too, you bet that line of trust would have been shattered and he’d have to earn it back on MY terms

      1. Actually, I wouldn’t call that a saint, I would call that stupid. A one time thing is bad enough (especially mere months after they married) but twice? They’ve been married how long and Corey has cheated on her, twice (at least – that we know of), with the same girl (who will forever be in Corey’s life because of the twins)? In order to gain respect from others you need to first respect yourself.

  4. Funny how Jeremy gets shit for “giving up too easily” and not trying to save his marriage and Miranda gets shit for not giving up and wanting to save hers?

      1. Go to the fan pages on Facebook and you will see him blamed for everything from WWII onward. Then in the next breath, it’s all Miranda’s fault… and then Corey’s… Plenty of Jerm hating going on there.

  5. Does anyone else wonder why MTV are suddenly allowing such anti-Miranda/Corey stuff to air, yet STILL are keeping Leah’s cheating under wraps? Do you think it’s because they quit and aren’t coming back? I just think that so much of the information that is revealed is staged, that Miranda hate must be too.

  6. Miranda should just give up now. Corey has cheated on her twice and they have only been married a couple of years. It is a shame that she couldn’t have figured it out before she got pregnant. I consider cheating on someone to be a form of abuse. She needs to get out now and move on. She can find a good man and raise her daughter away from all of this craziness.

    1. Didn’t he cheat on her before they got married as well? It’s weird to me that he cheats on Miranda but got so mad when Leah cheated on him

  7. Obviously someone needs to come up with some money since she’s lost income. I’d hate to see miss drug addict get a job. I read the article and I think Leah putting what her child supposedly said in a private counseling session in print in a magazine for a couple of bucks is disgusting. I hope the judge sees what she did and their are some consequences. Nothing like selling the last ounce of trust your five year old has for you. Since she’s not the primary parent I wonder if some hipa laws were broken.

  8. I just can’t hold it in anymore so this is my first comment on this website. Not too many people on here side with Leah or feel sorry for her, but I am so sick of reading comments from people who do. The only thing I feel sorry for her for is the fact that she got pregnant with twins and one of them has a disability because she couldn’t control those. She could control the fact that she did get pregnant at 16, cheated on Corey multiple times, got divorced from him, had another baby when she was in over her head, and married a guy she barely knew, cheated on him, got another divorce, started taking drugs, running from guy to guy and house to house, and cannot admit when she’s wrong. It’s so hard to watch her anymore. I used to like her when Teen Mom 2 first aired and then I saw her episode of 16 and Pregnant and I lost all respect for her. She has never really grown up and now she does an article like this. Not admitting to any wrongdoing on her part and placing blame on other people. I like Miranda and am guessing that she believes in working on a marriage no matter what, which I admire. Even if these rules for Corey are true, can you really blame her? I personally could never stay with someone who cheated, but if I did, I would want rules too.
    Those kids are way better off with Corey and Miranda. Even if Leah stops taking pills, those girls should be with them full time because Leah is still not mature enough to raise those girls to be good women.

    1. I know, right? You either forgive your partner for cheating or you leave.
      The tension it’s causing is clearly affecting the girlses.

  9. I see Leah saw pictures of Miranda and Corey’s baby shower and got all butt hurt. Sorry Leah. Miranda looked lovely and happy and they are taking better care of your children than you can right now. Deal with it and get help.

  10. And if she can’t get out of bed to feed and supervise her kids- because of her alleged “narcolepsy ” why wouldn’t she want them with the parents who can take care of them and get them to school . Truly loving parents put what’s best for the kids first even at their own loss . Are how is she safe driving them with narcolepsy people lose their licenses for that . Sorry Leah you’re the girl who cried wolf no believers left….

  11. I do believe it is possible to overcome infidelity in marriage. However, when one’s husband cheats with the mother of his children like in Miranda’s case, that adds a whole other element. While in most cases, you can eliminate contact with the cheating partner, Corey and Miranda cannot. Corey will always share children with Leah, therefore will always have contact with her at some capacity. This means Miranda will always have to see Leah, even at college graduations. And in my opinion, that is like trying to heal a wound in vain, as no matter how much time passes, every time she sees Leah will reopen that wound. I have hope their marriage will last but sadly, I doubt it. OK, I better stop….MONKEY!!!!

  12. Who goes to a national magazine to talk crap about a man they have children with? Is she so stupid that she doesn’t think her kids are going to read this one day? It’s just so gross and juvenile to me. And what a coincidence that the second she has less child support, she does a PAID interview bashing her baby daddy.
    I also think she’s crazy jealous of Miranda and exaggerates a lot of the things she says about her.

  13. It’s so funny how you guys act like its normal that Miranda is totally witch. Chances are they are all messed up. Have any of you ever considered that Miranda may have plotted to get Leah’s kids as a revenge for her cheating with Cory. There would be no better way to “get her back” or hurt her just like she hurt than that. It’s obvious Cory is still in love with Leah until this season it was very noticeable. I have a feeling those little girls will tell the truth about step mommy once they are older. I think it’s Leah’s karma for her bad choices and she needs to get her self together. Not excusing her behavior at all. She has supposedly been abusing pills for years why now all the sudden they find her so unfit. Chances are Miranda hasn’t know about he cheating since it first happened because she just got hostile this year. Team or ever you are your crazy if you don’t think my point isn’t valid. I hope Miranda really loves those girls and isn’t using them for her own personally satisfaction. Poor kids have gotten into the middle of trash bucket adults Poor choices. They are all losers

    1. I have to agree with some of this. I’m sure I’ll get down voted. I don’t think that Corey and Miranda are bad parents though. She seems to genuinely love those girls. She’s taken on quite a bit of responsibility by choice. I don’t doubt that she hates Leah. I don’t have a lot of sympathy for Corey either. He cheated with Leah not once,but twice. However,he is a good father. He seems to really take care of them and love them. Corey did a lot for Leah during her pregnancy and afterward. They have both made bad decisions. Judges don’t just take children away from their mothers for no reason though. Miranda hating her and wanting the girls full time wouldn’t be a reason for her to lose custody. Something bigger happened I think. Bigger than tardies. If Addie really got out of the house and the police found her,cps would be called. Losing track of her daughter and being involved with CPS would be enough for a judge to get fed up with her. It’s definitely a mess and unfortunate for those girls. I hope that now that they are in a stable environment with structure their lives will be more normal. Leah needs to work on herself.

    2. I don’t know how long Leah’s been abusing pills, but during the last year or so there has been a severe decline in her ability to care for her children and for about as long Corey has been expressing his concern. Not sure why you’re so focused on Miranda – Corey is the director of all of this, Miranda is supporting him as his wife. Miranda isn’t “plotting” shit. You sound just like Leah. If anyone is trying to “get someone back”, it’s Leah by giving this stupid interview in the first place and dragging up some old, irrelevant shit. Quit trying to equate Corey to Leah. Corey has been an unfaithful husband to Miranda, but he’s a damn good parent and always has been.

    3. you sound like leah, it was miranda’s doing getting the kids taken, no, it was leah’s karma. she’s always got an excuse and a back-up excuse. revenge on leah? miranda giving up her life during the week to start taking to kids, one with major health issues and one with behavioral issues, to school and therapy, feed and bathe and watch them way more than ever, that’s what miranda’s doing to make leah suffer? wow. pretty above and beyond, don’t you think it’s shooting herself in the foot if she didn’t really want to do it? it hasn’t been ‘years’ ok, leah had addie two years ago, and that’s when she started the pills, that’s when she started falling off. two years. only this past year has been really REALLY bad. sadly, child services actually moved quicker than normal on this one. usually kids have to go through much more before the mom’s chances run out. why do you act like miranda is a horrible person for being upset at the woman who screwed her husband? i guess if your spouse banged someone in the back of a truck, you’d just be like, well, it was her fault too, i can’t take it personally. she’s not that big a person lol but she is a damn sight better human being than what leah’s turned into.

      1. Why is it sad that child services moved quicker than normal, before the kids really had to suffer? I possibly could understand that sentiment if they had been put into foster care or similar but they are with a loving parent in a stable situation. They still have contact with their mother but now they are safe.

        1. it’s sad that this was the quickest they ever move, this is how long it has to go on for something to happen. usually it’s longer and things get worse. i wasn’t saying it’s sad they got taken lol, at all.

    4. In what world would a pregnant woman want to have full custody of her husband’s two kids (one of them with behavior problems and the other with a physical disability) purely out of spite? Taking on so much responsibility for Corey’s daughters is an act of love. Leah is an addict. Her kids aren’t safe with her.

    5. Someone’s been living under a rock. If you’ve seen even one episode of the last two seasons of TM2 you would know that Leah’s downward spiral began shortly after she had her third child (although her home has always been filthy and the girls have always been unkempt while in her care). It was around that time that she finally realized what we all knew the moment she gave birth to her twins, she was in way over her head. She never should have married Jeremy to begin with because she is too immature and codependent to be married to a man she sees once a week for 12 hours, but the money he brought in was too tempting for her to pass up I guess. As for your comments about Miranda and Corey “plotting” against Leah? Heck no, where on earth would those two find the time to plot anything against Leah? Unlike Leah, they both hold full-time jobs (earning money so they can give those girls a good life) and when they’re not working, they’re too busy raising the twins and preparing for their baby to waste any time plotting revenge on Leah.

  14. has leah EVER owned up to anything?!?! it’s always “i am doing my best” never “i could be trying harder”. EVERY parent has something they could be better at .. only a fool thinks differently. and she is in denial about every single little thing and cannot see that SHE is the only common denominator in every single one of her problems.

    1. Don’t forget, “I’m just going to do what’s best for the girls” or “I’m just trying to make my girls happy, whatever it takes.”

      No Leah. You’re doing what makes YOU happy. Shut up.

  15. if the girlsies are “miserable” with corey and miranda – which i really doubt, but okay – it’s probably because they actually have rules and structure at their house. no more spaghetti-o’s at 11pm, no more using the toaster oven because “mommy is a sleepy head” (i will never get over that one), no more running around like lunatics and screaming, etc etc. my stepsons have the same issues – their (alcoholic) mother lets them do whatever, whenever, and when they come to my house we have rules and consistent consequences which they of course don’t like. but the trade off is that they get lots of love and attention the whole time too. i can completely understand what corey and miranda are going through trying to deal with the girls after they are passed back and forth between two households that couldn’t be run any differently and also dealing with an in-denial addict with several mental issues.

    1. thank you, my husband and i went through this for two years with his sister and her three kids. one aunt kept the two girls all the time and we took in the baby boy, and it was hell for awhile there. the kids were so happy being in a safe home but they also feel like they’re not being loyal to their mom, who hasn’t shown any loyalty to them. as soon as they’d settle in it was time to go back for a visit for two days and then it’s another 4 days of getting them over that visit and back to their routine. it’s also devastating to see the heartbreak of babies when their mommy choses men and drugs over them over and over. and it makes you have a very specific dislike for the ‘mom’. it’s written all over corey and miranda’s faces, ‘just can you believe her’ and ‘how could she omg’. people are bashing miranda, hell i can only imagine what people would think of me if i were her cuz she’s handled herself better than i ever could have, going through all this in the public eye and basically saying nothing.

  16. Accidents with attendance records can happen. But 10 in a single month? Too coincidental. Either Leah has the worst luck in the world…or she’s a liar. Gosh, I wonder which one it is.

    1. I don’t know how schools run where Leah is but August is usually the first month of school and they start in the middle of the month. So those kids had to have been late or absent everyday since there were probably only 10 days of school in August anyways.

  17. Despite the fact that Leah is looney tunes, why the hell is Miranda staying with Corey if she can’t trust him to keep it in his pants? It’s crazy to think that she has to be three-wayed into every conversation Leah and Corey have. I get that Leah is a problem in their marriage, but damn — why does it seem like Corey isn’t taking any responsibility for his part on this?

    1. Marriages can survive infidelity. While some of us would leave, some would stay and try to make it work. That was Miranda’s decision. We don’t know that Corey hasn’t taken responsibility. We don’t know much of anything because unlike Leah, Corey and Miranda keep their business private. We can only speculate. Miranda doesn’t seem like the kind of girl to put up with a lot of BS so I doubt that she just let Corey off the hook, but again we have no idea what happened with them. They seem to be doing well and I hope that they are and have moved past this.

      The real question is why is Leah choosing now to come out with this, when it happened 2 years ago? She’s a lowlife scrambling to hurt them and distract from her own mess. And I’d bet my life savings that Leah has been holding this secret over Corey’s head ever since it happened. I remember when she started to bring it up at the reunion, getting in his face and giving him a smug, bitchy look. And Corey said “I’m not afraid of you anymore.” That was pretty telling. Leah’s been threatening Corey with this and all manner of other things because that’s the kind of nasty person she is. Talk about taking responsibility – the fact that Leah gave this stupid interview at all is proof that she can’t take responsibility, she’s trying to distract from the custody change by outing this old news to the public.

      Leah is lucky Miranda has more restraint that she does, or we’d know a lot more about Leah and the skeletons in her closet. I don’t care what Miranda and Corey are doing in their marriage or whether or not Corey has to follow any rules. The only reason we know about these rules in the first place is because Leah is a vindictive, childish brat whose response to being caught doing something wrong is always to point the finger at someone else and say, “Oh yeah? You’re not perfect, you know – you did X and Y!”

      1. You don’t have to convince me that Leah is a whackadoodle but if what she’s saying it true then it seems Miranda is blaming Leah more than she’s blaming Corey for what happened. Marriage can survive infidelity for sure but I hate the “other woman” narrative that happens while men generally get off free. I’m not saying that happening here since Leah’s a pathological liar obviously. I just hope Corey has owned up to his part in this. If he’s a cheater, then monitoring all his conversations isn’t going to make him stop cheating. That just sounds like she doesn’t trust Corey–and if she doesn’t trust him, then it doesn’t seem like their marriage is so good after all.

        1. Agree to disagree. They seem like they’re working it out and moving on. All we have is Leah’s side, and Corey and Miranda are too private to present theirs.

          I’m not going to speculate further about Miranda and Corey’s marriage for several reasons, one of which being that it’s exactly what Leah wants us to do. Leah ranted on Facebook the other day about “low blows” – she needs to shut her mouth because if anything is a low blow it’s this. She’s trying to distract from the fact that she’s a negligent drug addict mother by throwing rocks at Miranda and Corey. She needs to shut her junkie mouth and focus on her girls like she’s been promising to do.

          1. Leah comes across as so desperate. 50/50 was out of the question when SHE had primary custody. Now all the sudden it’s necessary. She’s just coming across as extremely classless by revealing all this. There was infidelity in my marriage. I chose to stay with my husband. We went to counseling and ultimately decided to stay together. It’s our business. It’s not something I bring up constantly or tell people about. She is continually trying to use it against Corey. No one cares but her. She doesn’t say in the same sentence that SHE was married to Jeremy and committed adultery too. She’s so one sided. It’s very telling how happy they are and what a mess she is.

          2. @Jill I’m glad you were able to overcome infidelity. You’re right, it’s nobody’s business and Leah is trash for revealing the details. Nobody even cares now, she’s just talking about it because it’s all she has left to say. And yeah, funny how she glosses over the fact that she cheated on her husband too. So Leah cheated on Jeremy with Corey and then with Robbie. She’s not making herself look any better by doing this, in fact she looks the worst. She needs to shut up and concentrate on being a mother.

          3. Maybe one of the reasons Corey’s calls and texts to Leah are monitored is so Leah can’t make shit up later. Plus, does she think it makes her look good to say she slept with someone else’s husband and was married herself at the time? She needs to be totally called out on that shit.

        2. Maybe this text arrangement IS Miranda blaming Corey for what happened too. It’s entirely possible that this is an arrangement that Miranda and Corey came up with as a way to rebuild trust. We don’t know the specifics, just Leah’s side of the story.

          1. Who says that she came up with the rules though? Maybe Corey suggested letting her in on the calls/texts so that he can show her he is trustworthy.

    2. I agree with you, I also don’t get it. While I do believe marriages can survive infidelity, it kind of requires the cheating party to be 100% on board with trying to make it work. It just doesn’t seem like Corey is as evidenced by the repeated cheating.

  18. Leah is so far down denial street that she will say anything to make herself look like the victim. Girl, stop obsessing over Miranda and acting like she puts a gun to Corey’s temple to get him to do whatever she says. Just take care of your damn kids and shut the f*ck up!

    1. Thats what I thought! That little hellion needs rules and structure in her life or she’ll end up repeating the same cycle as her mom and grandma( becoming a Teen Mom)! I’m in no way bashing them,just stating my opinion..

      1. Exactly! Aleeah isnt used to having consequences for her actions, so of course she is going to rebel. At least the girlses will be getting proper supervision at Corey and Mirandas house, not like poor Addie fending for herself in the woods.

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