Kendra Wilkinson Says She Has No Interest In Reuniting with ‘Girls Next Door’ Co-Stars Holly Madison & Bridget Marquardt: “I Created a Whole Life After Playboy”

“As much fun as it would be to pretend it’s still 2005, it’s gonna be a no from me.”

Kendra Wilkinson says she has no interest in reliving the Bunny-tail-filled days of her life at Playboy— and that includes reuniting with her Girls Next Door co-stars Holly Madison and Bridget Marquardt.

In a new interview with ET, the Kendra Sells Hollywood star made it clear that she would not be accepting Holly and Bridget’s recent offer to come on their Girls Next Level podcast to “heal” her relationships with her former co-stars.

“I’ve already done the healing,” Kendra said. “I don’t need to go on a podcast and do more healing. I’ve already done it for myself.

“Publicly doesn’t do the healing.”

Kendra— who went through a divorce on her old reality show, Kendra On Top— said she has done a lot of work on herself in order to put her life at Playboy behind her. 


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“I’ve already done [the work] off-camera,” she said. “I’ve already done it for years before…. I’m sorry, but I have a whole new life that I’ve created and it’s not that. I just don’t connect anymore…I created a whole life after Playboy.”

Kendra— who shares two children with ex-husband Hank Baskett— said she is now focused on her kids and her real estate career, period.

“So, I don’t have a lot of time to keep thinking about what I did when I was 18,” she said. “I’m here now at 37 years old.”

“Ouch…tell us how you REALLY feel, Kendra.”

“I have all new friends. I have a whole new life,” she added.  “I don’t really know anybody anymore from the past. So, it’s challenging for me to connect with people now when they’re talking about me… I don’t know how to help them or fix them… I don’t really know what to do, because I’ve already done that work, and I wish them well.”

Back in November 2021, when ‘Kendra Sells Hollywood’ was about to premiere, Kendra told ET she would be open to having Holly or Bridget on her show. In fact, she stated that her team was reaching out to the girls to see if they would be open to appearing. Obviously, Kendra has changed her mind on that topic since then, though.

Now, she seems unhappy that her former co-stars continue to talk about her on their podcast. 

“I’m not safe from the past coming back to distract me from my life now…I’ve done so much work on myself for my own life and my children and…it’s not fair sometimes that I have to pay the price because other people have to talk about me,” she said. 

“…so let’s keep my name out of your mouths and off your podcast, ladies!”

The second season of ‘Kendra Sells Hollywood’ does feature someone from the Playboy universe, though: Crystal Hefner, the widow of Kendra’s ex-boyfriend Hugh Hefner. Kendra stated that because Crystal contacted her about a real estate deal, she felt it was OK to bring her on the show. 

“Look, if Crystal and I want to do a real estate transaction, we connected on that,” Kendra said.”

‘Kendra Sells Hollywood’ Season 2 premieres Friday on Discovery+.

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9 Responses

  1. Each one had their own experiences, good or bad and are entitled to their own opinions and feelings. If Holly and Bridget choose to relive and talk about the past, it’s their prerogative. Same for Kendra choosing not to.
    But all 3 entered the relationship on their own frewill and could have left at any time. Fact is, they were there for the perks and most certainly not because they were attracted to him physically. Not one of us would even know or care who they are today if it hadn’t been for Hef.

  2. There was a time when Kendra had her show with Hank, that she invited Holly on her show. Holly had her peep burlesque show in Vegas at that time.

    Holly was popping, had the rich Vegas producer sugar daddy who was footing all her bills. It seemed like Holly was the pick of the bunch and everyone flocked to her.

    Holly declined, saying that same thing.

    Karma is ironic. They need her to increase their podcast reach. She has a huge audience and the girls would benefit by having her on.

    I find it so funny that Kendra used that same phrase?

    1. To be fair to holly she was with him the longest and did the most work. I understand her not wanting to help Kendra. Holly had already written her book and got bashed for it. I can’t remember what came first Kendra show or holly book. Either way holly can twist all she wants but she thought he’d was the end for her. She fell for that guy and he used her to run the girls. It’s obvious he was using her. He would talk about how she was different than the others. He letting her know she wasn’t his type. Holly didn’t get it.

  3. I applaud Kendra. She has grown up and forged her own way successfully. I admire that Kendra has never slandered Hugh Hefner like Holly and Bridgette has to make a buck.

    1. Kendra was trying to build herself outside of Playboy but had many false starts. Kendra struggled for a while, and her show kept getting cancelled or on the verge of cancellation. Kendra made a few invites for Holly to film with her, for many years.
      One time when Kendra’s show was on the chopping block, before it came back on a different network, Kendra even went to Vegas, and begged Holly to film together. Holly always declined.

      Kendra has always stayed loyal to Hugh, she always defended him publicly. With the charges, she would always say that was not her experience, crack a joke and curve the Convo.

      Bridgette agreed to come on Kendra’s show, but Holly declined; stating these exact words. That she had done her healing and moved on from that point in time.

      Now the shoe is on the other foot. Their podcast ratings are low. You can only bash a dead person for so long before folks stop tuning in. Esp regurgitating things that happened 20-30 years ago. Very few folks care.

      They lost their legitimacy by not speaking up until after Hefner died. Just seems like sour grapes. They ostracized themselves from the Playboy circles by participating in that Playboy take-down documentary series and all the stuff they’ve said on the podcast.

      Hef was a tyrannical sexual deviant, who did awful things, and hurt so many women. But he’s dead now. Everyone except the victims have moved on.

      Except Kendra, this is basically their only claim to fame. But their niche audience is too small and they are not saying anything the world has not heard before. So they need Kendra’s legitimacy, energy, and her fan base to breathe life into their podcast. She would be doing them a huge life-changing favor.

    2. I respect both of your opinions. I also see your points. But, I respectfully disagree and stand my ground on my opinions of the girls.

  4. I think she’s a good egg. She seems to love her kids & I rarely see any stories or social media about her. She politely declined their offer. I remember when she was on her show & hugely pregnant, she was so small with this big baby belly & I remember thinking I hope she had a safe delivery ❤️

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