‘Vanderpump Rules’ Star Raquel Leviss & Her Family Contact FBI After Receiving Death Threats Over Scandoval; Bravo Urges Fans To Stop Harassing Raquel

“Sandoval’s stinky cocky-cock wasn’t worth all this!”

Raquel Leviss may be one of the two biggest villains on reality TV right now (the other being her secret lover, Tom “Worm With a Mustache” Sandoval)– but, according to a new report, things have become downright dangerous for Raquel.

TMZ broke the news on Friday that Raquel and her family have contacted the FBI due to the wave of death threats the Vanderpump Rules star has been receiving in recent days. (As fans know, the ‘VPR’ Season 10 finale aired last week, while the first part of the explosive reunion aired on Tuesday. Both episodes covered the Scandoval affair of Sandoval and Raquel.) 

According to Raquel’s rep, she has received “violent and graphic” death threats coming from all angles, with angry haters calling her on the phone and contacting her via messages on social media.

“We’re told some of the alleged threats include messages sent to Raquel through social media, saying … ‘Tear you limb from limb’ and ‘Un-alive and dump the body,'” TMZ reported.

It appears that some of Raquel’s family members have also been receiving threatening messages in the months since the Scandoval was exposed.

“It’s understandable why people hate her for the Scandoval, but to elevate that hate to the point of threatening Raquel and her family takes things too far and is disturbing,” one source told TMZ.


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The FBI would not confirm or deny if it is assisting Raquel and her family; however, in a statement to TMZ it stated that it does “review all allegations” that are reported.

Bravo— the network that airs ‘Vanderpump Rules’— has also released a statement regarding the frightening hate messages being sent to the Leviss family.

“The threats being made on social media are appalling,” a network spokesperson told TMZ. “Bravo strongly condemns this behavior and urges people to stop.”

As The Ashley previously reported, Raquel’s rep announced last month that the disgraced ‘VPR’ star was heading to get treatment at a mental health facility. (While some members of the show’s cast openly questioned if Raquel was, indeed, at a mental health facility, Sandoval called them out, stating that Raquel is getting treatment at a facility.) 

It’s unknown if Sandoval is also getting death threats. However, back in March when the Scandoval broke, his Schwartz & Sandy’s bar was inundated with negative reviews on Yelp that were written by angry fans. 


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  1. The fact that Scumdavol just left her hanging, basically fed her to the wolves, shows what a douche he is. Hopefully this saga taught Rachel some life lessons. #1. Stay away from radioactive nihilistic narcissistic playboys.

    What happened to their fairytale chemistry? Was it all fake? If they had been able to muster up some epic love story, even date for a few weeks, it would have blown over by now.

    He has not attempted to be there for her one iota, nor even protected her. He didn’t even bother to open her handwritten tear-stained letters.

    Wherever Rachel is, it must be hard for her to realize she blew up her entire life for a scum-wad who used her; in the vilest form…he cared very little for her or what happens to her.

  2. All that this idiot lost – her good name, all her friends, her reputation, and probably her job – all to sneak around with this white nailed manicured worm with a mustache.

    And now that she is getting “threats”(show us the receipts!), where is her cover band hero? Down in Texas banging some influencer no one has ever heard of.

    Was it worth it? I guess we’ll find out in twenty years when she is on some cheap version of Surreal Life.

  3. I’m not sure why “fans” would hate her and make threats. It’s not like you know any of these people on the shows or they have any investment in your life to waste such energy on.

    1. I doubt the threats are real. It’s just the next thing on the list to rehab her image. Not believing she was at some rehab and not believe there were real, legitimate threats on her life. It’s only been said to garner sympathy.

      1. Yes, i concur with your assessment. I think she’s at her family’s abode. Either with her extended family, grandma, or other relatives.

        This is all just a ploy to ride out the eye of the storm and save what shards of her career she may have left.

  4. the heart wants what it wants–she committed no crime–time for this to stop!!! ariana is making bank because she was cheated on-??? leave those two alone–grow the @#*& up and move on

    1. Lol that’s a really crappy justification for cheating. Cheating isn’t illegal but those two are still morally bankrupt idiots who grossly underestimated the consequences of their actions.

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