Jenelle Evans Blames the ‘Teen Mom’ Shows’ Sinking Ratings On Her No Longer Being on the Show

“Your loss, MTV! You could have had this mug on Season 223 of ‘Teen Mom!'”

Jenelle Evans appears to be amused by the downfall in ratings the Teen Mom shows have experienced over the last few years, and the fired Teen Mom 2 star is now declaring that the ratings plummet is due to her no longer being on the show.

As fans know, Jenelle was fired from Teen Mom 2 in 2019 and has not appeared on the long-running MTV franchise (except for in one episode of Teen Mom: The Next Chapter) since she got the ax. On Thursday, Jenelle reposted a story from a Maci Bookout Facebook fanpage declaring that, “Rumor has it all the Teen Mom shows are getting cancelled.” (This, of course, is not true, and is just an incorrectly worded regurgitation of The Ashley‘s recent story about where the shows in the franchise stand.)

Jenelle then declared that the reason for the shows’ failing ratings is because they lack everyone’s favorite “bitch-of-a-daughta”: her.

“Because you took out the person who brought the ratings… me,” Jenelle gloated.

In the comment section, Jenelle discussed her firing and responded to fans’ comments about the shows.

“I thought you were coming back [to the show]?” one person asked Jenelle.

“Nope, and still don’t have any explanation why I left to begin with,” Jenelle responded.

(This is, of course, not true at all. Back when Jenelle got hacked from the cast in 2019, The Ashley explained in detail why the show’s producers and network execs canned her. You can read all about that here.) 

Here’s a little hint about one thing that contributed to Jenelle’s firing…

In the comment section, someone else mentioned that they don’t like the fact that the ‘Teen Mom’ shows have new cast members on them. Jenelle– who along with Kail LowryChelsea Houska and Leah Messer was part of the original cast of ‘Teen Mom 2’— agreed.

“I feel if they kept the originals only it would have stayed successful,” Jenelle wrote. 

“Um…we left voluntarily. You were the only one of us who got the boot, Jenelle!”

“You’re right, Kail left & ratings dropped,” someone wrote. “Show was doing good until she left.”

Jenelle denied this, stating that the ratings decline began when her mug stopped appearing on the show.

“Nahhh…I was the first they let go and they wrote articles how ratings dropped immediately after,” she responded.

(The ratings did decline— slightly— after Jenelle left. However, several other factors most likely played into that decline, including the show moving from Monday nights to Tuesday nights for the first season without Jenelle. Also, the show was in its ninth year by then, so a ratings decline was to be expected.) 

“What can I say? People love a trainwreck— not to mention me!”

One person suggested that the reason for the declining ratings had nothing to do with the shows being Jenelle-less. Instead, she stated that it’s because the girls featured on the shows are now in their thirties and not teens anymore. 

“You’re def right, everyone should move on,” Jenelle— who posts about or mentions ‘Teen Mom’ all the time on social media and has definitely not moved on— responded.

Jenelle then stated that she’s had chances to come back to the ‘Teen Mom’ shows but has turned them down.

“Yes I am [doing great without MTV]!” Jenelle wrote. “Wouldn’t want it any other way. I’ve declined two offers from them to be honest. I don’t trust anyone, they taught me that.”

(This is actually not a lie. As The Ashley previously told you, Jenelle has been contacted to come on various ‘Teen Mom’ shows, with the last one being Teen Mom Family Reunion Season 2. She did decline that opportunity, mostly because the producers refused to allow Jenelle’s ever-present husband David Eason to be near production.) 

“What do ya know? Even Pinocchio Evans can tell tha truth every once in a while!”

While many agreed with Jenelle that the show is no longer entertaining due to the constantly changing cast, the most-“liked” comment on the post put Jenelle in her place.

“Girl stop, your storyline was entertaining but it did not make the show,” the person wrote. “I think it has more to do with them all growing up and being ready to move on…Also, yes people are losing interest but it’s because they’ve dragged this show on so many years. I promise the show was still good without you, it’s just time for them to let it go. The people who popularized this show are grown adults now too and I think most of us have just moved on from it.”

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  1. Jenelle has always been and will always be her own biggest fan. She had so much action with all the different men and court dates in her life that yes she was some what
    entertaining. But her lack of respect for her mother and putting partying before Jayce left a bad taste and everyone’s mouth when it came to her. But leave it to good ole Jenelle to never see anything wrong with what she does in her life only with EVERYONE ELSE. She has enough to deal with I am sure with her lot of kids and her neanderthal of a husband that she has to keep away from the kids pets and her insane dancing tik tok videos trying to keep up with the other teen moms when they were still in their teens that she really has no time for the show anymore. And honestly that’s good for everyone in my opinion. I feel sick to my stomach every time I see one of her dancing tick tock videos much less have to watch her on teen Mom all over again.

  2. People are just tired of seeing these so-called “Teen Moms” who now only go on lux holidays real teen moms can only dream of! (I remember there were plenty of instances where young viewers got pregnant cuz of the show and that fact made me extremely sad…I thought the show was HELPING REDUCE teen pregnancy?!) So no, it has nothing to do with you Jenelle!

  3. I feel like TM2 started when drama reality shows weren’t as prevalent as they are now. People tuned in for the drama because it was fun, but now there are so many better options for drama reality shows (Love is Blind, Vanderpump, Selling Sunset, etc.) that people would rather watch those than watch a bunch of 30-somethings who got famous 10 years ago for having a baby as a teen.

  4. I hate David.. I think he’s an abusive monster loser but she’s right. I’m rewatching all the teen mom 2 episodes and seasons ever on paramount right now and until David hits the scene janelles parts are reality tv gold. After David though it gets dark..

  5. There is a kernel of truth to her statement. People watched for the drama and she certainly brought it. However, I think it would have taken even more of nosedive if MTV kept her on. They were already losing sponsors because of her and her husband; it would have greatly impacted the viewership as well.

    Another thing (besides everything that has been stated) is that the messiest of moms aired their drama on social media. Plus, we have sites like The Ashley keeping us informed. Why watch when we can get all the details in other places? Especially if the girls would refuse to address or dilute the situation.

  6. With Jenelle, who was, well, Jenelle and her standing by her man, everyone would have lost their job.
    Advertisers pay for the production of the show. They had to cancel ads around the show because of Jenelle in it.

  7. Technically, she isn’t wrong. She did draw in ratings for the show. I don’t think she should be bragging about that though. The reason people watched her on TV is because she and her boyfriends/husband were all crazy trainwrecks.

  8. Or maybe it’s because all the moms will be 40 in just a handful of years lol. But if that’s all you have to hold on to for pride Jenelle, you do you. It must be hard to let go of people hate-watching your trainwreck of a life and never seeing any growth in you. I guess that’s your thing. Although you simultaneously claim that the show’s fans have ruined your life, so it’s a curious take.

  9. The only thing sinking that’s Jenelle’s fault is her ugly house on the LAND.

    We all await the eventual sinkhole where we can gather, throwing dirty bong water and Kesha CD’s. Dude.

  10. She’s not wrong! But that’s also not a flex Jenelle! Being the stand-out hot mess on a dumpster fire reality tv show is not something to be proud of! Especially when you never learned any lessons and all you got out of it is a sinking swamp shack.

  11. The ratings were already declining when she was still on the show. She’s only good at selling adult content for people with a trash fetish

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