Gwendlyn Brown Says Her Dad Kody Became More “Patriarchal” After Being Criticized Early On For Treating His Wives as Equals on ‘Sister Wives’

“I can explain his change in behavior, but even I can’t explain that hairdo.”

Kody Brown famously declared during the most-recent season of Sister Wives that he wanted his wives and family to return to a “patriarchy” way of life. While the quote shocked many ‘Sister Wives’ fans, it didn’t shock his daughter Gwendlyn, who, in a new YouTube video, gave her thoughts on what made her father go from the anti-patriarchal man we met during the first season of ‘Sister Wives’ to the person he is now.

“I think the publicity of the family [from the show] just made him more patriarchal in, like, a bad way,” Gwendlyn– who was analyzing the Season 1 Tell-All episode on her channel, said. “Because he probably got a lot of criticism for seeing his wives as equals and treating them as equals.”

Gwen– who is the daughter of Kody and his now-ex-wife Christine— stated that, at times in the early years of the show, men would come up to Kody and tell him he was a weak man for viewing his wives as equals.

“He would hear all these stories about how he’s not a strong figure in his family, and how the men are supposed to be the head figure, you know, stereotypically,” she said. “I think that’s what drove him to be, in the most-recent season, to be like, ‘I think we’re going to go back to patriarchy.'”

“Yup….any day now. Yes sir, it’s gonna happen…”

Gwen said that the Kody we saw on Season 17 of ‘Sister Wives’ is very different from the man he was when the show began.

“There was no patriarchy [in the family early on],” she said. “But he was just fed by all of these ideas and they made him insecure in his masculinity and stuff. From my perspective, it made him so insecure in his comfortableness with his wives, and his comfortableness of not being this insane head of the family, that he ended up becoming that. 


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“I think that’s really unfortunate, and obviously not the best thing,” she added. “But I think that’s a really good explanation for why he turned out so different from this man we’re seeing [during Season 1].” 

After the episode with Kody’s “patriarchy” quote aired in October 2022, Christine told Us Weekly that Kody’s demand was very out of character for him.

“It’s so shocking and surprising because he’s not like that…I think he’s just hurting and he’s just angry,” she said during the interview. 

You can watch Gwen’s full video below! 

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  1. I hope what Paul says is true and his cousin ends up getting full custody of his kids. Both Paul and Karine are beyond messed up and not fit to raise a lizard, let alone two kids.

  2. Three wives told him those men were idiots but his favorite kept crying about it and telling him those men were right cause according to her beliefs, it was what God wanted. She wanted a very traditional marriage, that makes her feel comfortable and safe. She knew she could shine as the traditional, obedient wife and outshine her sister wives.
    Rumors are going around that they tried to find a new sister wife. I think that was her idea. She doesn’t want him full time and she likes to be the favorite among the wives.

    1. The rumors are fake. They have both said there will never be another wife added in.

  3. She sure likes the sound of her own voice, maybe she got it from her father. Or she world just make up any story to hate on the people who build everything she uses daily.

    Also, she claims that she is so happy she is not on the show anymore, yet all she can talk about is stuff related to the show and now she even takes time to do a reaction video…about the show.

    1. If you were a broke college student and could make $20k a month just by hopping on YouTube and commenting on your family’s reality show, you’d do it to. Anyone who says they wouldn’t is a liar. She has a fantastic opportunity to make some good money for her future in a legal, healthy way, and she is doing it. Good for her. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with it.

      And if you say she’s hating on her family, you haven’t seen her commentary. She literally could not be nicer and more fair when talking about the episodes. In fact most of her comments are people telling her she’s being too kind about the bad things people are doing on the show.

    2. She was complaining about her dad maybe not being at her wedding but she makes videos for people who hate her dad.. what did she expect?

  4. When did he see and treat his wives as equals? He always thought he was above them. Always tried to keep them under his thumb doing what he wanted and disregarding everyone else. Robyn happily accepts that role. Meri would have done anything he wanted to be accepted by Kody again. Thankfully Christine and Jenelle were more independent, saw him for what he was and got the hell out of dodge. By all accounts Christine and Jenelle are thriving.

    1. In the first seasons, he did say he was not the boss and that the ladies were basically running the show.
      One moment he presented that as his idea, the other he would whine about it. I never believed he had as little to say as he pretended to on camera.
      They also said Kody would make the end decisions cause he was the head of the household and someone had to do it.
      All the moving, I think those were Kody’s decisions. Flagstaff was wispered in his ear by Robin perhaps but he didn’t like the “bad influences” in Las Vegas either.

      I believe the wives did make the schedule but I think more sister wives do that and the husband shows up at the wife where he’s scheduled to be.

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