“90 Day Fiance” Episode 4 Recap: Skydiving Proposal, Sleeping In & the Sloppy House

messy man houseBy Meghan Flannery

It’s time to dive back in to the strange and sometimes creepy world of 90 Day Fiance!

This week’s episode begins with Mark cooking breakfast for his still-sleeping, much younger fiancé Nikki. It appears that Nikki may be just as creeped out by the idea of her sleeping with Mark as we are, as she currently has her own bedroom. Just to be sure that Mark can’t creep into her bed after-hours, though, Nikki sleeps lying width-wise across the bed, leaving no room for Mark to join her.

Nikki has been in the United States for four days, and Mark says there have been some challenges. One of those challenges appears to be getting Nikki to wake up in the morning. (Don’t worry, Mark; a lot of people have trouble waking their teenagers up for school!)

Nikki is surely dreaming that she has a fiance that's remotely close to her own age...
Nikki is surely dreaming that she has a fiance that’s remotely close to her own age…

After calling her name several times, Mark uses a whistle to wake Nikki up. Instead of being a whistle for dogs, it appears to be a whistle that only teenage mail-order brides can hear. 

Mark doesn’t want Nikki to become “sedentary” which is really his way of saying “fat”.

Nikki can’t work until she gets her green card, but she thinks Mark is working too much and not paying enough attention to her. Apparently Nikki doesn’t realize that being on TLC is only lucrative if Mark were to take more wives, or if she started birthing children in the double digits.   

To keep his fiancé happy, Mark has come up with a big surprise for Nikki: he bought her a car!  She has never driven a car before, so Mark is going to be teaching her, in the brand new (manual shift) sports car he has bought her. Thanks Dad!

"See how much Daddy loves you?"
“See how much Daddy loves you?”

Just in case we forgot that Mark is using Nikki as a replacement for his ex-wife, he mentions the car he has bought for Nikki is the same model he had purchased for his ex. When Nikki seems bothered by this, Mark reassures her by telling her that her model is fully loaded, and his ex’s car had manual windows. Sure Mark, that makes it less weird.

Next, we check in with Devar and Melanie, who are about to go ring shopping. If you are wondering how unemployed Jamaican lifeguard Devar is going to be able afford to buy Melanie a ring, you’re not alone. The jewelry store clerk is also concerned about her commission their budget. 

Melanie says that her parents will be footing the bill for the rings. (WHAT?! Is this a thing?) 

"You want me to show you?"
“You want me to show you?”

Devar can’t work right now, but plans on making that up to Melanie by keeping her happy in the bedroom.  (Also…ew.)

Once he is able to work though, his lifeguarding background should be a huge asset. After all, there is no shortage of jobs for an ocean lifeguard in a landlocked small town in Pennsylvania.


"Can I pay for rings with Devar loving too?"
“Can I pay for rings with Devar loving too?”

Now that the rings are taken care of, one of the next orders of business is for Melanie to meet Devar’s mother. Devar is not sure if his mother will like Melanie or approve of him marrying a white woman. Melanie is concerned that Devar’s mother lives in Maryland, which means she may have to see her more than once a year. It’s easier to ditch a mother-in-law if she lives in a whole other country.


The next couple we check in with is Josh and Aleksandra, who are heading to a Fourth of July barbeque. Aleksandra is expecting the American holiday festivities to be soured, however, by her getting judgmental glares and questions about her past from Josh’s Mormon extended family. 

The party guests are all giggling, wearing American flag t-shirts, and carrying red Solo cups with no alcohol in them. In other words, it’s your typical Fourth of July party…. in an Old Navy commercial.

"In my country we have a phrase to describe people like you-- judgmental biotches!"
“In my country we have a phrase to describe people like you– judgmental biotches!”

This storyline is already feeling old, and it’s only the fourth episode. We’re gonna need Aleksandra to start go-go dancing half-naked during Granny Mormon’s birthday party or something to keep it interesting.

Next, we see what Kyle and Noon have been up to. The couple is shown sleeping and being woken up by their roommate Brian and his bicycle. He’s cutting through their bedroom in order to leave the apartment, which is his only exit option.

"Lemme just sweep up the roaches under your foot."
“Lemme just sweep up the roaches under your foot.”

Later, the house is a mess, so Noon starts cleaning. Brian is kind enough to pause his video gaming and move his feet so that Noon is able to clean his and Kyle’s bachelor filth.

Apparently Kyle watched Snooki & JWoww, because he decided to copy Roger Mathew’s proposal to JWoww. He’s going to propose to Noon after they both go skydiving, and to make things even more romantic, Kyle has brought Brian and two other friends along. The banner, which says “WILL U MARRY ME,” is visible from the sky, and Noon seems touched.


It's awkward because Kyle thinks she's talking about his home...
It’s awkward because Kyle thinks she’s talking about his home…

Luckily, the banner appeared to be clean of any roaches. Kyle must have left them all back at their apartment.

The final couple we check in with this week is Fernando and Carolina. Fernando informs us that he and Carolina have been apart for almost a year now, and her visa still hasn’t been approved. Production has decided to fly Fernando to Columbia, because filming their Skype calls has gotten boring.

Apparently the visa is being delayed because of something having to do with Fernando’s divorce. Fernando and Carolina have an awkward dinner with her parents, where both of them question Fernando on when the hell he is getting their daughter out of their house.

Next week- Alexei and Loren set up a sex schedule at the request of her father; Nikki confronts Mark about his self-help books about divorce; Carolina goes dress shopping; and Melanie considers a pre-up. 

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7 Responses

  1. Poor Josh I just keep thinking RUN. This girl doesn’t have a brain, all she thinks about is booze and partying. They need to part ways and then when she’s in her thirties she will realize that she missed the boat and should have stuck with him… But unfortunately she is just too immature for him right now.

  2. Mark isnt playing with a full deck. He creeps me out!! Did anyone run a background check on him? He seems a little perverted to me.

    1. I feel bad for Nikki she’s getting used by this old selfish self centered ass hole. He’s wanting her for a few reasons she’s very pretty, to young she will make him happy on his arm he can show everyone he’s got a pretty young wife and she can clean for him. His Daugther is a year older then his new wife? He’s a sick prick I could never be with a little young woman like this! My kids are older then she is! It would remind me of being with a little girl and what ? What in the F do they have in common ? It’s wrong he should be put in jail and if she thinks sex with him is perfect all the time I feel bad for her she hasn’t got with the right man that’s all when she meets the right one shell no.
      If your looking for a good man closer to your age love holla I have a couple who I no would be better then that prick. 503875-7059 I’m with a woman from Philippines she’s 33 I’m 60 but we been together for 3 years. He want to share nothing with you he’s a dick.

  3. Carolina doesn’t live with her parents. She lives in her own apartment but Fernando still living with his parents and his mother doesn’t want to share her kitchen. Fight is coming pretty soon.

  4. I don’t wait to be “that girl,” but I think Nikki and Mark are sharing a bedroom. In the episode when she first got there, Mark showed her a room and offered it to her, but she said she wanted to sleep in his room. Then is shows them going to bed together on the zebra print sheets.

    1. Thanks for the correction. I guess I just assumed that Nikki was sleeping in the extra bedroom, because I didn’t see Mark as the type to sport zebra sheets.

      1. Mark looks like the “Zebra Sheet” kind of dude to me. I find him to be so creepy. And speaking of creepy, I swear to God that the Mormon guy, Josh, will end up being a mass murderer. When he talks and smiles, he reminds me of Norman Bates. Love the blog, Thanks!

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