Meri Brown’s Catfishing Scandal to be Exposed on ‘Sister Wives’ Season Finale

"If you were married to Kody, you'd do it too!"
“If you were married to Kody, you’d do it too!”

This is the Sister Wives episode we’ve all been waiting for, kiddies! We’ve sat through boring boat races, ridiculous fights about hot wings and plenty of Robyn sob sessions to get to this point!

On tonight’s episode of ‘Sister Wives,’ it appears that the catfishing saga of Meri Brown will finally be covered! In a preview clip of the episode, Meri is seen sitting with her legal spiritual husband Kody and her three sister wives and she seems to have something she needs to get off of her chest.

“Well, I guess I should bring something up,” Meri tells the clan. “It’s no surprise that I’ve been struggling with…stuff…”

“It’s never easy when I have to talk to the family and there’s something I feel I need to bring up,” Meri tells the camera in a confessional. “They have no idea how bad it is. They don’t know what I brought into the family.”

Of course, Meri is likely referring to the emotional affair she had been having since June with someone she thought was a man named Sam Cooper. We now know that “Sam” was actually a female named Jackie Overton who was pretending to be a man. (The female catfisher has yet to come clean and admit that she was behind the catfishing scandal. She is still pretending to be Sam, and now claims that she is writing a book about her relationship with Meri.)

In October, Meri released a public statement, admitting to having been catfished. She did not go into specifics of her affair, however.

This episode was filmed about 14 weeks ago (according to the posts from Alaska featured on Logan Brown‘s Instagram account), which would have put it taped in mid-August. This was about the time that The Ashley and several other media outlets began to suspect that Meri had been catfished. It makes sense that the production company would want Meri to address what was happening at that time.

Of course, there are other things happening during tonight’s episode. The entire Brown family is heading to Alaska for a TLC-funded exotic vacation some family fun. (This should allow for plenty of opportunities for Kody to yell at his wives, Christine and Janelle to keep making faces that indicate that they’re seriously considering jumping the polygamy ship and going to stay in Alaska, and Robyn to ugly-cry outside the continental 48 states!) 

Watch a preview for tonight’s episode below. (Any else giggle over the fact that they used music that sounded straight off the soundtrack for the movie “Halloween” when the preview starts to show the Meri confession?)

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  1. They can call it what they want. The reality is he has a wife and then brought other women into the home and having sex and babies with all of them. It is called adultery. Then they cashed in by going on TV. I don’t watch the show it is just filth being made to look right. Every one of them need to read the Bible.

  2. I have never seen a more disfunctional family.If I could pick a word that best describes this would be “denial.”

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