EXCLUSIVE! ‘Teen Mom 2’ Stars Corey & Miranda Welcome Baby Girl: See the First Photos


The newest Teen Mom 2 star just couldn’t wait to make her entrance into the world!

The Ashley can confirm that Corey and Miranda Simms have welcomed a daughter, Remington Monroe, this weekend. She was not due until January 1, but it appears to be healthy, despite her early arrival.

Corey and Miranda posted a family photo to their private Facebook account this afternoon, showing Miranda and Corey holding their new daughter. Another post stated that “Remi Monroe decided to make an early arrival.”

Remington was given the middle name “Monroe,” because  it is the middle name of Miranda’s father. She reportedly weighed 4 lbs. 11 oz. at birth.

Remi is Miranda’s first child and Corey’s third. (He shares twin daughters with his ex-wife, Leah Messer.) The couple has been married since June 2013 and recently gained full primary custody of Corey’s twins.

It is not known if Remi was born today or yesterday, but Corey’s father, Jeff Simms, hinted yesterday that the baby’s arrival was rapidly approaching (possibly because Miranda was already in labor?) 

“Won’t be much longer until we are blessed with another miracle from God” he captioned a photo of a highchair.

Back in September, The Ashley was the first to confirm that the Simms were expecting a girl.

Congrats to Corey, Miranda and the entire Simms family!

UPDATE: Corey’s father Jeff introduced his new granddaughter via this sweet Facebook post.

remi simms

“We are so happy and excited,” Corey told MTV News on Monday. “Miranda and the baby are both healthy and happy, and we can’t wait for Ali and Aleeah to meet their little sister.”

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  1. May god bless your beautiful family.what a adorable baby girl.You both deserve it yall are great parents and my family loves you both.

  2. To whom ever may be having sex with Leah, PLEASE use a condom. I’m thinking she is desperately wanting to become pregnant right now. Do NOT believe her if she says she is using some type of birth control. Just my opinion, hope I’m wrong though.

    1. If it was a vaginal birth that’s some what normal. A lot of babies come out with strange heads seeing as they were just squeezed out of their mom.

  3. Congratiulations on your beautiful baby!.And Corey….you are a handsome guy,but please loose the beard,without you are much better looking 😉

      1. Your right,but ik like the stubbly beard more.He has a friendly face so he should not hide behind the big beard.(Yust my personel opinion,notting else)

        1. I personally don’t like beards. Jeremy looks better without one and Maci’s Taylor. They look like clones with those beards.. lol

  4. Well Corey Tyler and Miranda, I seen ya wiff Remi…and I like it!

    Congrats with the baby, great addition to your family.

  5. I love her name…it’s unique and different but not bizarre. A nearly 5 pounder for 8 weeks early is good! Congrats to them!

  6. She’s cute. I hope she’s okay being born so early. I had a feeling she was gonna be born early but it’s kinda weird that she did. I just hope she isn’t named after the Remington Bolt Action Rifle. But (as much as I love Corey) he’s a redneck so it’s possible.

    1. Oh hey Dawn. News flash, she’s their STEP-MOTHER. And considering Leah isn’t doing JACK to take care of her kids right now, she should be thanking her lucky stars someone loves her girls enough to step up where she failed. She picked pills and dicks over her daughters, so she lost them, and she has no one to blame but herself.

          1. The Messer clan reportedly despises The Ashley. They (mostly Delta Dawn and grandmamma) have been known to come on here and make comments 🙂

    2. In the quick little clip of Miranda playing “Mother may I?” girlses were even (adorably) phrasing it as “Miranda may I?”. Definitely not the work of someone trying to replace the mother.

    3. lol really? Maybe if their biological mother were taking care of the kids from the beginning, they wouldn’t have been taken from her by THE COURT, and the step mother wouldn’t have to be taking care of them. Using your thinking works yall.

    4. Bull fooking shit

      Your either dawn, Leah or Leah’s skanky sister.

      And let’s be honest Leah only gave birth to those twins she’s been fucking useless as a parent, at least Miranda loves cares and feeds them, Leah does zilch

      Your comment is moronic and you have to be a family member as you sound bitter and jealous, Miranda did nothing wrong, Leah got pregnant within a month of dating cheated with several ex boyfriends, spent money like is was going out of fashion and used Corey then went with Jeremy used him cheated on Jeremy with Corey and Robbie so please if your going to lay blame, blame that drugged up smelly dirty fag breathed slut Leah messer she made hey bed now she must lay in it

  7. Remington microshave, shaves close as a razor or your money back! Congrats on the baby!!!! Even if you did give her a stupid name that sounds like an appliance 🙂

    1. My husband and I welcomed our son four weeks early on September 7th. His name Remington David so I am partial to the name and do not think it’s stupid at all

  8. Congratulations to the Simms family! Best wishes for a speedy and healthy recovery for mama and baby. Hopefully, they will all be home soon.

  9. I was born in November and was due in January. (8 weeks early) I am so surprised to see how healthy Remi is. Congrats on the baby!! 🙂

  10. Aww! Such a sweet name for a little darling baby girl! Wishing you both a healthy and happy Remi! My daughter is a former preemie who was born in August (due October ). My little one had to stay in the NICU for awhile, but is finally caught up with her peers and thriving at 6y.o.!! Enjoy your new baby! They sure are little miracles and you are so blessed!

    1. Honest question. No need to downvote. Lol. I thought her name was simply Remi but I’ve been seeing other pages saying Remington. So, I wasn’t sure if that was an assumption or her full name was Remington.

  11. Leah has “relapse” with her depression and anxiety in 3…2…1….. no but seriously congrats to Corey and Miranda!

    1. It’s early, but 4lbs is a good weight. She will just need to gain a bit and make sure she is breathing well (she isn’t on CPAP or anything so it appears she is) and I’m sure she will be home well before her due date.

      I’m pregnant with triplets and they will be born around 34 weeks, but really any time after 30 weeks is fine as long as their birth weights are up. If I have 4lb babies I’ll be over the moon cause that’s a great weight for a premie.

    2. I think I remember Aubree being that early. I thought Chelsea wasn’t due until late October or so, and had her early September.

    1. She could be posting them with permission. The Ashley has shown that she’s not one to rush a deadline to be the first to publish something, she’d rather be accurate and respect her sources.

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