This Week’s ‘Teen Mom 2’ Rumors: What’s True & What’s False?

"We're all up in the news!"
“We’re all up in the news!”

This has been quite the week for Teen Mom 2 news. Numerous media outlets have been on a post-binge, writing stories about the cast of the MTV hit reality show.

The problem?

Most of these stories aren’t true.

The Ashley decided to do her best to debunk the latest ‘Teen Mom 2’ rumors (and confirm the ones that are true) for y’all because wading through the muck of stories can be exhausting. As faithful readers of The Roundup know, The Ashley does her own research and consults with her very good ‘TM2’ sources before posting her stories, so rest assured that her info is accurate.

Let’s get started!

Rumor #1: Kail & Javi are getting a divorce.

FALSE. This rumor started after Kail and Javi both posted to social media about having a rough day yesterday. Of course, fans following them on social media automatically assumed that the “bad day” posts confirmed that the couple was divorcing. The Ashley’s source tells her this is just not true. The posts made by Javi and Kail yesterday had nothing to do with divorce.

The couple is in a pretty good place, actually. Javi is accompanying Kail to Los Angeles tomorrow to attend her book launch for Love is Bubblegum.

Rumor #2: Corey Simms “stole” his daughter Remington’s name from his ex-girlfriend & Leah was trying to stir up drama about it.

FALSE. This story was circulated by Radar Online yesterday. The article claimed that Corey came up with his daughter Remington’s name by looking at his ex-girlfriend, Amber Scaggs’ Facebook profile. (Corey and Amber dated for a few weeks back in 2011 after Corey’s divorce from Leah.)

The Ashley can confirm that Amber, who is now married herself, does have a daughter named Remington. However, The Ashley’s source tells her that the couple had talked about the Remington years ago, and that it was actually Miranda who first suggested it.

“It’s actually a pretty popular name in the area that they all live in,” the source told The Ashley.

Radar originally reported that it was Leah who brought the baby name to Amber’s attention. This is not true.

Fans assumed that it was Amber who sold the story to Radar. This is not true, either. The Ashley’s sources tell her that it was allegedly someone in the former Mrs. Simms’ camp that actually cashed in on the story and sold it to Radar.

“Corey has no relationship with Amber at all,” the source told The Ashley. “He hasn’t seen or spoken to her in years. There is no story there; anything circulating is just an attempt to stir up fake drama.”

Rumor #3: Leah Messer is suicidal.

FALSE.  Radar Online busted this rumor out today in an article that stated that Leah is “deeply depressed” over losing custody of her twins and other issues. The site claims that Leah’s friends and family are worried that she’ll kill herself over the devastating loss of Ali and Aleeah.

Leah decided to extinguish this rumor fire herself a few hours after the article was published.

“Articles that are sent to me are unbelievable ! I am far from being suicidal because my girls need me happy and healthy ! #craziness,” she tweeted on Thursday afternoon.

Rumor #4: Money is missing from Leah’s twins’ bank accounts and Corey’s taking her to court over it.

FALSE…mostly. The Ashley posted about this story, but clearly told readers that it was simply a “report” until she could confirm it. The Ashley spoke to someone in Corey’s camp who told her this:

“Corey has not taken any action at all against Leah. He has no idea where this story came from and does not have a court date set up to discuss the issue.”

The source did tell The Ashley that the part of the story that discusses the twins’ missing money is true, however.

“Currently, Corey doesn’t know where that money is,” the source said. “He has not been able to locate it yet.” e: This section has been updated since it was originally posted to add in new details.)

Rumor #5: Corey and Miranda Simms are “on the edge” of divorce.

FALSE. No, this is not true. No, Miranda isn’t about to divorce Corey over the baby name rumor, or anything else. The Ashley’s sources tell her that the couple is doing better than ever, following the birth of Remi.

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  1. “The former Mrs. Simms” is responsible for selling the name story to the press, according to sources. Stay classy, Leah.

    She’s so desperate to make Corey look bad in the wake of the custody decision that she’s selling stories that have nothing to do with her. Did she honestly think people would turn against him for allegedly stealing a name? You can’t steal a name, anyway. No one owns “Remington.”

  2. The only person I see on this show that is being a responsible parent and adult is Chelsea. I know a lot of people think she’s boring But I call it acting your age and being a smart adult. Shes always trying to do what’s beat for her daughter and not out acting stupid with her friends. She don’t change men like underwear. I think Chelsea is the only one who has any sense on this show.

    1. Agreed. She is not perfect, but she is clever in her own way. For example she is the only teen mom (I know of) that uses social media on her own terms, not revealing a lot of personal stuff, not bashing on anyone, etc. She is the only one who has used her fame smartly.

      1. She’s also the only who has set herself for an actual career when her 15 minutes of fame are up. The rest of them are relying solely on MTV money or finding ways to keep themselves in the spotlight.

  3. I have no respect for Leah whatsoever. Not that I ever did. She should be telling her fan girls that what they are saying about Corey, Miranda and baby Remi is not appropriate. Her fam sites are super scary.

  4. We all love to read about the persons of our favorite tv show(as long it is the true),but is it sad that there are people making fake story’s about them to harm this reality stars.I ask myself why?

  5. miranda is never going to leave corey. he cheated on her with leah like 2 months into their relationship and she stayed. thats about as bad as it can get

      1. That’s not always the case… my husband and I were not good to each other in the beginning. After years of marriage we discovered a deep and meaningful side of marriage. Just because it starts rocky does not mean it will always be… every relationship is different. I think Corey and Miranda’s biggest struggle is going to be every Tom Dick and Harry having an opinion on their marriage.

  6. Im sure it was Dawn starting all these rumors with her petty ass. Just like how petty she was running around telling people she hoped his baby would be a girl since he wanted a boy. That name stealing story is petty just like Dawn…

    And Amber can sit her ass down too. There are plenty of Remingtons in WV. I doubt Corey is thinking about you!

    Anyways Im curious on what the hell is going on with Kailosaurus and Javi, miscarriage, death in family or what?!

    1. I’m assuming death in the family, followed by wanting attention. Which is sick if it really is a death in the family

    2. Does it have to be something major? I would assume a “rough day” was more along the lines of the car breaking down or one of the kids having a minor illness. A miscarriage or a death in the family is a tragedy.

      1. Ruth C go to their twitter. They are both being quite dramatic and their friends are too. One of their friends sent her flowers to try to cheer her up. Its obviously something major

      2. Yeah they’re saying it was one of the worst days of Kail’s life and the card on the flowers from her friend say to “stay strong” and whatnot.

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