New Season of ‘Kate Plus 8’ to Showcase Kate Gosselin’s Dating Life: Watch the Trailer

"Who are these eight small people and why do they keep following me?!"
“Who are these eight small people and why do they keep following me?!”

By Holly Rasmussen

If you’re curious what the new season of Kate Plus 8 will entail, allow Kate Gosselin’s pre-teen daughter Alexis explain it to you:

“This show should be called ‘Kate Plus Kate,” Alexis says in the trailer for the upcoming season. “Because Mommy does everything.”

According to Us Weekly, the new season will follow Kate as she “dives back in to the dating pool.” In the trailer we see her awkwardly go on a few blind dates.

”Yeah, I don’t know. What is the proper end-of-date goodnight?” she asks. “I don’t know.”

We see her go out to a nice dinner and then take a helicopter ride over the city. (Things have sure changed since the days when Kate was schlepping eight babies around in a minivan back on Jon & Kate Plus 8 !)

Kate looks nothing like the woman we met back in 2007. She appears to have been nipped and tucked and seems ready to show off her “bikini body.” In one scene from the trailer, Kate takes the kids—15-year-old twins Maddie and Cara, and 11-year-old sextuplets Joel, Hannah, Alexis, Leah, Collin and Aaden—to Florida, where she proceeds to micro-manage them and take over every aspect of their lives.

"I can't wait to write a tell-all about Mommy Dearest."
“I can’t wait to write a tell-all about Mommy Dearest.”

Kate’s older girls, who in the past have made no attempt to hide their disgust of their mother, make it clear that they think Kate is self-absorbed. In one scene of the new trailer, Kate takes the two older girls shopping but ends up spending more time shopping for herself.

“I’m not surprised,” Maddy says. “Everywhere we go she gets stuff.”

This season we can look forward to seeing “Mommy Dearest” embarrassing her teenagers and trying to prevent them from dating. She will also have a meltdown in a panic room, micromanage a party, and go deep sea fishing.

The new season of ‘Kate Plus 8’ premieres December 8 on TLC.

Watch the first trailer below:


  1. I feel for all 8 of those kids, Kate cares more about herself and scoring points off Jon than those kids she has alienated them from all her family and the friends that helped her when she was struggling. Most people who have dealt with Kate don’t have anything nice to say about her.

  2. Hey Kate-you have three years. Three years until Maddy moves her money into a private account and writes a tell-all about you.

  3. I used to like updates on them because I was interested in seeing the kids, but they’ve become just as self-important as their piece of shit Mother. Ughhhh, it’s very sad to see. I always knew Maddy was going to be a huge bitch, but boy does she make it easy to hate her….and she’s 15, God help her.

  4. why is this back on? TLC DOES NOT LISTEN.
    We do not want the gossellins on tv at ll !
    Same thing for the Duggars.

      1. They probably do need therapy now, most likely have needed it for years. I had not heard of a child being kicked out of school. I haven’t followed this family very closely.

        I need to look for some good info, can you recommend a good web site or two? I never believe 100% what I read on the internet, but it’s mildly interesting to see what people are saying. I enjoy reading comments even more than the articles.

  5. I can’t believe the twins are 15 and the sextuplets are 11! Where has the time gone?!
    Can I just say I’m glad Kate isn’t my mother, I would go crazy!

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