‘Teen Mom 2′ News: Corey Simms’ Father Gives Update on Corey’s Premature Daughter Remi

Corey's father reported that Remi is doing well despite her early arrival.
Corey’s father reported that Remi is doing well despite her early arrival.

Teen Mom 2 stars Corey and Miranda Simms got an unexpected surprise last week when Miranda went into labor with their daughter, Remington, two months before her due date. Baby Remi was born last Sunday, November 8, weighing in at a tiny 4 lbs. 11 oz. at birth, and measuring 17.5 inches.

Since Remi’s birth, ‘Teen Mom 2’ fans have awaited news on the premature baby, who was supposedly due on January 1. This weekend, Corey’s father, Jeff Simms, finally gave fans an update on Baby Remi via social media. (Corey recently deleted his Twitter account, while Miranda’s has been untouched since Remi’s arrival.)

“Remi is doing very well,” Jeff tweeted.

Later, he revealed that Remi is still in the NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit), but that he was able to hold his newest granddaughter for the first time yesterday. (He is already grandpa to Corey’s twin daughters Ali and Aleeah.)

Jeff posted a photo to his Instagram account of the happy moment.

“She has some of her mommy’s features but I agree she looks like Corey and Aliannah,” he told a fan on Instagram.

Jeff’s wife, Joetta, also posted a photo of the moment yesterday that she finally got to hold Remi.

Corey and Miranda, right after Remi's arrival...
Corey and Miranda, right after Remi’s arrival…

“She is so precious. Love her bunches,” Joetta wrote. “Three beautiful granddaughter’s Ali, Aleeah & Remington, my heart overflows with LOVE. It’s so awesome to be their NANA.”

Although Remi is still in the hospital, Joetta stated that she may not be there for very much longer.

“She is in the NICU, but hopefully she will be going home soon,” she tweeted.

It is not known if Ali and Aleeah, have met their baby sister yet. However, Remi is not the only baby to recently come into their lives. Earlier this week, Kayla Roush, the best friend of the girls’ mother, Leah Messer, gave birth to a baby boy named Wilder. Kayla has been like an aunt to the twins since they were born, and she posted a photo to her Instagram of Ali holding Baby Wilder last night.

Leah has not yet commented publicly on Remi’s arrival.

(Photos: Instagram, Facebook)


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  1. The nicu usually keeps preemies until they reach the five pound mark and they have been successfully bottle fed and gaining weight for at least a week. as long as they have no other medical issue or sickness. Sometimes if the baby is otherwise healthy they can come home earlier. My son was born at 32 1/2 weeks and I was able to take him home at 4 pounds. So baby remi should be home soon!

  2. Poor thing! Having a preemie can be so scary! They like to keep them in the NICU till they are at least 38 weeks (or what would have been) so she will most likely spend at least 4-6 weeks in there. Prayers for them all

    1. No they usually keep them until they are over 5lbs, have no need for assistance breathing, are eating and passing stool normally and pass the car seat test. Lots of babies are released by 36 weeks.

    2. It doesn’t have so much to do with age rather weight and eating ability. As long as they clean bill of health, babies are usually discharged when they get to be 4-5 pounds and have developed the suck-swallow motion premies often have difficulty with. Some babies reach that point faster than others. It’s not uncommon for one baby to be discharged before another baby that’s been there longer and whose mother was farther along at the time of birth.

  3. Why would Leah comment? I don’t remember Corey commenting when Adalynn was born. It’s nothing to do with Leah. I know she’ll try to make it all about her but “boundaries”, ya know? Yes, I’m looking at you, deluded Miranda-hating Leah fans. Leah should have some, Miranda is doing just fine.

    1. I’m actually surprised she has managed to keep her mouth shut considering her incredible talent for making everything about her and twisting every situation into something it’s not to make herself a victim. She shouldn’t even have a chance to screw the lives of anymore innocent children. Since ligations can fail, her ovaries need to be taken out to make to be safe. We all know incapable of keeping bush beaters away from her hairy axe wound

    2. I know!! I am so SICK of the poor pitiful Leah act. Miranda probably went into early labor because of all the STRESS of LEAH’S idiotic behavior. I have been a step-mom to two wonderful boys(men now) for over Fifteen years and make no mistake those guys are mine! Their ‘mom’ was even worse than Leah but I’m not gonna bash her right now I learned A long time Ago to ignore her.i HATE it when someone says it’s not a stepparents business because it really is. I love my boys and they love me and still call me mom even though one is 21 and has his electrician license and the other is 20 and serving in the Army. Anyway my point is a stepparent shouldn’t have boundaries if they love the kids. I didn’t have them and mine turned it wonderful!

  4. When I first read about Remington being born so early, I thought about Ali’s condition and thought – is there something wrong in coreys genes? I know Aleeah is healthy, but just thinking especially since Ali and now reportedly Remi share so much of his looks that maybe his genes are more dominant in them? And if there is a defect or something that it could be why this baby girl came so early?

    1. actually, ali’s muscular dystrophy is a very rare form and it was caused by a specific combination of corey and leah’s genes. any other child they would’ve had would have had a chance of having it but miranda would have to have the gene as well for it to be a problem here.

        1. welcome, i was curious too so i really paid attention when the asian doctor was telling them what he’d discovered. odd the things i remember lol

    2. With the kind of year Miranda has had, is it any wonder why Remi was a premature? Leah should not say a damn thing especially because it’s by HER actions that Miranda had so much stress while pregnant. Worrying about your step daughters well being on a daily basis,a cheating spouse, and a custody battle was a delusional, drug addicted egg donor is bad enough, but MTV still gives Leah a good girl edit and skates over her drug problem. Miranda has had people wish death on her and have said she deserves Remi being born premature after all these trashy ass Leah fans saw the bullshit story they spun for this season. The only reason they got Leah back on the show after she “quit” was because MTV gave her more money and agreed to cover up her addiction and infidelity with Robbie. Miranda called Leah out on her shit and Leah can’t have that, so Jabba the Dawn convinced her that Miranda and Corey are evil and want to “take the twins away from their loving mother” out of spite. The Messer clan are nothing but trailer trash who won the lottery (Nathan, I can almost forgive you for everything because of that line! It gives me so much life!).

  5. I could care less about Kayla and her son “Wilder” wtf kind of name is that. They could have been left out of this article.

    But glad Remi is doing so good! Hopefully they will be able to take her home with them soon!

    1. I find this comment slightly ironic coming from someone named Skye. It’s not exactly a common name. I think it’s pretty, though. I like uncommon names, as long as they aren’t ridiculous. I find Remington to be ridiculous. But it’s not like it’s my daughter’s name and it doesn’t affect my life in the slightest, so to each their own. I don’t understand the level of name bashing some people take it to (not you specifically, just in general)

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